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Meet the Best User Experience Design Company in Bangalore

Making your website User Experience (UX) rich will help you know your audience better, further assisting you to create new opportunities for prospects, leads and customers. INDGlobal Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a leading user experience design company in India which helps you with UI/UX websites enabling you to acquire customers’ needs, behaviours and motivations. Having a dedicated team of expertise, we work upon task analysis, feedback and observation of customers to know them better.

A successful business requires satisfied customers, and customers are created after gratifying experiences from any business, product or service it provides. Therefore, in today’s digital era, businesses have greater chances to convert users into customers by the website design or experience they have to offer. The layout, graphics and designing of the website should be attractive and user friendly that helps in fulfilling user’s needs. This enhances customer’s positive responses and brand loyalty. We, at IndGlobal, have a talented pool of technology experts, designers, programmers, engineers and developers who coordinate well and execute UI/UX projects successfully. Having dedicated team as part of our organization working to produce intuitive and customized solutions, we excel as a user experience design company in Bangalore.

Process: User Experience Design Company in India

We at IndGlobal, follow a detailed process for UI/UX development and further helping businesses to expand and prosper.

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Process and Procedures of Our Services


Having a fair idea about the business, brand, customers, vision and success metrics, designers develop their contextual understanding about what the user experience should be like.

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Developing insights

By understanding buyer personas, certain task models and user stories are created that further assists to develop user experience rich designs. This helps in better interpretation and meaningful insights into industry.

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Concept Ideation

Development of a prototype towards UX/UI helps in exploring various options and to refine ideas, further turning them into concrete development. We finalise a concept after validating sketches whether those fit in our requirements or not.

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Designing UX

A design of a website is about how it looks, feel and how it works. We work towards successfully designing a website with UX rich attributes including compelling content, detailed design, code templates and continuous monitoring.

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Implementation and Evaluation

After building experience designs, we ensure that all functionalities are implemented carefully. Further, we work on continuous improvements through creation of audit reports and performing usability testing.

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A thorough application of all the mentioned steps for UI/UX development, we ensure an integrated service to our clients. Having said this, clients will receive profitable and customer-friendly applications and web services.

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UI/UX User Experience Design Companies

  • Achieving Business Goals: An appealing UX leads to faster movements towards achievement of business goals.

  • A captivating User Design results in creation of flawless User interface (UI) enabling websites to gain more visibility.

  • A robust structure and content created through UX/UI is a key part of product development process.

  • A flexible, intuitive, engaging and perfect UX rich website helps in brand promotion and creating business opportunities.

  • A productive research activity helps in getting more competitive via learning about the business domain, market competition, requirement, possible layouts and ideas.


A global UI/UX leader with

  • Responsive user interface development

  • Visually attractive mobile and web designs

  • High-fidelity HTML prototype

  • AR/VR designs

  • Infographics

  • MR/IOT UX designs


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