Content Management System or  CMS  allows the website owners to edit and control the content simultaneously with great ease and convenience. Updating text on your site as well as modifying the design/outlook layout of the website is simple with CMS. Each site and each circumstance is unique, and so are going to be each website architecture. Ensure that you’re being furnished with the web solution that is exclusive for you and that you’re working with any leading custom CMS development company that is well equipped for helping you! 

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What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a kind of software that enables its end-users to create, modify, and publish content efficiently to a blog or on a website. On a good content management system, no coding is needed to create or modify content. CMS development is equipped to handle all the basic coding as an excellent resource for handling the front end of your website.

How to Use a CMS?

Each CMS differs in usage and functionalities. Overall, the CMS has a user-friendly interface, and the video tutorials can be helpful to learn how to use them. It becomes easy if you have understood the basic and advanced features of the selected platform and you are working with a proficient website development company in India and they know very well how to leverage them for your business.

Generally, CMS has two main sections. One is Content Management Application also known as CMA, and the other one is a Content Delivery Application or CDA. Both these work in coordination to manage the website’s backend on the basis of your modification over the front end of the website. The content management system consists of two principal elements. First, there will be the content management application or CMA which is the part of the application that allows users to add content and also manage it. The second element remains a content delivery application or CDA that is the backend application that formats the content and makes it available to visitors to the site.

Benefits that a Content Management System provide-

The main benefit of a content management system is that it empowers individuals without a strong technical background to publish content. This reduces the cost of maintaining a website. You may still need the services of a web developer to design and also set up a site, but, along with a proficient CMS system, you have the ability to publish and modify the web content yourself which can contribute to a beautiful web design in India.

The second major advantage of a CMS can be that it allows collaboration where multiple users within an organization are able to create and publish content. The user interface of a CMS actually remains browser-based, so any number of users can access it from anywhere.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the key features that should be considered while opting for a CMS platform. You just need to ensure that the CMS platform use is intuitive, and it has sufficient functionality to meet your needs.

Availability and Cost of the Add-ins

Additional functionalities can be added to CMS platforms along with modules, which are often referred to as plugins usually made available by third parties. They may be free or come up with a certain cost. Therefore, it’s essential that when you are checking on which CMS to go ahead with,  go through the availability and the cost of plugins. In case the selected CMS platform has limited out-of-the-box functionality, then you might need to rely heavily on plugins. Through the Plugins expand functionality, but they can as well lead to maintenance issues as they are written by third parties, and they may not be compatible with your version of the CMS platform.


It is important that your website differentiates itself from among the hundreds of thousands of others online. This can be difficult if there are only a limited number of pre-designed themes or templates to choose from and few customization options.

You don’t need coding knowledge: 

Content Management System makes it easy and convenient for its users to manage a website without any technical glitches. 

Provides enhanced Collaboration:

A good Content Management System permits multiple users to work on the website together. The website’s front-end, marketing, as well as backend team can simultaneously access and work on the website. 

SEO-friendly features:

The Content Management System has been structured with several features that facilitate search engine optimization which makes it simple for users to optimize their site and thereby get a higher ranking on the search engines. SEO-friendly meta titles, or descriptions, URLs, etc., acts just as a cherry on the top of the cake.

Predesigned Templates:

Content Management Systems offers you several predesigned templates to ensure that the site looks professional and unique. With tons of options, it is easy to find the templates that suit your industry vertical.

Convenient updating of the Website:

The Content Management System has made it very lucid to modify and update the site as per your requirements. You can modify everything from text to thumbnail image or logo which in turn help you integrate the latest features on the website in a fraction of a second.

With such incredible benefits, CMS has surely become a predominant part of web management. However, choosing the perfect CMS is equally important to enjoy these benefits.

Features of CMS-

  • WYSIWYG which implies What You See Is What You Get
  • Easy Administration procedure
  • Robust Publishing Tools
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Detailed Analytics system
  • Simple Workflow and Publishing Controls
  • Enhanced Security
  • Multi-Platform Capabilities
  • Improved Support
  • Robust Content Templates
  • Microdata Support enabled for Voice Search
  • Comprehensive Search options
  • Versioning for Quick Rollback
  • Business Alignment options

Top most reasons why should you consider havin a CMS

Top most reasons Why should you consider having a CMS

  • To hold a competitive business advantage

Having a custom CRM will help you to make vital computerization and changes, by which you can engage clients to create successful Web design in Bangalore that will assist the administration to have increased power over business and activities.

  • Showcasing client testimonials

Building customer trust is something that is fundamental for e-business to expand deals. 

  • Analytics implementation

Implementing Google Analytics encourages you to track your site guests and give an idea of how clients associate with your site. 

  • Beautiful animations

Liveliness or animation is emerging to be an incredible way to pick a client’s regard for significant parts of your site. CSS3 Animation is an innovation to implement.

  • Writer box that can display writer biography

Including a writer box can urge your blog readers to collaborate with the writer which will expand the trust factor and eventually make a solid brand personality. 

  • Create your calendar or events

CMS enables you to prepare a proper schedule of occasions and arrange an occasion with ticketing.

  • Email marketing

There are several WordPress plugins that can assist you to keep your clients updated with your offers, and eventually assist you with developing your business.

  • IFIT or If This Then That

IFTTT can be regarded as an integral asset that aids your applications and gadgets work together. 

  • Multilingual feature-

Your website content can be perused from anywhere throughout the world. WordPress contains 160 languages and you can also utilize a module like WPML or Google Translate.

