1. Obsolete website design- As humans , we want something we can tolerate looking at and as said first impression is the last impression, so having a good and attractive design of the website is very helpful for keeping user engaged just because design matters a lot .A good ideal website design should be user friendly. The website logo, email address details, contact details all the things should be on correct place on the website. An outdated design or an old fashioned design can disappoint the users and this becomes an issue for the users to leave your website.

2. Complex website content- Apart from website design the other issues comes with website content. The font style, font color, background texts all these things matters. It determines how efficiently and easily people can read and understand the content of your website. If somebody is visiting your website then he/she should be able to tell the people about your website within seconds. The accuracy of spellings and grammar should be there Complex and inaccuracy in the content change the user’s mind and can make them to leave your website.

3. Lack of responsiveness- A responsive website is one that allows the website to adapt the screen size it is being viewed on. If you are opening a website on the small mobile phone it should be shown the same as if the person is opening it on the desktop or laptop. If there is lack of responsiveness in the website design it will not be shown same while opening it on different screen resolutions and people will definitely get irritated with the non-responsive designs and unfortunately it makes them to leave your website.

4. Slow to load- If we are talking about the performance of the website then it depends on the loading time of the website. So the load time matters when it comes to website performance. According to analysis approx 50% of customers expect a web page should be loaded in two seconds or less. Even 1 second delay or 3 seconds waiting decreases the customer satisfaction by about 16% and customers would not want to visit your website again.

5. Too many Ads- Too many ads on your website will make a bad impact on visitors and it makes them irritated. As per the general rules adds should not be the first thing that visitors see on your website.so it should be necessary to use the limited no of adds on the website and also take care of the location where these adds are displayed. Adds should not take the more of your site’s real estate then its actual content.

6. Unclear navigation structure- Badly designed navigation structure frustrates website’s visitors to find out a specific piece of information on your website. Navigation needs to be straightforward, intuitive and descriptive.

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