Introduction: The world has constantly revolutionized, maybe rapidly over the past few years, in the field of digital marketing. Web Designing was able to get a new face, too, especially in 2022. The revolution in Web design has emerged with whole contemporary aesthetics operating in an entirely different way. In its infancy in the early 1990s, web designing created the first sites that were relatively basic. It was just a result of the fact that internet connections were prolonged.

Better network speeds with fast and feature-rich platforms could integrate both form and functionality. Smartphones with the effect of mobile-first design have also evolved over the past few years. Still, the question is- How will web design appear in 2023, and how will the future of ecommerce web development change as newer technologies enter the fray.

There is no doubt that technological upgradation has invaded almost everything we do in the 21st century! Web design, also with its connection with technology, can publish new web design trends every year. So, if you are eager to find out what the web designing future has to offer in 2022. As a reputed website development company in Bangalore, we are here to help you inform you.

14 Web Design Trends You Must Consider for Your Next Website

14 Web Design Trends You Must Consider for Your Next Website

Over the next five to seven years, websites will probably be even more interactive than now. Hence, businesses and any website development company should be ready to adapt to the change. Here are some latest web design trends they should focus on.

1. Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The future of web design will be ruled by AI, as are the early examples of autonomous online services that are already in action today. The most familiar example of this comes from chatbots, which are currently being used by thousands of businesses to engage website visitors.

Chatbots can answer basic questions, deal with complaints and free up various customer service resources. As they’re scalable, they can even be used by small businesses and multinational organizations. Chatbots are currently taking over the web at an increasingly faster pace. They are soon expected to increase in the real world. The development of robotic assistants for industries like hospitality and healthcare has even created a broader range of implementation.

Chatbots on popular instant messaging platforms, like Facebook and WhatsApp, are also becoming quite influential. AI will also extend its tendrils into some other parts of web design by 2023. Among which are Machine learning algorithms that ensure that chatbots are getting more efficient with every query they handle. It is essential in voice search reframing web user expectations.

Suppose AI and chatbots emerge to be sophisticated enough in the next few years.

2. Voice Interfaces

Services like Google Assistant and Siri have already made people more familiar with the idea of vocalizing their queries and getting a response from their devices like the iphone or android. Amazon’s Alexa and the Echo speakers have even taken this one step further. They circumvented the websites and provided answers without needing the information displayed on a screen.

Therefore, voice interfaces will be adopted over the next five years as users embrace a more conversational approach to engaging with sites. It implies that voice will need to be considered while the designing process is going on and during the content creation. The principles of voice interfaces are unique, posing an obvious challenge to developers.

Artificial intelligence and automation are already being used to enhance how voice assistants deal with queries. The short yet focused, keyword-driven SEO tactics will pave the way to a time in which long-tail search terms will be more powerful. Content strategies will also need to shift to reflect this, with FAQs pulling in visitors more efficiently than the keyword-packed articles of the past.

3. Smarter Websites

Adaptability has emerged to be one of the essential features nowadays. Thus, smartphones are used more widely for web browsing than laptops or PCs. In 2023, this web design can travel even further down this path, with more innovative sites that steer clear of ‘standard’ layouts and old-age formats. Well, responsive design can be just one branch of this tree. Other trends like voice-optimized interfaces or chatbots and context-specific page adaptations are also becoming increasingly common.

Sites can be tweaked based on factors like the location, type of the visitor’s device, and the other services they are logged into. As they implement more innovative and autonomous systems, they will grow to be even more flexible. For instance, when a customer passes by a real-world store, a push notification can be sent to their phone, which can provide them with an exclusive offer or probably a link to the business’ website, thereby integrating online marketing with a bricks-and-mortar presence.

Personalization is essential to consumers, so the one-size-fits-all approach must just be waved off the past. New technologies will enable developers to build bespoke experiences. Simultaneously, cookie-cutter templates and inflexible interfaces will also be consigned to the dustbin of history.

4. AR- Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has emerged as a mainstream phenomenon because of products such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But invariably, the most significant changes to web design are expected to be brought about by Augmented Reality (AR). AR has already been offered to consumers through some products in recent years, primarily via smartphone apps like Pokemon GO. Microsoft and some other renowned firms are called ‘mixed reality.’ The future of web design is reframed in light of AR’s ascent, with all the tech analysts predicting that this market can be worth $162 billion by 2023.

Most of this revenue is predicted to come from hardware sales. Still, users will also require software experience to go along with the headsets they might have snapped up and the AR-implemented smartphones they buy. Wearable tech will certainly let designers implement interactive, location-based elements on top of the real-world viewpoints of the visitor. This will propel sites to become more flexible and minimalistic, no wonder, or at least adaptable enough to be displayed to visitors worldwide, all without being obtrusive. 

5. Cyber-Security

Artificial Intelligence will be one of the leading web design trends in 2022. Web design development is essential when considering cyber-security. People are always concerned about the security of their data. So, every web design company in India focuses on providing the utmost safety for the user’s benefit.

6. Application Programming Interface (API) First Design

Building an app can be much more efficient than using a separate site for each function. APIs play a significant role in designing and developing websites because they enable apps to access numerous parts without recreating them. This trend practically emphasizes the provision of one central platform by combining various features.

