The success of a start-up heavily depends on the idea and the actual thought process behind it. For example, if there is any particular issue that your dream app will be able to resolve or how the app will contribute to making the world a better place, how well will it be accepted by the customers. All of these mainly rely on and are closely integrated with that idea. 

In this era when smartphones have established themselves as an inseparable part of our lives, it is worth developing a seamless mobile app and a web app to implement the idea. According to an estimate, 744 million users in India alone access the internet via their mobile phones, and it is further expected to increase to 1.5 billion by 2040.

Multiple companies contributing to a significant amount of  Mobile app development in Bangalore are trying to reap the benefits of this trend. Success within the competitive arena of these growth projections can become a reality if supported by a precisely cultivated process of IndGlobal– a renowned mobile app development company in Bangalore.

Of course, with the advancement in technologies such as cloud and mobile app development frameworks like React JS, Angular, Flutter, Ionic, etc., mobile application development, especially android app development Bangalore has emerged as a huge industry in itself. So, let’s check out some of the best mobile application ideas worth developing in 2022 if you are looking forward to building an exquisite mobile app.

Mobile app development start up ideas

#1. Home Rental app

When globalization is at its peak, people are always looking for better opportunities—the age-old perception of staying just in their city and working with whatever option is gone. People are moving out and coming to tier-1 cities searching for better job opportunities, well-settled lives, etc. But, once they move to a new town, the biggest trouble they face is having a secure roof over their head.

You could approach this problem and contribute your bit to solve this by having a mobile app that can bring together the owners wanting to rent out a property and the tenants looking for a property on a common platform. This app will let the tenants search for houses in the locality/ area they want, be it an apartment on a sharing basis or an entire household, check out the property to their satisfaction, discuss with the owner and finally provide confirmation if they like it. This will save time and reduce the tension of spending days trying to find a house they want and convert it into their home! 

 #2. Self-Driving Car Rental App

Think about people who wish to go for a trip on a drive but don’t own a car. Well, not everyone can afford a car. And there is a second category as well. Even if some people own a car, they may not be comfortable bearing the hassles of maintenance associated with it. You can easily resolve this battle between emotions and rationale with a self-driving vehicle- rental application.

You can build an application that could rent out cars to customers, and that can do that for an hour, daily, monthly or yearly basis with a proper fee-based structure. The user(s) can use this application to book/ hire a car for any duration based on their requirements. And would drop the vehicle back at the location from where they picked it up within a given time, beyond which you can again have some algorithm to charge them based on certain fixed criteria. 

#3. AI based Travel Planner App

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21, people got stuck in their homes. They are eager to get out of those four walls and go on vacations to have good peace of mind or just for a change. In such times, no wonder a travel planner would come in handy.

You can surely have an application built to give you a perfect date and travel plan for your dream destinations. You could also have additional functionalities wherein the application will be able to sync up your professional commitments, such as important meetings, seminars, or sessions, etc., and merge information regarding your travel plans. Now how about if it can further analyze some other essential factors like the expected weather conditions and will set the date of travel based on that. You can include various AI algorithms here to understand the patterns and suggest places and dates of pilgrimage in the future. 

#4. Social Media App

Since the advent of Facebook, social media apps have been absolutely on the rise. People prefer to spend their leisure time on social media browsing posts, and even now. The trend has come when people are also using them as a source of additional income through marketing and showing off their creations/ products and what they are up to at a particular moment, maintaining the status quo.

You can definitely take this to your advantage and build an elegant social media application with essential functionalities like location check-ins, images, and videos sharing, sharing one’s thoughts in posts, and even including communication functionalities like chat and video calls. Such applications possess the potential to make you one of the Who’s Who of the world! Remember Mark Zukerberg!

#5. Application for Home-Cooked Food Sharing and Delivery 

As a very old saying goes, “The perfect way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” it is true for most people. And if you are someone who especially has a passion for cooking and wishes to see people satiating their hunger with your food or even you are a foodie with a concern towards consuming healthy food, then this might be the perfect application for you.

