The business’s success depends on the kind of software they use. Software is known as the set of instructions given to the computer to execute tasks. The software offers various services such as saving and collecting data, performing different corporate functions, and managing business operations. Hence, a computer is fully controlled by software that gives the power to work. And, in terms of functionality, the computer has a code that connects with the hardware.

There are two main types of software- System Software and Application Software. But, what software is it? So, as recognized as the best software development company in Bangalore, it let us give this answer, and we curated this blog. Here, you will know about computer software, its different types, and its usage in the business.

What is Computer Software?

The software is a set of data, programs, and instructions that are used to operate computers and execute different tasks. The programs, applications, and scripts in the device are referred to as software for the computer. Some of the software used in today’s time are graphics software, word processors, office suites, web browsers, image editors, software development tools, and more.

Many software can be run on a computer like applications, systems, and utility software. Being the best software development company in Bangalore, India, here we will discuss the two essential types of computer software.

1.System Software
2.Application Software

Types of Computer Software

Best Software Development Company in Bangalore

-System Software

System software is used to control the hardware of the computer directly. It provides the users with the features that they need to perform. Hence, system software controls the internal functions of the computer. It is fully related to the computer and its system. System software is designed in low-level language and has a high speed.

System software is further divided into three types-

1.Operating System

The first program on the computer is the operating system. It is the primary computer program to load into the memory when the PC is turned on. The operating system controls the memory, CPU, printer, and hard drive of the system.

2.Language Processor

Language processor is used to transform the programming code in high-level programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and others into machine-readable instructions. It includes converting human-readable language into machine language.

3.Device Driver

A device driver is a program that controls a device and helps it in performing its tasks. Every device such as mouse, CPU, monitor, and others connected to the system requires a driver to remain connected to the computer permanently.

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-Application Software

Application software is software that performs specific functions for users related to personal, educational, and business requirements. Application software is also known as productivity or end-user software. The software is used to perform tasks such as managing information, manipulating data, coordinating with resources, writing reports, and many more.

Application software can be classified into four types which are as follows-

1.General Purpose Software

General purpose software is the type of application software that offers limited features to the users. It is available for free on the internet and does not require permission for modification or charge for sharing. Some examples of general-purpose software are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe PDF.

2.Shareware Software

Shareware software is proprietary software that is available for free at the initial stage. These softwares are offered with limited features and their restricted use. As a user, you can decide if it is worth purchasing the software or not. Examples of shareware softwares are Adobe Reader, Antivirus, and WinZip.

3.Open-source Software

Open-source software includes a source code available for the users to edit and improve. The software is available in a public repository and shared with the public. Most of the open-source softwares are free and can be accessed after following some guidelines and rules. Some of the open-source software are Apache Web Server, VNC, GNU/Linux, and many more.

4.Closed-source Software

Closed-source software is one of the most used software in today’s digital world. Closed-source software is charged and the source code is secured with patents or intellectual property. This type of software is sold to the end users and can be also made accessible for free occasionally. You need to have a license to use the software. Examples are WinRAR, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and others.

The Need for Software Development to the Business

Software development is used to build the customer experience, add more innovative and feature-rich products to the online market, and create a productive, safe, and efficient setup. Also, one big reason for the need for software development in business is the majority of businesses work online. Whichever industry you are serving, it is essential to have a website and mobile application to digitally enhance the business.

Now, let us know how computer software systems improve the business and why it is essential to have software development in the business.

  • To automate the business functionsThere are several business processes carried out by the organization and it is essential to monitor each one of them. And, there is various software that automates the processes to create an impact on the business. It also helps in generating leads and providing a great customer experience.
  • To easily integrate into the existing business structureAs you can see there are many upgrades in different sectors, so keeping up with the trends is necessary. Hence, to offer customers a consistent experience with the expansion of the business, you will require new technologies to work. Therefore, a software development company can build integrated business solutions that can work with the current system.
  • To provide cross-platform supportHaving cross-platform support is one of the biggest reasons to choose a software development company. If the business software is compatible with one platform, then it is not possible to develop a website or application. Therefore, having software that is compatible with all market platforms is essential. You can outsource the business process or partner with cross-platform software development service providers.
  • To offer support and quality assurance to the productComputer software provides quality assurance and support to the product. Get custom software development solutions to seek help from experienced staff to offer routine maintenance and technical assistance when required. A customized solution is also necessary to have access to the technical staff from your software development team.

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The Cost to Develop a Software Application for the Company

With these many benefits and advantages, every business owner thinks to have software to run their business effectively. Several factors impact the cost of developing software for the organization. It is because different software has distinct requirements, and the cost is curated accordingly. Therefore, if you also want to develop a software application for your business, then go through the list of features added below to find the cost of building software.

  • Device and platform support.
  • Back-end development.
  • Application software scope, features, purpose, and functionality.
  • Types of applications: web, native, hybrid, or cross-platform.
  • The complexity of the application.
  • Third-party integration.
  • Hardware components.
  • Software development approach.
  • Support and Maintenance

So, to develop application software for your business, it is essential to focus on these features. Hence, without any ado, just search for the best software application development company in your city and get started.

Create your Software Application with Indglobal Digital Private Limited

Searching for a company that offers the best software development in Bangalore can take a lot of time. This is where you can meet Indglobal Digital Private Limited, one of the leading software development companies in Bangalore that can assist you to create the ideal business software for your organization. The software developers at the company use great software solutions to gain a competitive advantage over competitors who use ready-made software solutions. We can provide you with customized software solutions for your business and boost its performance.

The software developers at the company use a step-by-step process to deliver software development services to clients.

Step 1- Research and Plan 

Step 2- Design and Development 

Step 3- Testing and Deployment 

Step 4- Evaluation 

Step 5- Maintenance and Support

The Final Words


Hence, this write-up lets us know that software development solutions are necessary to achieve business goals. Having application software for the business can offer brainstorming services, critical thinking, and many more necessities. Software development can help you integrate with the system and increase its scalability. You can also resolve unique issues of your business with software development solutions. So, picking a software development company Bangalore is the right decision a business owner can make to generate success for the organization.

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