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Real Estate Crm Portal Development Solutions In Bangalore

Real estate is a competitive and high potential industry that demands consistently better services to customers. Generally, customer experience is not easy to manage parts of any business-especially in real estate due to the rise in demanding clients. To gain a cutting edge over competitors, all real estate businesses must focus on improving customer experiences to increase your customer base and revenue at the same time. Intoday’stechnology-driven world, customer relationship management (CRM) plays a vital role in the real estate industry to retain their existing customers as well as to reach new prospectus.

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The essence of selling transactions carried out in the real estate world is to transform prospectus into actual states. Best real estate CRM Software can help real estate businesses to get closer to better functioning effectively by helping manage sales forecasts, workload, manage contacts and client interaction- all in a digital way. CRM impersonates special functions that help to organize and streamline the activity to get along faster with more assurance to the final sales or lead generation.

Indglobal’s real estate CRM enables complete and consistent communication with prospectus, suppliers, partners,and investors both internally and externally. All efficient data including information about clients, property, transactions, communication history can store and retrieved from a single place. Our real estate portal development Bangalore helps to integrate several complex tasks into a single system to keep the process clean and simple to save your time and effort.
Using our CRM, real estate business would be able to increase service and sales to achieve high customer gratification ratings along with maximizing the efficiency of their assets. At Indglobal, the real estate software development agency Bangalore, we offer a wide range of functions with our CRM specially developed for real estate.

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Indglobal always bases its real estate website development in Bangalore to meet the unique customer requirements to handle special-functions of your real estate business. We assure to develop CRM solution which is robust and allow you to store all contact information and lead info, track leads, check customer behavior, track transactions, and stay in touch with clients from past and current ones.
Indglobal’s real estate customer relationship management system is a well-connected system, which provides all the basics along with a large range of flexible features for your business needs. Our CRM handles everything that is required for real estate businesses to run their company.

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Executive dashboard system

The dashboard is a great and effective tool for real estate CRM that is aimed at displaying the most significant information whether it is a sales forecast, latest trends, financial deals or anything that is important.

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Lead management

This module allows you to track everything connected to leads from a single place. With all lead related info at your fingertips, you can boost your deal probability tremendously.

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Pre-built report system

This particular module saves you from spending hours on creating internal and external reports. This allows generating specialized reports as per your needs.

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Transaction module

As the name says, transaction module is the one where all the information pertaining each sale is recorded. It is possible to record different figures concerning sales like payment state, commission to employees, partners etc.

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Client module

This is a single place where all the information about buyers and sellers is stored. The Best real estate CRM Software helps to keep the team up to date with all the information concerning customers as all outgoing and incoming email traffic, phone calls or any other communication with the clients is recorded.

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