Website designing is as significant as any other criteria that we check for while developing a website. Furthermore, website design can be regarded as the countenance of your company or brand and hence the panorama matters the most. As we deduce other people by their outlook at the first glance, the visitors of any ecommerce website for a brand will also judge the website by its outlook along with its UI/UX and convenience. The first impression is, however, what converts your visitors into customers and therefore you definitely need to hire the best web design company providing for the most innovative website development company Bangalore

Searching for the perfect web design Bangalore that rightly fits the needs of your business can seem to be a difficult task at the most. Overall, they may all look similar providing the same services, but when you begin to dig deeper, it’s only then you are better able to understand the true position of a good web design company’s expertise.

At the end of this article, you will be able to figure out what are the points that you need to consider while hiring a website development company Bangalore, the difference between web designing companies and freelancers, the benefits of website designing and the top five website designing companies in the USA that you can hire for an extraordinary outlook.

As you all know a website design is the outlook of your brand, it helps in the process of retaining consistency in the branding and helps the customers in decision-making. It simply is the visual effects of a website that you see on the internet. It actually includes the layout of the website, the appearance and the content. Now let us find out the qualities that one should look for while hiring a website design company:

What Important Features Should You Consider for Your Business before Hiring a Web Design Company?

22 Things to consider befire hiring a website development company

In today’s IT-driven era, a company’s website can be portrayed as the key to their entire business success. Since a company’s ecommerce website has emerged to be one of the most critical aspects to the success of its business, there always should be a few points before you think of partnering with any web design company.

1. For your partner web design company, is all work done in-house or is it outsourced?

The very first thing that you should probably check is whether or not the web design company performs all of its services in-house that includes design (e.g., Photoshop work), or coding (e.g., html, database creation, php), writing, content creation, as well as marketing. A team that is well versed in all arenas is undoubtedly apt to merge its talents to create a successful site.

If all the work is performed in-house, the synergy results in greater collaboration, communication and an overall better-quality product. The last thing that you probably need to encounter is any sort of deficiency during the website design or development phase requiring help from another company, which will call for additional costs beyond your initial budget and increased timelines.

2. Do they provide customized web design and development solutions as per your specific business needs?

Your business is unique and your business website should also be equipped to reinforce a strong, favorable first impression to be able to provide a quality user experience. Custom solutions not only provide greater branding but also, they encompass greater flexibility and scalability for your website as your company grows.

3. What is its website design and development process?

It’s important to know how your partner website development company Bangalore will approach web design Bangalore and web development Bangalore as this provides a direct insight into its experience and strategy. It also enables you to manage your expectations pertaining to the key milestones, or number of revisions allotted to each phase, implications, and even timelines, etc.

4. The overall Industry experience-

Your website is going to be the face of your company and, if designed and developed properly, can emerge to be one of your best sales representatives as it has the ability to generate new leads and simultaneously build your sales pipeline. Moreover, a website should not be looked at in a silo. It should be considered well within the mix of content marketing as well as digital marketing, SEO, social media, third party blogging, lead generation and several inbound marketing tactics. By pairing with a web design company Bangalore that illustrates this marketing process, you can elevate your ecommerce website to a marketing platform powerhouse.

5. SEO/ Search engine optimization

Just as important as having a beautiful aesthetic and functioning ecommerce website it is equally significant for the site to be visible during relevant keyword searches. After all, what good can a website be if your prospects can’t find it during their searches? Furthermore, the marketing tactics listed above along with your website’s coding, title tags, or meta descriptions and alt tags hugely impact your SEO.  Fortunately, there are several great paid and unpaid tools like Google Analytics, SerpChecker, WebMeUp, Google Trends, Backlink Checker, and Spyfu that the website development companies can leverage to improve your site’s SEO further, so it’s important to understand the resources that are in its arsenal.

6. Relevant references for their work

What will be a better way to learn about a website development company than through its past or present clients? By speaking with a few referral clients, you can easily gain insights from their experience to better comprehend the web design company’s strengths, weaknesses, their quality, work ethics, integrity, and dependability.

