In 2021, web development trends in e-commerce are veering toward specialized skill sets with the availability of so many ecommerce development platforms, frameworks and templates. Ecommerce development Platforms e.g Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or WooCommerce have expanded their features over the years. Thus, it has become difficult to differentiate web designs and emphasize your brand at the front end by functionality. This is why you require  highly experienced and professional web developers and designers from a renowned Web development company in India to ensure that your online store is best realized.

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IndGlobal Digital is a highly experienced eCommerce website design and development company in Bangalore that incorporates leading edge web development features and functionalities within your existing software development lifecycle and develop elegant e-stores that stand high in the competition. Standards in ecommerce web development often change faster than they are implemented and to stay ahead, it is critical to focus  on trends, techniques, and the approaches that are evolving at a faster pace.

In this article, we analyzed the trends that are gaining popularity across industries and discussed 11 web development and design trends that are primed to dominate in 2021, particularly in e-commerce web development and design.

1. Voice search

Currently every smartphone is equipped with a smart digital voice assistant e.g. Siri for iPhones or Google Assistant for Android-based phones. Smart speakers which are empowered with AI are emerging to be the most popular choice among users due to the following advantages.

  • Simple and convenient

It’s easier for the children and elders to use voice interfaces for communicating what they want without any learning curve.

  • Affordable

Digital voice assistants have already secured a place among the common smartphone features. By 2021, almost 123 million US citizens are expected to use voice assistants because of its affordability.

  • Applicable for your ecommerce business

Voice search is emerging as a trend for all businesses across the web. Optimizing your business with voice search will equip your business with an additional channel for building a loyal audience thereby generating sales.

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2. Web Assembly tool

While constructing a web app, performance is usually compromised and mostly this impacts most of the popular games and powerful applications being available only as a native desktop app.

Web Assembly tool aims for providing a native-like performance for the web apps. With this, the code in any kind of programming language can be successfully compiled into bytecode that runs smoothly in a browser. Also the code is executed much faster than JavaScript and it offers you an option to write the performance-critical parts of the app with any other suitable languages like C/C++/C#/Rust/Kotlin, etc. post which Web Assembly takes care of the execution in the browser.

Major desktop and web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome etc. are enabling the inclusion of UX sky-high along with this trendy tool. Web Assembly is worth trying out if you are planning to build a web game, P2P platform, music app, or some interactive educational and training apps etc. you can hire a python developer as well to check on the task.

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-

ML and AI have been emerging as one of the leading technology trends across the industries and in web development and ecommerce industry it is no different. Google Analytics has. been using ML and Natural Language Processing i.e. NLP to understand the way website users react.  Amazon’s Alexa also has been using Ml and VR to support conversations between users and machines.

Chatbots are another good example of AI and ML that is being used in instant messaging to the  e-store customer care. Airbnb employed ML to customize the search results for guests to improve the chances of host acceptance as per their request. And all Airbnb users are currently treated according to this algorithm, which not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases revenue.

Content personalization through ML

Enabling image recognition with the natural language can greatly improve user experience. Machine learning is currently being used in several web apps in different industries, like healthcare, education, finance, agriculture etc. ML offers significant improvements in wordpress development that would otherwise be difficult to achieve without AI. Netflix engineers for example, used more advanced ML-based algorithms to employ a predictive content personalization approach in a better way.

4. Data security

The security of your web app always remains as the first priority regardless of its type. Ensure that the development team is skilled to keep your valuable data safe utilising the most effective approaches. The more data that any web app processes, there is no doubt that the more susceptible it becomes to the cybercriminals. To keep your user data safe in 2021, we recommend the following tips:

  • Phase wise security testing must be conducted
  • To prevent data leakage, Security testing can be conducted anytime during the whole development phase.
  • Employ website-monitoring tools

An algorithm can very well detect any suspicious activity as well as constantly monitor and send a timely notification which in turn enables your team to react instantly and protect the web app.

  • Be selective for picking the third-party services
  • You need to ensure that your service provider is trustworthy. SaaS software is emerging as a popular choice as it makes the app development process much  faster and easier.
  • Opt for Encryption of your sensitive data

If your data is encrypted, then the offender won’t be able to extract any useful information from the already protected data stored there.

Latest 2021 web development trends that can keep your app and data safe.

Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

In 2021, we expect AI technologies to become beneficial in terms of data security. Threats and malicious activities are easier to be detected with AI-powered security software.

