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Indglobal, the best Odoo Implementation Partners in India, offers the best Odoo Development Services in Bangalore across almost all sectors in the market. Our well-experienced and dedicated ERP team efficiently works with our customers to meet their wider and particular desires and requirements.


  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Travel and Logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Construction
  • eCommerce
  • Education Institutes

Odoo Implementation By

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Our High-End Odoo Development Services in Bangalore, India

Odoo Web Development

We are the best Odoo partner in India, developing state-of-the-art websites using the Odoo platform. Our websites are rich in features, graphics and user experience. By using optimal resources, we are able to give the best possible Odoo services.

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Odoo Application Development

Being the best Odoo partner in Bangalore, our apps help extend the functionality as well as features of the Odoo store. We build customizable Odoo applications as per your specifications.

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Custom Odoo Development

We are an Odoo partner in India and we bring to our customers nothing but the best out of the Odoo framework, as the business needs it, generating maximum returns.

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Odoo Integration

As an Odoo partner in Bangalore, we help you in both inventory management as well as sales order integration and POS integration to add to the benefits of your e-commerce store.

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Odoo Implementation

We help customize and deploy Odoo ERP so that it runs as per your business requirements.

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Odoo Migration

We help businesses deploy Odoo migration approaches that are structured and includes data extraction, integrity checks, field mapping, and data cleansing.

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Module Development

We develop Odoo modules that provide services across all industries and sectors, by creating dynamic functionality and adding more features.

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Store Development

We have e-commerce store development services with an engaging interface and design that converts your potential customers into profitable sales for your retail store.

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Odoo Support and Maintenance

We have a dedicated team for providing professional support to customers and clients by performing AMC and updates to ensure bug fixes and enhanced security.

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Our Core Odoo Development Service Benefits Are



As an Odoo partner in Bangalore, our Odoo services are the most affordable and reliable. We offer some of the industry’s most advanced and high-quality Odoo development services. Using suitable packages for development, we constantly strive to improvise on our techniques to help improve CRM, production management, marketing, and sales.

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An Experienced Team

We are an Odoo partner having an experienced team of professionals who are equipped to handle all your Odoo needs. Our developers provide customer-centric services and ensure that professional standards are maintained with respect to the software solutions that we offer.

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As an Odoo partner in India, our Odoo development is customized according to the client’s specifications and is always tailored to meet the demands of the clients’ business. We have developers who handle the whole development process using standard approaches and strategies.

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Quality Assured

As an Odoo partner, providing customers with better services than they expect has always been our primary objective. The software we develop goes through various quality checks before it’s handed over.

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Our Expertise

With a skilled team, we deliver various Odoo solutions for business so that:

✦ They can implement their projects

✦ Allow for real-time inventory tracking

✦ Can get access to accounting and financial abilities

✦ Streamline human resource functions and processes

✦ Have greater manufacturing capabilities

✦ Have improvised omnichannel sales flow

✦ Can measure employee productivity, manufacturing supply costs as well as distributor value

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Our Odoo Development Team

We have a team of Odoo experts who:

✦ Implements complex Odoo applications

✦ Develop stipulated Odoo ERPs, and in time

✦ Minimize project risks

✦ Be able to deliver 100% transparency

✦ Comply with well-defined coding practices

✦ Upholding project confidentiality

✦ Provide 24*7 support to abroad customers

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Sales App

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Collecting, gathering and utilizing information through the real customer focussed CRM

  • Get explicit forecasts and use suitable data to make smarter decisions.
  • Design specific dashboards to get your business overview and investigate further with the help of flowcharts and real-time reports.
  • Focus greater output in lesser time with the use of updated tools, prioritize activities including calls, demo, meetings, quotations, reminders and mailing for the sales scripts.
  • Evaluate and review your activities and past performances on the basis of fixed targets, monthly or weekly.
  • Create a performance outline and organize and improvise based on your next plans and actions.
  • Upgrade cooperation strategies and methods for real-time connection with your customers.
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Points of Sale

Set-up in minutes, Sell in a moment. Highly compatible with any gadget.