7. Do they provide a warranty for their work?

It is very significant to know whether there is a guarantee that the website will be able to function exactly as it was intended to on the basis of the proposal. Additionally, knowing whether you will be charged or not charged for any code issues post-launch for a specified period of time elucidates a great deal of integrity on the web development company. Otherwise, you may end up paying for every “fix” and those costs can quickly add up as well.

8. Do they showcase any of the case studies or proven metrics and results from previous projects that they have done?

Reviewing the website development company’s work will not only give you an understanding of whether it has a proven track record for developing high-performing websites, it will also provide an insight related to their ability to solve business challenges through their innovative designs and custom functionality/coding whether their websites achieve results for their clients.

9. Philosophical alignment

The gravity of entering into a professional relationship with any other company should not be underestimated. It is really essential to find a match between your philosophy and theirs. Often, such compatibility can also be determined through a careful and thorough analysis of the manifesto or statement of purpose that a website development company might include on their site. This can be further gleaned through conversations with the website development company.

10. Employee strength

How many employees does the website design company have? Or even what are their areas of expertise? Are they equipped enough to handle the scope of work? Will they provide you with a single point of contact who will take personal ownership of your web project? Too big companies often leave you feeling like you’re getting lost in the shuffle. On the contrary, too small companies might not have the resources necessary to elevate and enhance your web presence to the next level. Ideally, a web design company should be capable enough to handle all of your needs effectively and efficiently while having the required tech stack at their disposal to ensure all requests are properly looked upon. Even more important than the number of employees is quality.

11. Do they encourage face-to-face meetings?

Thanks to today’s technology, we can do business anywhere through video conferences and screen sharing services. It’s all about speed and convenience these days. However, this prioritization of speed over face-to-face interaction time underestimates the power of human interaction. We all are aware that Face-to-face communications “are still the most effective way to capture the attention of participants as well as engage them in the conversation, and drive a productive collaboration”. Having face-to-face interactions with your partner website development company not only nurtures the relationship, but also builds trust and fosters greater synergies.

12. Workflow

When you are looking forward to partnering with a reputed web design company for your project, it’s crucial that you scrutinize its website, content, social media profiles, along with overall digital presence. Is the team able to follow the latest design practices? Is their website fully functional or whether there are broken links? Are they able to publish new and quality content on a consistent basis? Do they engage with their followers and visitors? If they aren’t following the best practices as it relates to web design, development, and overall digital marketing, how can you be sure that they will for your business?

13. How good are they at handling website hosting?

You should also check whether the web development company plans to host your website on a dedicated server inhouse or on a virtual hosting platform. Virtualization is considered as hosting perfected and also allows large increases in site traffic to be easily handled. On the other hand, in dedicated hosting there is no hardware to purchase, rent, or maintain. Also, for shared hosting, the resources for the virtual server are also guaranteed. It’s also important to know how often the website will be backed up and the duration for these backups to be retained. The hosting platform’s processing power and the uptime also plays a critical role.

14. Experience in content management systems:

A content management system always enables your business to manage your website’s content without any need for coding. This is important as you are given the flexibility as well as the control to continue to evolve and enhance your site post launch. Ask your partner web development company which content management systems they use and whether training is provided.

15. Do they provide support and maintenance services post launch and if yes, then to what extent?

The nature of website development is ever-evolving, both in terms of advances in technology and the need for a constant flow of the latest content. It’s very obvious that once you launch your website, you would also wish to make updates maybe when your company has added products or services or perhaps a new web technology that would enhance your customer’s online experience.

Regardless of even the most minute changes like typos in the content, or a module being accidentally deleted from the content management system or in case you are in need of a backup restoration, or wish to add more functionality to the site, you’ll definitely want a clear plan already in place. Some web developers offer post launch maintenance services in the form of monthly retainers. But, no matter whatever the method, it’s important to know your options as well as ensure that you have a clear idea regarding policies and pricing for your post-project needs.

