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Inventory Management Software In Bangalore, India

Track your sales orders and deliveries and manage you’re every unit of your inventory with our powerful stock and inventory management software. Manufacturing industries can now use our software to generate work orders as well as bills of various materials. It’s a handy tool for material tracking and management.

Now keep overstocking or understocking of products under control with Indglobal’s unique software for inventory management. It’s organized and hence, easy to operate. With this tool in your hands, you can do away with old-school methods of tracking stocks and keeping your inventory under check. Indglobal is a global leader in providing Inventory Management Software to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Core Features

  • Basic Inventory Control
  • Accounting Integration
  • Barcoding & Scanning
  • Lot Tracking
  • Support For Kits
  • Demand Forecasting

Components Of Our Inventory Management Software

  • Reorder Point
  • Asset tracking
  • Service management
  • Product identification
  • Inventory optimization
  • Cost savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Warehouse organization

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Our Software Servies

Manufacturing companies can use our software to track the total cost of materials that go into the production process. The barcodes and wireless radio frequency identifiers that are embedded in the software help identify the products and any information related to them.

Order Management

Inventory management software manages the orders from the customers to warehouses. In addition, it handles the money transactions, team collaboration, and more.

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Purchase Management

Our software manages your purchases as similar to the order management. With offering barcode, automatic purchase orders, and easy money transactions it simplifies your whole purchase process.

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Shipping Management

Shipping management function allows you to track your product shipping and reduces various costs by automating the process of shipping

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Inventory Management

Indglobal offers an inventory management system that ensures efficient, effective, and real-time inventory management. It reduces the wastage of time, unwanted processes, and costs by optimizing inventory functions.

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Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management system Automates warehouse workflows using optimized resources through quicker picking and packaging procedures.

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Analytics & Reporting

Our Inventory Management Software provides real-time report & analysis with stock & order data.

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Payments Management

Manages payments that come within the inventory of your organization. In addition, it allows you to make better financial decisions.

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End-to-end product tracking

The software can track each of your product with serial numbers and batch tracking system. You can keep track of moving the products always or you can monitor the expiry of each batch more effectively.

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Returns Management

Our software allows you to effectively handle your process of returns receiving or refunds. It also helps you to simplify the whole process and take the stress out of it.

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Inventory Automation

The software automates inventory management processes and tasks by saving, time, costs, and duplicated tasks.

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B2B Sales

Our software automatically generates the B2B purchase orders to vendors by analyzing the stock and warehouse.

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CRM Integration

Automatically integrates all your contacts to the inventory management system. It helps to make the communication process better and easier.

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Our Prime Obligations

One of the primary concerns of every business organization is keeping track of the shortage and surplus of its products. A deficiency or abundance in products can spell disaster for the organization. For this reason, we at Indglobal have developed an inventory management software that’s designed to keep track of the product, so that the company doesn’t invest its resources into manufacturing excess of them or fall short of their manufacture. This software helps track the products, whether they are stored in a warehouse or any other store.

All orders in one place

Manage sales orders efficiently. Now create and manage sales orders
for the entire order workflow and fulfill orders only partially by creating invoices for delivered items only. Organize your orders as per the projects. With our inventory management software, categorize the orders as per the projects, making it easier to track the completion status of a given project.

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Improvised efficiency

Indglobal’s inventory management software helps accomplish all those complicated data and record computations. The software we have developed promotes user restriction which can be extended to the employee level for achieving efficiency in inventory management.

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Inventory management has never been easier

Using our state-of-the-art inventory management software, create and email purchase orders with just one click and allocate inventories to respective warehouses at the time of recording the transactions. This software enables
recording of stock transactions like stock wastage, consumption of raw materials and production of finished goods, all from one simple user interface. It provides for the organization of products into batches with each batch containing the expiry and manufacturing dates, helping you deal with perishables. It allows adding multiple users and even assigns specific roles to them. It can create multiple warehouses to store the inventory.

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Don’t miss out on payments

Our inventory management software helps create professional invoices with payment links and allows for easy tracking of receivables. With the help of payment gateway integration and in-depth reports, Indglobal’s inventory management software can track receivables.And never miss out on your customer’s insights. The software helps determine the value
of customers by giving valuable insights into each of them.

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Why Indglobal?

As the best Inventory Management Software Development Company in Bangalore, we always ensure the satisfaction of our clients with the services that we offer. Our software, Best Inventory Management Software in India, comes equipped with its own barcode scanner, radio frequency identification, and other such wireless tracking devices and systems to keep track of the assets of the company at any point in time. Finally, you may ask why Indglobal? Our software benefits say the answer.

  • Sales increment
  • Better order Management
  • Reduction of time and various inventory costs
  • Real-time purchase
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Multiple shipping integrations
  • Accounting and CRM integrations
  • Effective Warehouse Management
  • Integration of business inventory tasks.
  • Manual tasks automation
  • 100% secure transactions


How is your pricing plan?
We decide the price according to the nature of your project. At Indglobal, we offer highly cost-effective as well as affordable software solutions both SMEs and Enterprises.
Can I get my software solutions incorporated with my ideas?
Sure! We always consider our clients’ needs and requirements while we offer our services. Therefore, our clients are highly satisfied when they get their software customized with their ideas.
How can I trust Indglobal?
While we offer the Best Inventory Management Software in India, it is our responsibility to assure the quality and security of the solutions. Here, we assure 100% of security on your data and ensure a high level of internal security for your inventory software. Therefore, you can trust Indglobal among all aspects of your Inventory management software development.
What are the core prerequisites of inventory software implementation?
The integration of functions, quality of data, and training are the main prerequisites of Inventory Management Software.


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