  • Odoo POS depends on a brilliant interface that any retail organization can use without trouble. Since it’s incredibly adaptable, you can arrange Odoo POS to meet your exact needs.
  • Odoo’s Point of Sale remains solid regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.
  • Set up new stores rapidly and effectively through the use of the internet. Further, utilize your POS all over anytime, online or offline.
  • Get streamlined Inventory Management/procurements through accurate forecasts and real-time tracking.
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Automation of Operations, upselling opportunities and easy recording contracts

  • Send simply refined quotations with detailed product info, attractive images, payment details and eSignature to your prospects, leads and customers.
  • Great pricing strategy with the help of pricelist rules leads to enhanced ROI
  • Convince the buyers to agree with discounted products and coupons.
  • Manage everything from quotations to sales orders conveniently.
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Subscriptions Management

Easy handling of subscribers, great services and recurring billing

  • Get simple and automated features to manage recurring sales, subscriptions and relationship.
  • Provide automated invoices and automated calculations of payments and taxes.
  • Ease of routine tasks and give priority on revenues with an efficient sales force.
  • Keep a continuous check on your metrics with accurate analysis tools.
  • Gain trust moving from curious to highly satisfied customers.
  • Create sales forecasts after assessing current statistics.
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Finance App


Time-saving tools for processing payments and invoices

  • Send suggestions to your account holders in only a couple of snaps. Basically set-up and automate subsequent meet-ups to get paid more rapidly.
  • Act faster through electronic invoices, follow-ups and online payments. No more manual recording transactions.
  • Access easy features including bank synchronization, invoicing, reconciliation and bills & expenses management.
  • Create dynamic reports, cash flow statements or balance sheets in your customised way.
  • Compare data through filtering, zooming and annotating options.
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Oversee contracts, make repeating solicitations, bill timesheets, get paid quicker.

  • Easily create and send professional invoices in large, based on quotations sent to customers.
  • Streamline billing and payment process with easy and automated follow-ups and flawless
    payment integration.
  • Keep track of bank actions and status, record transactions, drafts, paid and unpaid invoices.
  • Analyze your invoicing process and work on improvements if needed. Attain business intelligence.
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Oversee employees expenses on numerous factors

  • Save time on the calculation of daily expenses including travel, office supplies, employee expenditure, etc. You can create, review or refuse these in one click away.
  • Maintain all the receipts at a place under expense record in form of pictures, attachments, etc. This allows a clean and complete record.
  • Manage the team’s expenditures and watch out all the costs and ensure it is within budget.
  • Involve all departments including employees, accountants and managers for drafting, uploading, reviewing or validating.
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Operations App


Unleash a contemporary inventory management software

  • Get hold of a double-entry warehouse system that improves performance and processing time and all the internal operations.
  • Gain an efficient supply chain process with the utilisation of order points and automated
    Request For Quotations (RFQs).
  • Simple and easily customizable integrated feature in the Odoo software.
  • You will face zero stockouts with the help of advanced features in software.
  • Be up-to-date with routes like cross-docking, drop-shipping and multi-warehouse.
  • Attain real-time reports and updated information on fingertips.
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Get things done in the quickest possible manner

  • Gain support with easy management of tasks, time track and weekly timesheets. Enhance your proactiveness.
  • Launch your timesheet even at offline mode and sync it online. Manage employee time and projects timeline.
  • Estimate project deadlines and forecast based on the availability of employees.
  • Track profits and losses occurring and oversee all projects’ profits.
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Get hold of agile project management tactics

  • Organize, schedule, plan and analyze your project base with a contemporary interface.
  • Gain a flexible software for simplifying project management tasks and assigning process.
  • Stay easily connected with your team for any additions or documents attachments/sharing.
  • Easily track and follow-up projects’ progress and perform multiple tasks in a single interface.
  • Create graphical representations of your data for easy reading and analysis.
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Attain automated purchase workflow

  • Make a smarter purchase decision with the best pricing strategies.
  • Automatically send RFQs to your suppliers and improve manufacturing and delivery methods.
  • Make negotiations and gain best offers with vendors, analyze vendors through reporting features.
  • Keep an eye on profitability by getting accurate statistics based on delivery delays, negotiated discounts, quantities of purchases, etc.
  • Manage tasks related to multiple companies or warehouses by creating sales orders, suppliers, products and invoices at a single time.
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Customer is king, Serve them the best