16. Experience with third-party integrations

You should also check whether the website development company Bangalore is fluent in the use of digital marketing and if they are able to transform a website into a robust ecommerce tool? Good indicators of its level of progress include the handling of e-newsletter signups or whether they can integrate CRMs or sales platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot. You should also check how they integrate social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn?

17. How accessible is the website development company?

How is the maintenance service or support provided by the website development company, how are service issues handled that includes errors and bugs? Do you need to submit a ticket through email or an online HelpDesk is available, or can you even reach someone directly by phone? However, the value of reaching an individual over the phone is priceless, especially during a critical situation (e.g. downtime or website breach).

18. How committed they are as per their time management skills?

Based on the scope of work and assuming that all content is provided on schedule, whether or not the website development company Bangalore can give you an accurate time frame and stick to it as well for completion of the overall work or how good they are in managing their time- these all should be considered. Are they even flexible enough to accommodate your evolving needs during the project? What processes do they follow to ensure that all milestones are met, and how will they even communicate with you to prevent the dreaded “scope creep?” 

19. How long has the web development company Bangalore been in business and what are their long-term goals?

It’s very easy to say you are a web designer and have contributed a lot to the web development and web design and start a business. But what is hard is to put together the skills and the craftsmanship required to sustain a company through tough economic times. So, probably you should be aware of their long-term goals for the web design company.

20. Ownership of the website development project once it is completed-

Some website development companies prefer to retain the copyright to their work. You should be aware of the ownership over the site once it is completed, including the graphics, content, and code. Also be informed whether you will be provided with the original design files.

21. Is the web design company well known in the industry, does it have a good reputation?

Any reputed web design company mostly has good reviews on Clutch or Skilled, a site to research leading web development, design and marketing firms. So, whether the web design agency has been recognized by its peers through accolades and awards or are they invited to speak at events, conferences or workshops? You need to do a bit of homework and check how the website development company Bangalore ranks among its competitors in the industry to validate its quality of service, work and craftsmanship.

22. How do they hone their craft and stay up to date with the latest trends?

Does the website development company Bangalore invest in its employees and take care to upgrade them by offering any education or whether they are aware of the latest industry-related books, journals and blogs on a regular basis? Web design, development and digital marketing change at a breakneck pace so it’s critical that the web design company stays informed on the latest market research, trends and tactics.

We hope that our guidance and suggestions were helpful, and we wish you the best of luck in your quest for the right web design company!

Difference Between Freelancers and Web Designing Companies

These perhaps were among a few pointers that you should consider while hiring any website development company Bangalore. But, at the same time you should also be aware of the difference between a company and a freelancer. To stay in this industry, perfection is mandatory as otherwise you will definitely lag behind in the race. So before selecting any web design company or a freelance web designer please keep the following aspects as stated below:

1. If you own a small business, you can certainly opt for a freelance web designer as it will be more cost effective and even better to access your needs accordingly. But if you own an enterprise, you should probably opt for an in-house website developer backed by a whole team of experts who can as well guide you how to go forward at each and every step.

2. Larger workloads are always preferred in web development companies as they are registered and also consist of experts working altogether. A freelancer, on the other hand, works solely alone and can’t take on much of a workload.

3. A freelancer normally prefers taking one project at a time and is able to dedicate all his time to that project hence perfection can be achieved seamlessly. Unlike freelancers, website development companies can be engaged in a lot of projects at a time and in case they do not have a lot of team members who are working on separate projects, the workflow might get affected.

4. A website development company Bangalore offers different packages that you get to choose from. But, in freelancing, very rarely will the person be able to offer any package.

5. The principle is simple. Small businesses do not call for a well-equipped team of professionals as their budget may be outreach while hiring these agencies. But, if your company possesses a good budget and you are in need of something innovative and extraordinary, an agency is preferable.

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