The arena of website development brings transformation each year rendering it even more challenging for businesses to survive in this digital era. Therefore, to keep pace with the web development trends and to shine high in the digital competitive market keeping your position more potent definitely require a robust web page that any leading web development company in India can deliver. However, it stands critical to identify the web development trends that can be effective for your organization.

Hence, in this blog as the best website development company In Bangalore, India- we tried to accumulate the most potential web development trends by assessing current market requirements in several IT fields. We tried to come up with a comprehensive guide on the emerging web development trends that need to be incorporated to stay at par with the market competition. If you are looking for a web design company in India, you can reach us to get services that will help you build an elegant website with beautiful aesthetics.

An insight into Web Development Trends in 2022 

These trends are already ruling the web development of India and are expected to become considerably more prevalent in the years to come. Let’s have an insight into these hottest web development trends for 2022.

Web development trends

1. PWAs or Progressive Web Apps

As a premium website development company In India, among our list of web development trends, the PWA technology is definitely going to be the first that we should talk about. PWA is basically an app that is able to function as a website with a native mobile app experience. It connects with clients as a native app and runs independently. PWAs offer smooth working, instantaneous page loading along with a linear user experience. The concept is impacting the web development trends in 2022 for their accessibility and reliability, as they can be accessed potentially through any device from anywhere. There is no need to download a separate mobile app to access it. For instance, if you have come across the Uber app that uses Progressive web app development for offering a linear and smooth experience. The favorable changes that PWA technology brings for businesses and users are:

  • Seamless installation process
  • It saves device storage and power
  • Reduced support and development expenses
  • Smooth updation and maintenance
  • Less time to the market value
  • Flexible distribution

As per research conducted by Ericsson worldwide mobile data, traffic will rise 4.4 times and reach approximately 288 EB monthly by 2027 which makes it evident that people will use their mobile gadgets to meet their requirements in near future. Additionally, the 5G networks will carry almost 62% of the whole mobile data traffic offering for more responsive and quicker services.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Technologies

The concept of AMP stands to accelerate page functionality thereby retaining users. AMPs function quite similarly to PWA. AMPs are basically optimized pages featuring a convenient and simplified design with all the basic features as compared to the full-scope web products. And, these pages are mobile-responsive, increasing the readability of the content thereby reshaping the e-commerce website design in Bangalore and India. The unique feature that is associated with AMP is the open-source plugin that has been recently developed by Google and Twitter. AMP plug-ins allow users with different internet speeds to access the pages, making the internet more user-friendly. 

AMP is a kind of new web design trend that shows the internet is getting more user-centric. The AMP plugin helps businesses to save their expenses on UX and reach target users. Hence, we expect to see how this can put small and niche-oriented products in the future in competition with market leaders.

3. Single Page Application Technology or SPAs

Single-page applications are one of the most trendy and promising web development technologies today. Unlike the conventional website apps, they consist of a page that loads the whole website, further adding the dynamic content on the same page if any. HTML5 and AJAX are used for making SPAs more responsive. Furthermore, front-end JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, Ember, React, and Angular can also deal with the client-side SPA development. Most developers consider SPA to be integral to web development in 2022 as it is able to operate fast and thereby has more chances of retaining users’ attention for a prolonged duration. SPAs are also more informative than regular sites. 

Some benefits that SPAs offer include:

  • Support in offline mode
  • Convenient debugging options
  • Easy and quick navigation 
  • Faster page load and reduced bounce rate

According to reports, SPAs are able to boost the conversion rate up to 37% that can help businesses reach their target audience with the required content. SPAs aid to simplify user navigation and thereby increase profit through quick page loading.

4. The Dark Mode UI experience

The dark mode trend is definitely one of the emerging trends that are immensely popular worldwide, and we expect it to soar even higher in the coming years. Due to its visual design pattern, which is easier on the eyes causing less strain, dark-themed websites reduce battery drainage too as they don’t need additional brightness. They further portray a modish UI design with several appealing features. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google were among the first to opt for this and this is certainly going to be one of the top emerging technologies of 2022.

