Want to start a new Magento E-commerce development project and look for an experienced and highly professional person for the same? If yes, then this blog is for you as through this you will surely get a smart and reliable person to develop an e-commerce website for your business using its skills. And, to ensure the reliability of the Magento developer, screening the capabilities and competencies of the person should be done when hiring them. Getting innovative and skilled people to the organization can help you provide top-quality results to the clients and they never fail to deliver a solution when the project gets into any issue. 

In this blog, you will see the best questions that can help you hire a Magento developer for your company and choose the right fit for the technical position you have opened. We have all seen that an interview starts with general questions such as “tell us about yourself, your job role, hobbies, and many more” or some basic questions related to Magento to loosen up the candidate. 

So, to screen the candidate in the best way and to understand their thoughts, you have to know about some interview questions that you should ask a Magento developer. And, to help you we have added a list of questions that shows the knowledge of web development solutions in web development and technical expertise. The questions provided below are for both front-end and back-end Magento web developers. 

You can hire the candidates individually for the front and back-end or hire a Magento developer who has knowledge and expertise in both. Scroll down and read on further to find out the questions that can be asked to hire a person for the position of Magento web developer for a website development company. 


10 Questions to Consider for hiring a Magento Web Developer for a Website Development Company  

10 Questions to Consider for hiring a Magento Web Developer for a Website Development Company

Creating a Magento e-commerce web store is a complex process that requires good skills and experience in web development. Also, hiring Magento e-commerce developers is hard and the website development and design company should be very cautious. 

Here are the ten popular questions that you should ask every candidate before hiring them for the position of Magento e-commerce web developer. 

Question 1- Can you show your work portfolio based on the Magento e-commerce platform?

This is the best way to ask the candidate about previous work and live projects him/her has done before and completed successfully. This will help you assess the person and develop the right knowledge for hiring a Magento e-commerce developer. 

Question 2- How much experience do you have in Magento Development? 

Know about the experience of the Magento e-commerce developer, so that you can raise the bar of your expectations. You can also add innovative and appealing ideas for the web development process of a unique e-commerce store. 

Question 3- How to implement EAV in Magento?

When you notice that the web developer is answering the questions seamlessly, then start digging more into their knowledge. EAV is one of the most necessary models in the Magento e-commerce platform that can be divided into three main parts- Entity, Attribute, and Value. 

  • Entity includes the product, categories, and customers. 
  • Attributes are the name, price, and status of the product provided to the users. 
  • Values are the specification of the attributes. 

An EAV model is developed using six tables and an attribute that exists in the entity table. This question will help you understand the knowledge of the Magento developer on the project based on the EAV model. 


Question 4- What is dependency injection? 

The candidate giving an interview for the post of Magento web developer must be able to explain what dependency injection is and what are the different injection types used in Magento web development and its configuration? 

Therefore, dependency injection is a perfect design pattern in the Magento e-commerce platform where object B acts after receiving different information from object A, which means object B is fully dependent on object A for further functions.

ObjectManager is mainly used to develop objects in several classes and to get information about all the class dependencies using a Magento constructor. 

Question 5- How to use an ObjectManager?  

ObjectManager is used in developing objects of various specific classes. But, the Magento developer should know the ways and methods to use and understand it properly. As the top e-commerce platform, Magento provides the best results when delivering large applications to clients. This is where the ObjectManager is mostly used. 

ObjectManager is never used directly in templates or classes as it breaks the dependency injection principles and makes code testing difficult. ObjectManager is best for the configuration and instantiation of an object and it manages the dependency injection. The ObjectManager is also used to automate the initialization of the parameters and use singleton pattern implementation. 

Question 6- How to deploy the Magento e-commerce platform in the cloud?

To hire a Magento web developer, it is necessary to analyze the knowledge of tools used with the technical part that makes the website secure and flexible when developed through Magento. There is a ready-to-use system code and hosting infrastructure provided by Adobe that lets the developer invest less time in hosting. 

But, the Magento developer should have a brief knowledge about the CLI tools to work on the logs, understand DevOps, and resolve the issues of deployment. 

Question 7- How to create a new theme in Magento?

A Magento developer should know about the file structure of the themes associated with Magento. The candidate should provide the names of the important Magento directories such as media, static files, 1i8n, web, theme.xml, and dynamic files to customize the theme according to the user requirements. 

Question 8- What do you know about Magento API and how to use it?

Magento API is one of the most used frameworks required while developing a website using the platform to send requests and receive responses between the core code of Magento and the third-party system. The candidate who has applied for the position of Magento web developer should be able to describe the authentications supported by Magento. 

This is the way you can know whether the candidate is eligible for the post or not. So, knowing APIs is a must to become a smart Magento web and app developer. 


Question 9- What is a declarative schema?

Declarative schema is the most recent update in the Magento installations and upgrades process that has been added by Adobe Commerce. If the Magento developer does not know about declarative schema, then they will have to write PHP database scripts for every new version which is a tough task. 

So, the web developer you are hiring should know about the declarative schema as writing database scripts multiple times is a full waste of time and builds clutter. 

Question 10- Name some practices of Magento programming?

There is always high complexity when we develop a powerful and innovative website that lets the web developers follow some of the basic practices to make it a success. The Magento web developer should know about- 

  • Writing a reusable code where there is no code redundancy. 
  • Avoid developing helper classes for non-violating the principles of object-oriented programming language. 
  • Testing the code before releasing it to the clients. 
  • Know about naming conventions and consistency with cases.
  • Replace code design easily for quick improvements and upgrades. 

Another necessary principle is the solid principle which suggests the code to develop the website should be bug-free and neat. 


Asking questions related to the position never grills the candidate; rather it helps to know about the real knowledge. The answers given to them to ensure their skills and expertise are required to become an asset to the business. So, these top questions will help you select the right candidate for the position of Magento web developer for your website development company. There are other relevant questions also that can be asked from the candidate related to CSS and HTML basics, advanced Magento, and many more. 

The list of questions is endless for choosing the best candidate to help you in building your organization. Being the top e-commerce web development company in Bangalore, we also focus on the technical knowledge of the candidate about the platform before hiring them. The experienced web developers working at Indglobal choose the best form of the interview process to hire a person for a specific position. Like, to hire a Magento web developer for the company, our web developers will ask the candidates about their expertise in the language or platform and how much they can do to achieve success in the organization. 

Therefore, it is not a hectic task to search for the best candidate; rather it is essential to focus on the core competencies of the individual so that the right choice can be done. And, not to forget we and our team of web developers are always here to help our clients and let them earn profit from the online e-commerce store developed using the Magento web development platform. 

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