  • Prioritize, check and solve numerous customer tickets at an easy go.
  • Create SLA regulations and automate actions through emails at different stages of resolution.
  • Gain convenient selling, renewing and upselling contracts, also create alerts based on customer status.
  • Provide efficient and smarter customer service by connecting them directly with FAQs, videos and presentations. This will help solve queries faster.
  • Offer help with emails, live chat, twitter, and website forms.
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Deliver paperless work and save huge time

  • Collaborate with your team and clients with Odoo documents and streamline workflow.
  • Share, send, archive and categorize documents easily. Generate vendor bills, products and tasks sheets needed for manufacturing.
  • Get more productivity in less time as you can keep track and never lose any file.
  • Attain a safe and secure place for files storage, that too online.
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Manufacturing Apps


Gain a contemporary solution for high-quality manufacturing oversee

  • Attain fully integrated processes regarding quality, PLM, MRP and manufacturing.
  • Maintain real-time communication with workers and capture real-time data with API.
  • Enable barcode scanning that makes the operations and processes faster.
  • Make better business decisions with dynamic reporting and KPIs.
  • Automate procurements through the use of minimum stock rules, make-to-order rules and the master production schedule.
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Product lifecycle management for state-of-the-art companies

  • Manage efficient engineering changes and maintain real-time communication across departments.
  • Work on several versions of the same BoM and apply only the differences to manage various changes.
  • Get an integrated document management tool for worksheets, documents and drawings.
  • Pass information to manufacturing with notifications and alerts on worksheets or work center control panels.
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Modern manufacturers use the maintenance software to keep their line running

  • Plan and compute through standard statistics and analyse MTBF, MTTR and expected next failure date.
  • Organize and plan activities through calendar maintenance activities.
  • Get effective equipment with real-time updates on the requirements.
  • Optimize your performance using the dashboard and statistics.
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Ensure smooth and flawless operations through standardized and tested processes

  • Set up inspections based on a quality control plan and statistical process control.
  • Ensure quality alerts in a great user interface with visual indicators on critical alerts.
  • Categorize design, process or supplier by customer/mainline/subline.
  • Improve the quality of manufacturing departments through the work center control panel.
  • Improved communication leads to great quality and team efficiencies.
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Communications App


Effective communication among all through group or private chat

  • Gain a powerful tool for exchanging information between employees, managers and all levels of various departments.
  • Attain new messages in the news feed section of the module, making people aware of the latest happenings.
  • Get engaged in conducting conversations within other Odoo modules and keep information flow intact.
  • Keep a track of all actions since it is integrated with all other modules.
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Easy document validation through online signatures

  • Approve, send and sign documents online and upload PDF easily.
  • Get the faster medium by dragging and dropping blocks and submitting signature requests.
  • Track the status of required or sent documents.
  • This fully integrated electronic solution for signatures will solve many problems including far away distance management and unnecessary manual work.
  • It ultimately saves time, money and reduces errors. Enables quicker responses from another party.
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Customization Tool

Odoo Studio

Build and implement customized Odoo ERP applications through us

  • Fully featured and beautiful apps are possible to create in minimal time.
  • Enable effective reports designing with a report builder.
  • Automate all business operations and workflows.
  • Speed your application through email gateway, report engine, BI, workflows, etc.
  • You will grab a fully responsive mobile application with a rich user interface.
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Human Resources App


Streamline your recruitment process from sourcing to the contract

  • Go for a smooth internal recruitment process via setting up and promoting job listings, and keeping track of submitted applications. The building of a database of profiles is easier.
  • Gather all the applications and data and get them indexed in a single platform.
  • Customize and create your own process and stages of hiring, also analyze those with accurate statistics.
  • Save time through a kanban view of the recruitment process and automate communication across all channels.
  • Build integrated surveys based on the best practices and use it for real interviews.
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Manage Recruitments, Expenses, Appraisal, Leaves and Attendances.