You could construct an application where people could post their home-cooked food for customers looking out for it. The sellers can easily take pictures of their food and post them in the application along with the quantity and price. Now people in nearby localities seeking out good home-made food would be able to order from the application. There can be two types of business models associated with this. Either this can be done for residents within a society, further cutting the cost of having delivery executives and runners. Or also you could have delivery executives who would take the food from the source and deliver it to the destination even if it is a distant one. It doesn’t matter which option you pick, always remember that you would be feeding the hungry, and that’s noble!

#6. Deep Relaxation, Yoga and Guided Meditation App

According to the American Institute of Stress statistics, around 77% of people experience utmost stress that affects their physical health and troubles their sleep cycle. Stress is undoubtedly a serious health issue like any other disease in today’s world. If left untreated, it could lead to various symptoms like irritability, fatigue, anxiety, lack of good sleep, loss of appetite, to name a few.

According to ancient Indian culture, yoga and meditation both have a proven history of combating stress and anxiety in a significant way and gaining inner peace. Taking this to your advantage, you could think of building an application with several necessary elements and mechanisms to facilitate and teach proper methodologies and postures of yoga along with guided meditation. For this, you also need to be well aware of the various processes of accomplishing this, as it is only then you could be perfectly able to construct and render something as important as this. This should even be equipped with enough features and well-documented scientific evidence to succeed. 

#7. On-demand Fuel Delivery Application

The saying goes, “You can sell almost anything and everything online these days.” So, the question is, why not fuel?

Fuel is highly essential in our everyday life to commute from one place to another and run the generators in our societies. These days, we are heavily dependent on fuel to run something. Though we are leaning towards renewable energy sources more these days, the demand for fuel-based artifacts would hardly come to an end.

Keeping this in mind, you could have an application built that will show the nearby fuel stations concerning a customer’s location. The customer should be able to specify the type and quantity of fuel they need and the filling station from where they need it to post, which the filling station would receive an order for the same and would get that delivered.

This would be helpful in scenarios where you have just been stranded in the middle of nowhere and in urgent need of fuel. In such typical cases, your application could be a boon for the customers. Think about it. 

#8. On-Demand Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance App

Every machine requires maintenance. They are reiterating that in this fast world, people are always busy with their jobs and do not have time to drop off the vehicle at the showroom and pick it up afterward. While paying huge sums of money, there is a need for this automated process where they feel much more relaxed.

You could have an application built wherein the customer can register the name and type of vehicle he owns and when he wants it to have a round of service. The application would then be automatically able to list out the details of the nearby service centers possessing expertise in the maintenance of that vehicle. After the slot is booked, the associates from that service center will arrive at the pickup point, which is the customer’s location. After doing a basic check, the vehicle will depart for the main servicing. Once the servicing is done, the service center associate should bring it back to the customer again.

Thus, you could ensure that the customer can have a hassle-free servicing experience right from the comfort of their home. 

#9. Courier/ Delivery Services App

Someone once said, “The laziest person in the room often comes with the most innovative ideas to end up with something with the least effort and enhanced efficiency.”

You can always approach this laziness, lack of time and effort, and huge traffic in cities with an efficient on-demand delivery services app. You could build an application where executives would be able to provide delivery services to move a particular commodity from point A to point B, and apart from illegal substances, the items could be just anything. It may be something that someone forgot at a friend’s place, or getting some exotic groceries/ stuff from a particular store that is distant, getting medicines in an emergency, etc. Your imagination could be the limit here. All you need is to ensure that the commodity gets to its destination safely and within a committed time.

This application largely depends on the commodity type, availability of a delivery executive near the source location, and the distance between the source and the destination location. Once entered, the application should be able to assign an executive for this task who would carry the sole responsibility for picking up the item/ article from the source location and delivering it to the destination safely. 