7. GIF- Graphics Interchange Format 

Animated images are undoubtedly prevalent at the moment, and it is further expected to see more dynamic designs in website design. Therefore, graphics interchange format (GIF) will certainly boost. Animation is in high demand now; therefore, this trend should be considered.

8. Interactivity 

Interactivity is definitely on the rise. If there isn’t an interactive website to guarantee satisfaction- today’s users will not simply prefer to spend time browsing through pages; they will merely leave instead. Thus, interactivity elements shape the way people interact on websites. Web design companies should always be ready to save a lead as it’s essential while developing a website. Common examples of interactive marketing include Contests, questionnaires, Assessments, quizzes, Polls, and surveys.

9. Micro Interactions feature

Micro-interactions in websites are very important as every minor update can profoundly impact users’ satisfaction. This trend focuses on minor updates in web design because they give more depth and interactivity to the website, allowing users to feel engaged.

10. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

This upcoming trend mainly focuses on offering user-friendly mobile navigation as it’s easier and more convenient for people to use their thumbs instead of their fingers. Most users have a smartphone today, implying they want a better experience while browsing through a website. Even though this is not a significant development in web design, it should be borne in mind as content is essential for users.

11. White Space

White Space helps to keep the user engaged by offering them a clean and fresh appearance. White Space can be applied in various styles depending on user-specific needs.

12. Implementing a Smart Video Background 

Web design companies may take advantage of implementing video backgrounds as it helps engage the user more by providing a better user experience and making them feel more involved. An intelligent video background can be implemented in different styles and website themes.

13. Building Single-Page Websites

These websites provide a smooth experience to the user by making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. They don’t possess any unnecessary data to cause distractions. Web design companies consider using this trend to offer an enhanced user experience while designing their upcoming site.

14. Inclusion of Green Hosting

More companies nowadays are focusing on being environmentally friendly, which is why This trend is expected to get more prominent. Any Web design and website development company should consider this trend while building their website as it can have an enormous impact on how users perceive them. 

Why choose us as your Web Designing partner for your Upcoming website?

Well, website owners who wish to build a futuristic and flawless website need help from a trusted and reputed website designing company to create a professional website. And to achieve this goal, hiring a proficient web design company is advisable to get a premium-quality site that can help your business grow and succeed. Here we have 5 top reasons why you should choose us to develop a high-quality website with the recent trends in focus for your business –

1. The Experience 

Experience is one of the most necessary requisitions for website designing. We are proficient and have been in this domain for over a decade. Though, you can rely on us to get an elegant web design developed by an expert team of professionals who know the latest technology stacks and will give you the best results in return. 

2. Top-notch Quality of Work 

Apart from experience, this can be one of our fortes in providing top-quality web designs. You can always take your time to go through and review our portfolio to learn more about us and how we work.

3. Budget- friendly

It’s always good to set a budget, as the truth is that the highest price does not always guarantee quality services. We take pride in offering premium quality results even though we may rightly fit in your budget approximation.

4. Comparing our Services and maintenance 

Our services will ensure we are the right choice to take your business to a height. Moreover, it’s also essential that you get to know what sets us apart from others because this can help you better understand what you can expect while working with us.

5. The Company’s Reputation and our portfolio

We have been an established website development company for over a decade and have expertise in incorporating innovative techniques for your businesses. We have offered our services across the globe to more than 2500 happy clients, enhancing their businesses’ ROI through online marketing techniques.

Our dedicated efforts in learning new techniques make us confident in delivering the best to our customers and provide them with a well-coordinated team for offering out-of-the-box website design solutions.

What We are expecting not to See in 2023

Change does not mean adding new things to the mix, but a progressive change is about getting rid of those elements that have become stale. It holds especially true in web design, where fads can rise quickly and fade out faster. So which trends are widespread at the moment or which may be the ones to be kicked to the curb by the time 2023 rolls around- let’s check out?

Firstly, it may be the time to wave goodbye to parallax scrolling, the effect that has become so ubiquitous that it ironically fades into the background and does not engage visitors successfully like it used to. The most significant dispute about parallax scrolling may be attributed to the fact that it hurts page load speeds. With mobile browsing becoming even more commonplace nowadays, sites will always want to trim the extra and make themselves as streamlined as possible. 

Next up may be complex typography, which has become a bane for the industry in recent years. Jamming in several different fonts to get a reaction out of visitors is not considered a good idea today. It is therefore predicted to be a no-no in 2023. It makes pages look messy and inconsistent and hard to use on a mobile. 

Finally, the renouncement of poorly cluttered site interfaces is undoubtedly on the verge of being abolished in the next five years. The impact of voice search will emerge as instrumental in spurring this change with the growing popularity of mobile devices. Getting the information, the users need in a minimal amount of time will be the most convenient way to drive down bounce rates. Furthermore, sites that are still there with unnecessarily complicated layouts and pages flooded with content will go the course of the dodo.

Final words

The advent of the new technologies mentioned above will not only force a radical rethink of how we wish to approach the design and development of websites. But also, the key message remains that an entirely new troop of different methods for interactivity within websites is on the rise. From AI and voice search to VR and AR, the future will be much more diversified, and web design strategies will surely change to reflect this.

Most importantly, these upcoming web trends will complement traditional interfaces, not replace them. It is similar to the arrival of touchscreens that expanded website design horizons. These modern upstarts will undoubtedly shape the future without erasing the past.

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