Benefits of Wordpress Virtual Classroom Plug-in

Benefits of Wordpress Virtual Classroom Plug-in

Technological advancements have witnessed the integration of a wide range of features of traditional learning methodologies in Virtual Classroom Software in Bangalore to make the experience more interactive. Indglobal includes some of the essential features for delivering live online classes that replicate a familiar classroom environment from the user’s WordPress website. Some of the notable features of this e-learning platform are a single sign-on that will allow the candidates to access the classroom plug-in without the need for a separate login. High definition video conferencing integrated scheduling, and launch functionalities help in delivering high-quality live sessions. This platform is designed to support multiple languages that can be set as per the choice of the user. It gets and cloud-based library from where the course materials can be accessed anytime.

Design and sell online courses
Make full use other features of Indglobal creating and marketing engineering courses that will be used for live classes as well as personal learning.

Offer online tutoring
Online training software for corporate training or institutional in India empowers users to take their tutoring classes online and venture into new markets without huge investments.

Set up MOOCs with ease
Reach out to a large pool of students from every corner of the world and start earning steady revenue with the help of MOOCs.


Virtual classroom software development company in Bangalore
It includes mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms that will be learning on the go easy, and students will be able to access study materials 24/7 from their smartphones.

Educate the clients
Design a personalized learning portal with the help of E-Learning Development Company in Bangalore for training potential clients about the latest software through live classes and online tutorials.

Prepare the partners
Incredible provides support training external stakeholders like franchise owners, partners, traders, and promoters.


No need of any download
It can be accessed from any internet browser without the need for downloading heavy software air or an additional plug-in like Java or Flash.

Seamless integration
Existing websites, LMS or CMS can be integrated with online classroom features with the help of plugging and developer API.

Ease of access
Candidates will be able to participate in live classes using smart devices running on iOS or Android platforms.


Simplified administration
Manage, monitor, and schedule sessions along with automatic reports from instructors, excellent performance, and content library.

Learner involvement
Enhance user experience with high-quality audio-video and textual communication in real-time, surveys and polls, interactive whiteboards, etc.

Live session recording
Candidates can record live classes and share them with the external audience using social media platforms and emails after the classes are over.

Why choose Indglobal online classroom software

Why choose Indglobal online classroom software

Some of the most notable features of Online Teaching Platform in Bangalore are

  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Advanced moderation and collaboration features
  • Highly interactive whiteboard
  • Secured lives streaming
  • Server-side recording feature
  • Surveys and polls
  • Integrated code editor
  • Simplified administration
  • Comprehensive analytics and insights
  • Plug-in and API
  • Live screen sharing

Get WordPress virtual classroom plug-in to deliver live classes from your website

WordPress is undoubtedly the world’s most popular content management system that powers a large number of websites. Features like search engine compatibility, ease of use, easy integration, customization options add to its flexibility and make it the most desirable option. WordPress websites can be easily modified as per the user configuration, and the performance can be enhanced by including premium plug-in. It is also relativity easier to find a premium WordPress virtual classroom for streaming live online classes. However, there are a few essential things that must be considered before purchasing an online classroom software development services in Bangalore to ensure the seamless performance of the setup.

Best virtual classroom software in India

provides an end to end solution to create and sell your online courses and live classes. Make transacting easy for your customers with our speedy and secure payment platform.

Virtual Classroom software to teach online

provides a complete solution for creating and selling online courses the integrated plug-in and API help in creating an interactive learning environment that will keep the students engaged and also help them learn the course easily. It offers s secure and management for communicating and sharing information online. Students get access to the online library of study materials. Customers also get a secure online transaction platform for hassle-free payments and faster checkout.

Why do you need an E-Commerce and embedded LMS?

LMS platforms with inbuilt E-Commerce functionalities provide users to perform all transactions like registrations, data sharing, and online payment via single sign-on (SSO). Web-Based Virtual Classroom System Development in Bangalore eliminates the need for switching between multiple platforms and offers a smooth browsing experience that also helps in improving user experience and boosting sales numbers.

Building sellable courses with Indglobal LMS e-commerce

An integrated payment portal, along with course management software increases, enhances the possibilities of revenue earning from online courses without much difficulty. Custom Virtual Classroom Software in Bangalore that is offered with integrated e-commerce functionalities allows users to market online courses.
  • Easy setup
  • Inbuilt features
  • PCI compatibility
  • Online transaction management
  • Simple navigation
  • Single sign-on
  • Secured transaction
  • Scalability




Online Classroom Solution in India allows users to design, manage, schedule, and delivered live online classes from there WordPress websites. Integrated features include

  • Live chat
  • High-quality audio and video
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Breakout room
  • Place the cursor on the plug-in in the WordPress dashboard and hit on courses
  • Click on “enroll users” in the “manage course” tab
  • Select the desired option and enroll in the course
  • Provide permission to every user based on their requirements

Roles and permissions can be assigned to user’s right at the time of enrollment. It allows performing the following task.

  • Record viewing
  • Record downloading
  • Class creation
  • Content upload

No, candidates do not need any separate sign in for participating in live classes on WordPress website

Select “record this class” at the time of scheduling the session after the live session begins recording starts automatically. Candidates have the option to pause, resume, and stop recording during live classes.


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