Does your pink cute top no longer suit your style? Then, it is time to whip out your mobile phone. Selling clothes online is not easy, but thanks to resale websites and applications that help you shop and sell outfits from the comfort of your home. Yes, you read it right. It is now easy to turn your closet into cash and get yourself free from unworn clothes for many years.

And, if you are choosing to declutter your clothes and donate or resell them, then it is the best choice for our planet according to our experts. So, before you begin selling your clothes, it is essential to know whether your outfit is worth getting paid for or not. It does not mean that the lovely stuff that gets you money may offer you high resale value.

According to a celebrity stylist, Jennifer Austin, “one person’s trash is not always another one’s treasure”. So, before you start with the cloth reselling process, it is essential to research people’s liking and check several websites and applications that are aiming for the same result. Find out about the items that are in demand to get help in going towards the right direction.

Still, if you do not have any idea about these applications and websites that can help you in reselling your lovable clothes and accessories, then keep reading further to get the desired information. Here, we have added necessary websites and apps that motivate you to resell your old clothes and stuff. The blog will also share the pros and cons of reselling old items and tips to follow to get everything right.

Let us start now.

Android & iOS Supported Apps and Websites to ReSell Old Clothes

The best place to sell old clothes and stuff is the website and app that deliver the highest return. Therefore, here we have added websites and apps to help you sell everything from handbags to clothes, and watches. Scroll down and find the apps and websites to sell your unused clothes.


Mercari was introduced in 2014 and is a well-known online marketplace that has offered sellers more than $1 billion. The app was downloaded by approximately 50 million users around the globe. So, if you are in search of the best ace to resell your clothes with built-in customers, then Mercari is your go-to option.

Using the Mercari app, the sellers can create a list and sell whatever they want at 10% free. And, if you meet the goals, then it is easy to sell essential items like beauty products, electronics, and more.


Available both on Android and iOS, Tradesy is a brand that eases the selling process by creating a listing on the website to increase sales by using attractive pictures of the old stuff that you want to sell. The price added on the website by the company is based on the data and details according to the seller’s wish.

The two most popular items that are sold on Tradesy are handbags and sunglasses. As a buyer, your customers have to pay the shipping amount and get a free shipping Tradesy kit including brand packaging, prepaid label, and everything that the buyer has to send.


Poshmark is one of the most popular reselling markets where you get an opportunity to resell your used clothes and items conveniently and quickly. You just have to do is-

Click the photo of the stuff, set the price, and upload it on the website. The whole process takes a few minutes to make the product go live for the users. Check the product in your closet and share it with the customers and promote it. The online marketplace charges a 20% fee on the size of the stuff you are offering to the customers.


Choose thredUP if you want to earn extra money by selling your unused clothes and accessories on the online portal. With the app, you have to request a clean-out kit and send your bag full of clothes and items to resell to the people. And, the other things will be done by the company such as listing, finalizing the price, and others.

The company can add up to 280,000 essential items a week and accepts more than 30,000 women’s and children’s brands. So, this is one of the easiest applications to choose for reselling your unwanted clothes and stuff.

5.Facebook Marketplace

If you belong to the category of people who are social media addicts, then it is good to know that you can make money while spending time on social media websites like Facebook. You need to just create a listing for the public that everyone can watch on the social media platform.

You can also share the list of the items with your groups and friends. Ship your products to the desired people and choose the pickup and drop service according to your choice. The best part of selling on Facebook is that it does not cost any seller fees or tax.

Tips to Resell Clothes and Stuff Easily to Earn Profits

Before you begin with the selling process of your old and used clothes on the online market, considered three important aspects that are provided below-

-Sales cannot boost overnight. You need to consider at least a one-month turnaround time.

-Keep in mind how much you want to earn and stay focused.

-Sell those things that are not used by you and you will not regret selling them later.

-While you clear out your stuff, know the season. Winter clothes are easy to sell from November to February. Post that, list your summer clothes.

-Choose one section of your closet at a time to keep yourself away from stress and fuss. Try selling only clothes, then shift to other accessories.

Advantages of Reselling Clothes to Earn Extra Cash

Here are some benefits of choosing the option to resell your unwanted clothes and stuff at the online marketplace.

1. You can upgrade your wardrobe and make money to buy new and trendy clothes.

2. The process of selling old clothes is environmentally friendly.

3. It becomes easy for people to afford branded and premium clothes through the reselling process.

4. You can work flexibly by selling old clothes and stuff to people who rarely want them.

5. You can easily expand your business to resell refurbished clothes easily.

Disadvantages of Reselling Clothes to Earn Extra Cash

There are drawbacks to everything, and reselling old clothes also comes with some disadvantages which are added below-

1. From an ROI perspective, it is less useful for reasons like profit margin. There is less profit margin to resell clothes online to earn extra money.

2. The sellers receive the payment when the buyer accepts the item and agrees to keep it.

3. There is a possibility of high returns in reselling clothes and other essential stuff to the customers.

Is Unwanted Clothes Reselling Websites and Apps Profitable in 2023?

The answer to this question is obviously yes. Cloth reselling apps and websites will be a profitable business in the coming years. Let us get proof from some unknown facts discussed below-

  • Around the globe, North America is one of the leading markets to buy and sell second-hand clothing and stuff in the online marketplace.
  • By the year 2026, the cloth reselling market will grow three times faster than the global clothing market. In 2022, it was around $119B, and $96B in 2021.
  • The two factors behind the rise in the cloth reselling market are technology and online marketplaces.
  • The most important factor that made this trend popular was the pandemic that hit the global market.
  • The second-hand apparel store has replaced 1 billion new cloth purchases in 2021.
  • According to a report, 41% of customers visit second-hand clothing sites while going to a new apparel clothing store.

The statistics listed above show how the second-hand clothing reselling business is profitable for sellers, buyers, and users. With a change in fashion trends every month, the future of the cloth reselling business is circular. To meet the demand for second-hand stuff, there is a resale section included in the clothing reselling apps or websites by retailers.

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There are ample benefits to refreshing your wardrobe according to the latest and modern fashion trends. And, offering your old and unwanted clothes to people is one of the easiest ways to make money without any issues. So, now that you know everything about the websites and applications to sell your used clothes online, pick the one from the list provided above and make your own business expand and reach heights.

Choose the most effective and cheapest online marketplace and resell the clothes and other stuff online to earn profits as fashionable and branded clothes are always in demand. And, in today’s time selling second-hand clothes and accessories is one of the most beneficial ways to earn some money.

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