Blockchain tool for Cybersecurity

Bitcoin and other blockchain tools have risen as a potential web security solution. NASA had implemented blockchain tools and technology to protect their valuable data and prevent the cyber attacks on their services.

Database safety

Blockchain refers to a decentralized database, where each user is responsible for data verification and there is no individual authority or location to store the data.Additionally, no changes can be made unless everyone approves the same.

Complete DNS decentralization

Complete DNS decentralization secures your web app and sensitive data  from any kind of cyber attack when the content is distributed to an array of nodes.

5. Progressive web apps (PWA) in place of the Native Mobile Apps-

PWAs work on any available browser with a much faster speed, responsive interfaces, and along with engagement design elements. Google also prioritizes those web apps that load faster on mobile devices. Hence, you should consider implementing PWA that can reduce web page load time. It can work even with a poor internet connection, and also it is relatively less costly.

AMP is also another unique technology that works for static content only. AMP loads faster than the regular HTML. It however omits all the fancy elements and displays the essential information only — text, images, etc. AMP would be a great idea if most users access your web app via mobile devices. Apart from delivering a high-end experience, you also have an option to improve your search result rankings.

6. User experience across multiple platforms-

2021’s trend is undoubtedly the adaptation of web applications for any kind of screen regardless of the size or dimensions which is known as  multi-experience. This decade, a web app should go beyond the limits and run seamlessly on any kind of device and screen possible. Focusing on user multi-experience through a single web app, you have the opportunity to become the best in your niche. It helps to build an app that looks elegant, functions well, and is able to bring value on any device, in a similar engaging and useful way.

7. Static UI to be replaced by Motion Interfaces-

motion UI adds interactive and expressive features and a beautiful aesthetics apart from providing visual cues for task progression,

Motion design is rising as one of the principal web design trends for 2021. Minimalistic design integrated with sophisticated interactions appear better and also draw user attention.

Elements such as page header transitions, nice hovers, or animated charts, animations etc. will help you display your brand style and entertain the user, thereby converting your web app rank higher in the search results. To improve  the user engagement and provide a better UI/UX to your web app users, you can upgrade it with the following motion UI techniques.

  • Guide your users with animations by demonstrating which step to take next.
  • You can react to users’ gestures with alluring animations;
  • You can demonstrate the interconnectivity within different components of an app.

8. Micro frontends Technology-

Micro Frontends offers web development process more flexibility and scalability no matter what industry you build it for. It helps in an easy upgradation of the app and code refactoring. easier. A web developer can easily re-write any component of the frontend, without disturbing the functionality and the overall UI. This also opens up an opportunity to work with autonomous teams in order to construct the app faster where each developer has its own scope of work and are able to deploy components independently.

Thus, Micro Frontends contribute to the overall web development flow, including teamwork, code refactoring, and support,aiming to develop a stronger web application as the end product.

9. Zero Code App Development-

SaaS platforms such as Wix, SquareSpace or Weebly have achieved website creation almost being coding-free. Shopify ecommerce platform developers, for instance, can add important features like organized inventory management or integration with third party applications etc. But it also provides an option to tweak CSS and HTML scripts for customizing your layout to a greater amount than you can achieve the same with a DIY platform like Wix. Web developers are now looking forward to minimizing the development life cycles and eliminating redundant manual tasks to acquire faster application launch results.

10. Cloud Migration-

The increasing amount of Data and computing is all set to move towards the cloud, and a study estimates that this move can be worth USD 306.9 billion by the end of 2021. Also website owners and web application developers need to focus on the need to access, manage, as well as secure the cloud architecture from cyber offenders, hackers and/ or rogue state agents.

11. API-First Development-

API considerations are fast blooming as an integral part of web development. Therefore the development team needs to make sure that all API documentation is available before opting for the software for technology stacks. With so many new kinds of devices available online e.g. fit-bits, tablets or smart watches, new APIs that can be required to connect them should be required.


By following the latest trends in ecommerce web development, you can definitely provide your users with a pleasing experience, improve your web app ranking as well and open up new market opportunities for your brand!

Voice search is strengthening its positions and by adapting it wisely, you can very well be among the pioneers to reach your clients via this option. User data security also has long been under question and this is an issue you should not neglect while developing a website. Providing multi-experience to your web app’s users will increase your chances of becoming their first preference! Simultaneously if you implement ML algorithms, you actually increase even more attention by users towards your app.

So as it’s evident each web trend in 2021 is worth implementing for. Some of them even may emerge as a norm in just a few weeks or months. So, to keep your brand ahead of your competitors, we recommend that you should start implementing them as soon as possible.

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