Here’s a look at the Infographic Below Depicting the Major CMS Used in the Market

Which CMS is right for my website?

A CMS is right for your website totally Before setting out on the task, you can get adequate information about the CMS. Ensure that it is going to be anything but difficult to utilize and it includes all the highlights that you need. There are a large number of Content Management Systems accessible,which are contingent upon your site’s motivation, application and stage picked. A good CMS development company can make you understand this better.

Top 5 CMS Options You can go for-

CMS Platform Pros Cons

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management systems on the World Wide Web, that is used by many websites and blogs. If you want to develop a blog or website fast, then WordPress can help you achieve that in a convenient way – without any technical glitches.

  • Highly  flexible & complete freedom on content management.
  • Comes with a block editor usually 
  • It has multiple free and premium themes that you can use for the website.
  • search engine optimization-friendly CMS.
  • Mature community  support available
  • Extremely significant for startups and small scale , entry level sites.
  • It does not provide hosting.
  • Users need to take care in creating high security of the website.

In case you are looking forward to advanced features and functionalities, then Drupal may be an excellent option to go with. Several big brands prefer Drupal as their content management software as it has an inbuilt SEO function, making it easier for the websites to rank higher on search engines.

  • Availability of multiple modules that can be used as extensions.
  • Compatible option for technical users as it can support complex or propelled sites or sites that even require a complex organization of data.
  • It’s an improved open-source CMS..
  • Enables crafting a well-customized website as a CMS.
  • Mature community support available.
  • It might not be a good option for non-technical users.
  • This CMS is not user-friendly

Joomla can be well used for building a website or blog. Joomla has been used by websites like CNN, New York Times etc. It has an easy setup procedure and it comes with a single-click installation. Like WordPress, Joomla also does not come with hosting and domain names.

  • Suitable to handle complicated websites.
  • Open source and cost-effective.
  • High community support is there for Joomla.
  • Users are provided with a significant level of flexibility.
  • Improved long-range informal communication highlights.
  • Offers better adaptability than WordPress but not as flexible as Drupal.
  • User interface needs improvement.
  • Reduced  number of extensions.

Sitecore is quite a compatible option for those who seek user-friendliness. It is equipped with an advanced interface that lets users work conveniently.

  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • It enables you to create & manage multiple categories and subcategories of content.
  • Easy integration of the API or Application program interface.
  • Suitable for developing scalable websites.
  • NET CMS highlighting a Windows-like interface and numerous other highlights.
  • No gentle learning curve as such.
  • Not a cost effective option.

Magento is the perfect solution if you are looking for a content management system with superior functionality and advanced features. Several online stores prefer Magento as it enables them to manage their inventory, products etc easily. Additionally, it is available in open-source versions and paid versions.

  • Highly customizable.
  • Widely regarded as a robust CMS for managing eCommerce websites.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Advanced security features.
  • Multiple options to choose for the ideal Payment Gateway.
  • The free version does not have an advanced level of support.
  • Not a cost effective option.

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Features that you can consider to implement in your business CMS

There are certain CMS features that you can think about including in your business website. The features explained below are furnished by a web design company that provides custom CMS development services.

  • If the content of your organization is scattered or generating duplicate contents, you can think of implementing Single-source functionality in your CMS website. 
  • This aids in putting away each lump of content in a solitary archive by enabling the greatest content reuse and killing copy content.
  • If the content of your website is duplicated multiple times and it is difficult to find and update the content, re-use of the content will certainly enable clients to refresh the duplicity consequently and thereby provide immediate access to the content.
  • If you make use of UML diagrams frequently, then you can include incorporations of editing tools. Editors take advantage of this functionality of CMS through the authoring or editing software.
  • In case your content is published in multiple formats like printing, web, or pdf, then integrating the Full Unicode support may be beneficial. Similarly, the use of Multichannel publishing can be integrated. Here, the content is repurposed effectively for distributing it to different media positions.
  • You can also think of including Extensibility in your CMS which can be  adaptable and configurable by the client to make any customizations without an additional exorbitant programming.
  • In case your website deals specifically with graphics and /or illustrations along with the text, then you can probably include digital asset management in your CMS. This provides an opportunity to the clients to store and compose illustrations along with mixed media documents inside the CMS and quest allotted metadata for them.
  • You can  also provide remote access to the remote clients through a secured Web interface.
  • In case of confidential and highly secure contents, you may provide only authorized access control to your CMS that regulates privilege to the users, thus enabling clients to get to the content that they are approved to utilize.
  • Graphical work process – here, administrators are able to make a graphical portrayal of the entire work process with checkpoints and email notices to notify the clients of the status and subsequent stage.
  • Capability to change the DTD i.e. data model as well as deal with several models all the while without any significant changes to the system.
  • Corporate steadiness – that is tagged with security in the organization financials that would propose enough feasibility as a long-haul accomplice.

Wrapping Up-

The CMS mentioned above are considered to be the most popular in their category. If you are looking for a user-friendly content management system, that is easy to customize and has numerous features, these CMS are the best options to go ahead with. Therefore, in order to choose the perfect CMS platform for your brand, you  need to assess both your current as well as future requirements. There are several options, but making the right decision at the very beginning itself will definitely save you a lot of time/ effort in the future. 

Therefore it is advisable to seek advice from a renowned company that specializes in digital marketing. However, it is also useful to test drive the specific software before you commit to using it as the CMS platform you choose today could have a major impact on your organization in the near future.

Any leading CMS development company can help you choose the most compatible CMS based on your enterprise, objectives, and goals.

Reach out to a CMS development company today to experience the difference!

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