Will Digital Marketing be Devoid of “Content Writing”?

The rise of AI – will – perhaps go down as one of the most momentous episodes in the history of disruptive tech. Thanks to the ability of this technology to process data at lightning-fast speed, AI startups ended up generating 271 funding rounds in the year 2017. These startups reportedly raised a whopping $3.7 million each (resource: Serene Capital)! We are at a juncture where the world is staring at a potential future where AI is expected to usurp content or copywriting in its entirety.

Can AI Create Content for Businesses in Future?
Businesses, at large, have slowly started capitalizing on the content potential of AI-powered technologies. So, what exactly is the future of content writers? Or copy writers? What will a credentialed digital marketing company in bangalore have to tell you about this? Will we soon see content writers going out of work because of Artificial Intelligence? Let us explore answers in the course of the post.

As per Forecast, the content marketing industry will be worth more than $400 billion by 2021. There was a time when we believed that copywriting could only be “programmed” in science fictions. Today, AI-programmed content is a commercial viability. The need to invest in simplified, effective and clear content is felt more intensely than ever. Businesses, today, are more inclined towards employing content which helps customers make informed decisions regarding their purchase. The copy should eventually convince them to buy.

Will Content Writers be left with No Job?
So, will AI kill traditional content writing? Are copywriters staring at a bleak future? Thorough discussions with a reputed SMO agency bangalore will tell you that the fears are not completely unfounded. It has been reported that realms that were earlier governed by creativity are now primarily computer-programmed to provide automated content. It’s the data scientists that have now taken it upon themselves to control these sectors. So, the fact that content writers do have a lot to be worried about cannot really be ruled out.

However, despite generating initial uncertainties, writers can take heart from the fact that robots can never really supercede the creative acumen demonstrated by their human counterparts. Human writers are not going anywhere – quite simply because of the fact that robots will never be able to add the emotional quotient, which is so crucial to the success of digital content.

The Future of Digital Marketing: Content Writers are Going Nowhere
There is no denying the fact that advertising has benefited a lot from AI-powered technologies in terms of speed of data access. However, emotion-driven robots are in no way envisaged today. Data scientists are actively training algorithms to analyze both written and voice-based content. They are clearly looking at a future where these robots will help brands to identify the relevancy and efficacy of ads so that more and more people are eventually drawn towards their products thereby driving the success of their ad campaigns.

So, when we are talking about the future of digital marketing we are definitely talking about increased tendencies towards automation but not about it replacing human contribution in its entirety.

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