#10. Contributing to Cashless economy- Digital Payments Applications 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21, the demand and usage of virtual/digital payments apps have established themselves exponentially. Starting from street vendors, small shops to luxurious showrooms, everyone expects and accepts digital payments efficiently.

With this in mind, you can think of building an application where the user’s account will need the phone number, which will serve as the link between the particular application and the bank account. Furthermore, there should be an algorithm to do the transactions wherein all the transactions would be authenticated and authorized by the bank reflected in the account balance. But, simultaneously, you also need to ensure absolute atomicity and consistency by this app throughout the transaction lifecycle. 

#11. Foreign Languages Learning App associated with Vocal guidance

People these days need to move, change cities, even countries looking for better opportunities. Doing such comes with its own set of challenges, the most prominent of which arises from the language barriers. As there is a popular quote, “When in Rome, you need to do as the Romans do.” This can also be modified into “When in Rome, you need to SPEAK as the Romans SPEAK.”

However, this problem can be resolved by having an application built to accommodate different levels of learning a language- beginning from the very basics to the advanced concepts. By this, you can reach more numbers and levels of learning like beginners, intermediate, and refined, based on which the ideas and topics could be categorized. This can also prove to be advantageous for students who are preparing for exams to move abroad. Additionally, you can also include a few features wherein the letters, words, and sentences could be translated and vocally modulated as per the native languages of the learner. This way, they could better understand the new language, which would further help them grasp the concepts easily.

#12. Artificial Intelligence based mobile Fitness App

According to the well-known expression, today’s era calls for the “Survival of the fittest.”

People these days are conscious of staying as fit and healthy as possible. Even if everybody does not have a six-pack body or wishes to have that, they want to remain active without feeling fatigued. This not only helps them stay motivated and focused but also perform exceptionally well in their professional and personal life.

You could very well step into this arena by developing a fitness application that is well equipped with modules like exercises of various forms comprising both with and without weights, healthy diet plans, and even a progress tracker in the form of charts and many more. You could even include an AI algorithm running in the background that would suggest personalized fitness packages based on the current lifestyle of the user and the fitness goals they want to achieve within a given time.

#13. App for finding Freelancing Services and/ or Freelancers

Everyone prefers to keep some passive income these days just in case the primary ones go into a pitfall, as many have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Most people are pursuing their passion as a side source of income and earn a few bucks. With this in mind, you could think of building an application that would serve as a platform connecting freelancers with potential customers. In this application, the freelancers can show off their talent, skills and post testimonials to attract new customers. On the other hand, the customers looking out for such freelancers can have the option to choose from a huge pool of talent. 

#14. Home Utility Services App On-Demand 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21, the need for essential home utility services was completely understood. With no option of stepping outside, these apps have undoubtedly been a boon for society.

You can always have an application wherein service providers like plumbers, electricians, barbers, etc., can register themselves. Customers will be able to choose depending on their location and work requirements and select a time slot to avail of their services. This way, the service providers can get a good reach, and the customers get the opportunity of hassle-free booking and getting things done within a considerable time limit. 

#15. Social Media Influencer Marketing App

The exponential rise and the increasing popularity of social media influencers led the brands to realize the potential of influencer marketing. Imagine how beautiful it would be to have an application built to unite the brands and relevant social media influencers. This would be beneficial for both parties as the brands could thereby use social media influencers’ reach to promote their products. On the other hand, brand promotion, which we all know is one of the major sources of income for social media influencers. 

#16. An efficient Car-Pooling App

People do acknowledge the fact that climate change is a real concern. They are also trying to resort to measures which would ensure minimum carbon footprints. The major sources of carbon emissions include vehicular traffic on roads. This can certainly be reduced to a limit where there will not be as many vehicles running as it is now. Car-pooling is a good approach for this.

You can think of developing an app where-in customers traveling from point A to point B need to update their sources and destination in the app which would then search for and display the nearest route between those 2 points. Now people staying or traveling en-route to the destination and/ or going to the same destination can book the car and can car-pool to the same location without any hassle. This way the passengers  also get the ride at a cheaper rate than the commercial ones. 