  • Centralize your data related to HR activities and disseminate accurate information to respective departments.
  • Easily track attendance, weekly or monthly timesheets with integrated accounting systems and real-time data.
  • Approve or disapprove leaves and take a simplified approach for tracking sick leaves, vacations and calendar.
  • Approve or deny all expenses faster with flawless expense management.
  • Conduct easy evaluation strategies without confusion and stress. Also, reward employees and motivate them through rewards, weekly/monthly/yearly.
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In-built fleet tracking system for company vehicles

  • Get user-friendly administrative structure for costs, fuel logs, etc.
  • Set up company vehicle policy and an insurance policy for proper management.
  • Identify and monitor all the fleet activities and usage along with fuel and repairing charges.
  • Get a reporting tool to compare various types of costs and improve fleet investments.
  • Attain deep insights for tracking fleet management system in your company.
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Satisfied employees, HRs and managers via smooth leave management

  • Manage faster the employee leaves for their vacations.
  • Fine distribution of tasks among other members in the absence of one or more employees.
  • Manage all request of employees, approve or disapprove these in an effective manner.
  • Ensure the highest productivity through by using a reporting tool.
  • Get detailed information regarding request type, employee, department and also other data related to the whole company.
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Creating and overseeing appraisals is faster and flawless

  • Strengthen the periodic evaluation of employees, appreciate them in various ways.
  • Track the appraisal status of each employee or all at a time.
  • Build the appraisal in a correct manner and get evaluation forms in printable PDF docs.
  • Collect insightful data from all employees and apply them for future reference.
  • Send reminders regarding incomplete formalities required at anyone’s end.
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Marketing Apps

Marketing Automation

High rates of customer conversion with lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing.

  • Create automated workflows and extend your business goals.
  • Contact the right prospect or lead at the right time and maintain advanced marketing strategies.
  • Keep a track of all activities round-the-clock and delight your customers in every possible manner.
  • Offer robust end-to-end customer journey through campaigns, timely follow-ups, emails, phone calls, delighting actions like promotions, offers and discounts.
  • Take every action to maintain and follow a sales funnel with proper updates.
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Mass mailing

Perform email marketing through drag and drop actions.

  • Get ready-made templates and layouts for creating newsletters and campaigns.
  • Know your target group well and send bulk and attractive emails to a larger group of people or to certain individuals you think it should be done.
  • Make your mail accessible to any kind of screen, mobiles, laptop, tablet or desktop through highly dynamic and great readability content.
  • Get a fruitful data and statistics to rely on campaigns and take initiatives to improve.
  • Use link tracker and automated ROI calculation to analyse the conversion rate, expected and generated revenue.
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Streamline all the events and promotional activities in business.

  • Host a variety of events including conferences, webinars, festivals, charity, exhibition and classes.
  • Coordinate your content for events smoothly and at ease.
  • Manage speakers and calendars for events, also provide a clean design depicting all purposes effectively.
  • Automate the ticket selling, registration and payment processes to an easy channel.
  • Promote your partners and sell event sponsorship. Avail Google analytics integration and SEO integration modes for advertisement.
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Conduct reviews and feedbacks through highly appealing online survey forms.

  • Get a single platform for managing automated appraisals, review surveys, feedback forms and marketing campaign.
  • Attain cost and time-effective ways of gathering information.
  • Run your data, statistics, measure all response rates and extract the analysis easily.
  • Avail an easy mode for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
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Why Indglobal?

Be it SME or Large Enterprise, at Indglobal, we deliver the best tailor-made Odoo ERP services for your business. We always keep in touch with our clients throughout the development period of the project. Our developers work on your project with a fully dedicated mind so that you will get 100% quality assurance. As per your requirements, we will develop your applications with exceptional customization opportunities. Let’s check some more reasons for choosing Indglobal,


  • Tailor-made ERP Software
  • 10 Years of successful industry experience
  • Services for any all types or sizes of businesses
  • Easy upgrading
  • customization
  • Our expertise + your needs + newest technologies
  • User Interface
  • The best client base
  • Faster application Development
  • Affordable solutions
  • Way to Grow


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