Website navigation is considered the most essential feature of a user experience. It can make or break your conversion rates. Having a solid navigation system is essential to maintain high user retention rates and lower bounce rates. Many website owners focus on multimedia and web design, ignoring the fact that 55% of the users lose interest in the website due to poor navigation. The users will not find the information that they need on your website when they can switch to another site.

A good navigation system leverages good web designs to support the business goals and also offers a streamlined process on the desktop and mobile. So, stop pushing your visitors away and improve the website and application navigation with the tips listed below. As the best web design company in India, these ten tips have been listed by the web developers at Indglobal.

What is Website Navigation?

Website navigation is the method to navigate pages, websites and apps on the web. The technology behind this is known as hypermedia or hypertext. Website navigation uses internal links with menus that let the visitors find the page they are looking for. Having a good navigation is essential for a user-friendly site.

10 Tips to Improve Website Navigation

Developing a good navigation system is easy to run the website effectively. Therefore, we have curated ten top ways to improve website navigation and turn a negative experience into a positive one.

1.Replace the drop-down menu with a detailed page

When the options in the drop-down menu are complex and unfamiliar, consider converting them into a detailed page. According to research, the drop-down menu is very annoying and you have to sacrifice something to make it valuable.

For instance- Apple has used this strategy to let users navigate its support menu. Rather than choosing from the support options through a drop-down menu, they opted to build an entire page that describes each product they offer.

2.Provide the right context

To let the customers find the right context on the page without expanding the single click, use clues within the menu. A clue can be a visual, handy icon, or other information.

For instance- The category tab on the webpage can be used to display categories and tell how many entries are available in each of them.

3.Make frictionless website search

To run a leading website design company in India, it is essential to make the site search frictionless. People who run a site search convert two times more than people who do not. Also, the website should let the visitors search for the products and services to buy them. And, they can find what they are looking for.

For instance- IKEA is one of the biggest companies that fully relies on website search capability. They carry a variety of products and categories that use a search bar to let the customers know what they are searching for. You can check their mobile version of the website with a minimal design.

4.Lower the number of menus

It is perfect to list the menu under different categories and sub-categories. Providing too many menu selections will be overwhelming for the site visitors. There are chances that the users will lose track and leave the website.

So, to be on the safer side, make the menu digestible for the users and let them explore more website content. Adding categories as well as sub-categories helps in knowing the site content easily.

5.Streamline the navigation bar

The navigation bar is one of those platforms where you add all the website information that you want to convey to the visitors of the site. Therefore, the navigation bar of the website should be designed according to the customer’s preference.

It is the right choice to design your website’s navigation bar based on your user’s point of view and what they are searching for. Let the web development company in India you have opted for help in streamlining the navigation bar according to the user requirements.

6.Make the search feature easily accessible

If you want the users to easily access the content on the website, then adding a search feature is the right option. Placing the search feature will let the visitors end their search and explore the website solutions.

For instance- The search bar feature on the Amazon website has been designed according to the user’s needs to let the visitors find the products and services easily. Also, they give you the option to search for the items from the category option provided on the website.

7.Add links to the homepage

This is one of the most essential tips to improve your website navigation. Certainly, the people who are visiting the rest of the website pages will return to the homepage. And, clicking the back button on the web browser would be a hectic task.

So, to stay away from this daunting task, place a button that takes the user back to the homepage without pressing the back button again and again.

8.Make the best use of breadcrumbs navigation

Breadcrumbs can be used to help users easily find the location where they want to go on the website. Also, Google offers a breadcrumb navigation path on the search results option that replaces the URL of the page.

So, if you include breadcrumbs on the website, it will surely improve the website navigation and user experience. Also, you can get more SEO benefits from the same.

9.Avoid changing the navigation on every page

Changing the navigation on every page of the website will annoy the users. Stick with the same navigation on all the pages of the website. In this way, it becomes easy for the visitors to move around the web pages on the site.

10.Do not use unreadable fonts

Unreadable fonts disturb the users to know the website content easily. So, it is better to choose a clear and simple font style and size that the users might understand better.

Pick the font style that suits the website and helps you know about the products and services easily.


Start Designing Simple Website Navigation for Your Website

We hope that this write-up has helped you gain insights about how to improve website navigation. And, as a website design and development company in India, it is essential to provide a better user experience through the website.

The website navigation makes or breaks the experience of the customers. So, when you design your website, it is important to focus on the website navigation. Also, website navigation impacts SEO ranking. Search engines like Google can easily index the website when proper navigation is provided to the website.

Therefore, if you have any doubts regarding website navigation, feel free to reach Indglobal. Let our team create website navigation according to the user’s preferences. Contacting the top web design and development company in India will help you connect and solve your queries at any time.



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