#17. App for finding a suitable Parking Space 

With urbanization and people shifting from tier II/III cities to tier I cities for improved lifestyle and earnings, car parking has become a concern for most citizens. You could think of building a hybrid application that should be working on platforms like web, android, iOS and let the user know of all the nearby parking locations/ places that are vacant. You could also implement a feature in the app that would alert the user if any vehicle is approaching a particular spot.

#18.  Financial Need Analyzing application and Financial Goal Tracking App

Each organization sets its own goals, be it a start-up or an enterprise. Some may be for the short term, and some, on the other hand, for the longer term. We often prioritize some goals and feel focused and determined to work towards achieving them. What if we could have some app that would keep track of our objectives and keep us notified simultaneously? 

You could have an application built that can note down a wide range of inputs from the user regarding their long-term and short-term goals and help them plan their financial investments accordingly, track them, and finally achieve them. You could also add functionalities wherein it would suggest the best financial investment plans available in the market so that you could invest your money and get returns which would again be utilized in achieving your goal. Thus, this app would potentially become the ultimate financial advisor for an individual and organization.

#19. Text Extraction Application

We often come across a situation where we wish to save the textual part or a segment of a newspaper and a book that we may be reading for our reference. But, we fail to do so due to the lack of proper tools or other reasons. The proposed application below would certainly ease the process to a greater extent.

An application that would take the help of several computer vision libraries such as OpenCV can be developed to detect just the textual part of the object that the camera will focus on. Of course, additional functionalities like saving it in the phone memory, directly searching for it in google, etc., can be implemented along with the mentioned functionality.

#20. An Application to track usage and help reduce Smartphone Addiction

Many people are leaning toward spending the maximum time of their day on smartphones, either browsing social networking apps, watching movies, playing games, or even reading books. All of these could reduce attention span, which can have severe repercussions.

To prevent this, you can develop an application that would easily track the daily usage data of the smartphone user with minute details such as the amount of time spent on each application. The number of times a particular phone is unlocked, etc., could provide a detailed report of the overall usage at the end of the day. You can also include functionalities like allowing the users to set the maximum number of hours or minutes beforehand that will determine the duration of the application to remain usable post which would automatically be turned off and could not be used.

Few more ideas that can be worth mentioning here are as follows-

#21. AI based On-Demand Gifts, Flowers & Cakes Delivery App

#22. A Video Streaming Entertainment App

#23. Medication Reminder App

#24. Logistics App

#25. Artificial Intelligence based Recipe Building App

#26. Live Internet Speed Checking App

#27. Household Help Finding App

#28. Application for Brand Authenticity Validation 

#29. Furniture and Home Decor Rental App

#30. Charity Donation and Fund-Raising App 

#31. A Grocery Comparator along with Delivery Services

#32. An Augmented Reality Application for Demo Sighting of your Home

#33. Train Tracking and Information App

#34. Language Translation App

#35. A Medical Consultation App

#36. Application for Left-Over Food Donation App

#37.  Dating and/ or Match finder Applications

#38. CV/Resume Builder App

Wrapping Up:

With new technologies being introduced now and then, finding just the “right” idea and implementing it successfully is challenging today, and realizing that we have left no stone unturned in researching and coming up with these latest mobile application ideas for a successful start-up in 2022. Mobile App development is a concurrent process, and it continues even after the launch as you receive user feedback and wish to build additional functionality, thereby improving your app. IndGlobal is a premium mobile app development company in India. For over a decade, IndGlobal has provided exceptional mobile app development services to companies across various sectors like finance, healthcare, construction, retail, logistics, etc. We follow the process mentioned above for the mobile apps we create. And following this mobile app development process, you will ensure a successful launch of your app.

We sincerely hope that these mobile application ideas help you make it big in the start-up space for a successful rise in 2022. 

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