Some benefits of dark mode UI are:

  • It reduces blue-light emission
  • Saves the battery life
  • Makes UI content better accessible and legible to all
  • Minimizes eye strain even in low light conditions

Since several web developers are providing the same in-built feature to budge between dark and light modes, we expect it to rule in 2022 and beyond.

5. Voice Recognition or Voice search Technology

Voice recognition or voice search technology has apparently taken the center stage in the recent web development trends. Speech recognition with AI assistants such as Siri and Alexa are already in place offering a fantastic experience. People prefer to opt for voice search more than typing nowadays. According to the Statista report, the global smart speaker market is set to reach over 35.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Another study suggests that the voice recognition arena is expected to reach $27.16 billion by 2026. Thus, it is safe to say that voice recognition should be put to use to increase reachability and enhance the user experience. 

When it comes to using voice search technology, Web Speech API can be used to integrate voice search technology in any web application. The API comprises: Speech Synthesisthe text-to-speech element enabling scripts to read text content and Speech Recognition that enables the identification of the voice context and also responds to queries. One must incorporate it in their technical SEO strategy to stay ahead of the competition. 

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Chatbots

In 2022, we expect AI-enabled chatbots to become even more versatile. Apart from aiding in faster operations with text or voice chats, AI-powered chatbots are also expected to fulfill the requirements of complementing user behaviors by using natural language processing technology, machine learning, and data retrieval methods. They can enhance the client experience by answering queries promptly, gathering important and relevant information, fixing problems, and all in all, by offering a smooth digital experience. Additionally, the increase in the use of bots is also expected to impact web designs, especially UX one’s.

A bot can very well be integrated into PWA, regular websites, mobile apps, and domestic and professional equipment developed by a company. The AI-based bots that offer 24/7 problem-solving potential, and an immersive, human-like experience are extremely important for the healthcare sector. This particular trend undoubtedly is going to be one of the top web app trends because of its increased popularity and usability. 

Today several B2C organizations serve their clients with AI-enabled chatbots within Skype, WhatsApp, and/or Facebook. Many industries such as finance, education, travel, etc. are also expected to accept AI-enabled chatbots in 2022.

7. Enriched User Experience with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality in the arena of website development has brought a significant change. As per a recent finding, the industry of mixed reality is expected to grow by more than $9.982 billion by 2024. Industries such as tourism, retail, and the architecture industry are implementing virtual reality technology to allow their customers to get a real-time experience of a particular product before making a purchase. In fact, beauty brands such as L’Oréal and Nyx have also included virtual reality technology to guide their customers in choosing perfect products/ shades and make informed decisions.  Virtual reality technologies function pretty well with mobile apps, but along with Indglobal Digital technologies especially it is possible to experience it fine on web browsers. Augmented reality technology undoubtedly has a promising future in web development ensuring consumer convenience as well as comfort. 

8. Serverless Architecture for seamless Applications

Serverless architecture, although emerged as a possibility for avoiding system overloading, loss of data, and cutting down on the budget of the overall development process, today almost 99% of companies are utilizing at least one private or public cloud. This actually portrays that cloud architecture is going to be a crucial web development trend in the near future. Serverless architecture is further effective in creating flexible and more internet-sustainable apps. Serverless algorithms were constructed as part of the cloud-computing execution model which implies that regular servers can be replaced by clouds. Programmers can construct and run web apps without any servers when it comes to serverless technology. Cloud providers support these apps even though they run on servers. 

Some major advantages provided by Serverless computing can be summarized below:

  • Convenient to use  
  • it’s easy affordability
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Proper maintenance
  • Increased scalability

9.  The Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

IoT is one of the most crucial technology trends that is expected to transform the future of web development. The increased popularity and usage of the internet have introduced this technology to our lives. IoT-connected gadgets do continuous data transfer helping organizations provide their services quickly to connect with users, making a better-personalized experience. Google Nest Smart Speakers is one such IoT device that has gained popularity in recent times. 

IoT when integrated between functional models and website layouts, can boast a wide range of things such as signaling devices, cameras, sensors, etc. It further ensures fixing client issues more efficiently with timely responses.

