3 Myths on Seo That You Need to Un-follow Today

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in simple words is a tool that is known to boost your business website and bring it to the public view (front page) of major search engines. With multiple techniques that go into boosting your website, it is a joint effort that comes from multiple places such as content writing, social … Continue reading »

Will Blockchain Meet its Own Power Needs in Future?

Will Blockchain Meet its Own Power Needs in Future?The ubiquity of the blockchain technology can actually turn out to be a resounding reality in the near future – if not for concerns pertaining to the copious use of electricity by the same. Blockchain, to start off with, is no flash in the pan. Right from … Continue reading »

E-commerce: Trends Shaping its Immediate Future

Gauging e-commerce trends is not solely about quantifying their evolution. 2017, as expected, turned out to be a great year for ecommerce. The worldwide revenue touched a whopping 2290 billion USD. It is poised to touch $4.5 trillion in the year 2021. The remarkable growth wouldn’t have been possible without the leading stores embracing the … Continue reading »

5 major Google Updates Crucial for your Organic Rankings

Google clearly has a history of confounding webmasters with their algorithm updates. As an SEO enthusiast, you’re expected to keep constant track of the updates so as to ensure that your online visibility is not adversely impacted. In the course of the post, we have documented the most dominant updates rolled out by the search … Continue reading »

Mobile First Indexing and How It Can Affect Your Website

SEO is all about things changing constantly and when you think that you are making a good progress with your new strategy, Google comes with an algorithmic update and the whole game changes. Mobile first indexing is the next buzz in SEO industry as Google has been taking efforts to make the web more user-friendly. … Continue reading »

Android app Development in India

Android app Development Company in India   Android is a popular open source mobile OS with massive user base and simple app development process. For this sole reason, businesses are relying on android app Development Company in India to create custom-made mobile applications that increase their business value. An Android platform gives your business the … Continue reading »

UI/UX website design in India

Fully Custom UI/UX design Company in India   For a website, the first impression counts! How it looks is important in grabbing customer attention and turns them into loyal customers. No matter how good the website or app functionality is, it has to be impressive in terms of look and feel as well. UI and … Continue reading »

Android app Development Company in koramangala

  Android app development in Koramangala   As an Android app Development Company in koramangala, Indglobal emphasis on the importance creating android mobile apps for businesses. Mobile apps are a magnificent source of entertainment, knowledge, education, online shopping, food supply, hotel search, e-commerce and more.   We are living in a digital world where most … Continue reading »