Some major advantages of IoT technology are:

  • Improved Reliability
  • Increased Scalability
  • Enhanced Security and support

According to a recent Statista Report, IoT-connected devices are expected to reach almost 25.4 billion by 2030 implying that IoT is definitely one of the fastest-growing web development technologies.

10. The Mobile-First Development MO

User experience is the most significant aspect for businesses to retain their customers who prefer to return to a website if it’s mobile-friendly and properly optimized. Mobile phones have revolutionized over time and also transformed the way humans interact with others. Google’s Core Web Vitals update has begun considering page experience as one of the ranking factors on search engines, definitely indicating the importance of the mobile-first development approach. However, checking the uniformity of a mobile website across several devices can be challenging, thus developing a unique strategy for a seamless experience is very important and tools such as LT Browser can be of use with the mobile web development process. 

According to Statista, mobile devices had covered over 57% of web page views globally by August 2021. Being mobile-friendly in today’s date certainly implies providing one-click ordering on any of the eCommerce applications utilizing Geolocation data, and including biometric authentication such as voice recognition or fingerprint scanning, etc.

11. Motion UI

Creative and out-of-the-box web designs are another web development trend featuring this year. Startups always prioritize delivering the best user experience while investing fewer resources in aesthetics. However, aesthetics is important for getting noticed by promising users. Motion UI design uses digital products to be more spontaneous and precise. The technology is all about CSS shifts and custom animation integration that is further enabled by standalone libraries with multiple classes of animated components. Thereby developers don’t need to invest much time in the creation of the digital product and thus are able to save expenses for product owners making it an effective marketing strategy.

Although MVPs are expected to remain minimalistic in 2022, experts are positive about the popularity of leading-edge design methods like motion UI which has become available for all kinds of device users because of the SASS library technology.

12. Application Program Interface or API-First Development Techniques

API-first development Technology fulfills users’ needs and it reduces the developmental cost boosting the delivery period of the web page. With this approach, developers are able to do their tasks and push the code simultaneously whenever users are accessing a website.

Additionally, this method allows new websites to become content delivery sources. Some worthwhile perks of the API-first development are:

  • Increased adaptability
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced development expense
  • Enhanced user experience

13. Cyber Security in Web Applications Development; Blockchain Technology

This is certainly one of the most important trends in 2022 as well as for the future as well. The risk of cybersecurity is increasing with dependency on technology. Q1 2020 witnessed a vertical rise for DDoS attacks, increasing it significantly by 248% as compared to Q1 2019.

The customers also acknowledge this emerging threat and want service providers to implement stringent security measures to keep their personal information safe and secure. The financial industries hoard sensitive and personal data of customers and thus are prone to security attacks. That is why they should focus more on the security measures to keep this data safe. Companies are also investing to enhance the security features of their website using appropriate SSL certificates. Websites with decent traffic must implement the required security standards and also conduct security audits regularly.

Blockchain technology requires software and hardware support, trading infrastructure as well as legal regulation. There were almost 80 million blockchain wallet users globally at the end of Nov 2021. Peer-to-peer networking as well, if it becomes more accessible and reliable for people, will lead to massive transformations in the way common people communicate with government services or pay taxes, and make professional connections. The concept of cryptocurrencies, though not a new one, is expected to expand more in 2022 and onwards. 

14. Implementing Abstract Art Compositions

Abstract art compositions comprising geometric primitives such as squares and circles tend to come across as minimalist and simple. The web designers in Bangalore are changing their perspective on these shapes and designs in 2022 by implementing them in a manner that makes them complex and sprawling, exuding freedom and setting a new narrative. 

Bottom Lines

The web development trends as discussed above are expected to transform how businesses communicate with their clients in 2022 and onwards. These technologies will enhance user engagement and further help your business stay above the competition. These web development trends and the origin of frameworks such as Angular, Node, React, etc. haven’t seen a halt and new trends and technologies are introduced every day to make websites more dynamic, fast, and interactive. 

This is also the reason behind the developers keeping up with the latest website development trends. If you’re someone who wishes to incorporate recent web development trends, then you are at the right place. IndGlobal is a premium website development in Bangalore that can help you accomplish your business purpose by implementing these web development technologies.


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