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E-commerce has evolved to facilitate products through online distributors and markets to be discovered and bought. A study from eMarketer in 2016 states that the eCommerce industry is about to see exponential progress until 2020 when sales are estimated to surpass $4 trillion. Many organisations develop E-commerce software and websites in Bangalore, India; Indglobal is a pioneer among them. You can make your products and services available to customers 24 hours a day using our e-commerce software. It provides your business with good exposure and helps you reach potential clients.




Best ecommerce development company in India

Catering to the needs of the selling businesses worldwide, we at Indglobal, have been delivering e-commerce development services to the customers. With people’s involvement in smart devices and smartphones, it has become mandatory for businesses to establish an online presence. A more convenient e-shopping when available to the customers, they will surely invest more time and money on the responsive platform. A rich UI/UX will act as a visually appealing factor for many due to which more people will opt to click instantly and explore. Trust for an experienced e-commerce website development company in India that has catered to an…

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Ecommerce Website Development Company

Are you looking for a robust e-commerce development for your business? A well developed and highly functional e-commerce website takes your business to new heights. At IndGlobal, our e-commerce solutions in Bangalore is exactly what you need as business support partners. We have a great team to support throughout the development process and post-development with maintenance services too. This ensures a robust platform to offer to customers and resolving issues quickly. As a result, you get a higher customer satisfaction and trust. Our complete e-commerce solutions for the customers, retail or e-commerce, will help you achieve your end-to-end business goals.

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Magento eCommerce Development Company in India

Introducing our most powerful e-commerce platform- Magento development in Bangalore, India at Indglobal, that does wonders for e-commerce businesses. With its rich customization features with various modules and extensions, we can leverage it to the best. Its high flexibility and scalability will make it a number one choice for all online shoppers and businessmen. Our best Magento web services in Bangalore will allow a robust platform with access to all of its best features. As most of the population in the country has moved to smartphones usage, businesses get high profits with the mobile-friendly and convenient user on-boarding applications. Our…

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WooCommerce Website Development Company in India

E-commerce plugin that brings WordPress site and varied range of shopping opportunities is called WooCommerce. It provides numerous extensions that help in strengthening the functionality of your website and makes it user-friendly. WooCommerce website is highly impressive as it offers high-quality e-commerce services with great user experience. The biggest advantage of this e-commerce platform is that it provides faster searching options with customized choices. By simply clicking a button, one can make purchases and get a door delivery which is highly convenient for customers. E-commerce websites and applications development also provide huge profit to businesses. As an experienced website design…

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E-Commerce website maintenance services

Indglobal is the leading Website Maintenance Company in Bangalore and we also provide maintenance services for e-commerce websites , online stores . For any website , maintenance is must . Regular updates company and its products and service offerings helps to get more visitors to your websites. The importance of an e-commerce website developers in bangalore and its regular update is very essential.The e-commerce website maintenance if kept on priority will fetch you improved results and high business growth. A professional change in the website content, banner, or offer creation will also act as a magic. All new arrivals and…

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Want to gain recognition as the best performing e-commerce website for your business? Here we are, to help you! Being highly experienced as a strategic e-commerce consultation company in India, Indglobal has helped in achieving a complete e-commerce solution to its clients, thus helping to increase the ROI. We help small to medium businesses and enterprises to sell their products online with B2B and B2C solutions. With the trends and innovations in technology, the way of delivering and receiving services also changes, and as a knowledgeable team, we help to develop solid strategies aligning with your business goals.

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Ecommerce/Magento Shopping Cart Development

Introducing our most powerful e-commerce platform- Magento development in Bangalore, India at Indglobal, that does wonders for e-commerce businesses. With its rich customization features with various modules and extensions, we can leverage it to the best. Its high flexibility and scalability will make it a number one choice for all online shoppers and businessmen. We are the Ecommerce associate of leading global brands, delivering commercial success with award-winning user obligation. We work in Agile SCRUM methodology. We include the client in weekly planning process and exactly report ongoing time usage. As a successful ecommerce solutions provider we are able to…

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Shopify Ecommerce Website Stores and App Development Company in India

Indglobal is a leading company based in Bangalore that offers expert Shopify development services.With numerous clients on our list at Indglobal, we provide tailored Shopify development services to each one of them depending on their requirements. Being the best in the industry, we have highly talented minds working for us as Shopify Developers who are always ready to make that extra effort to provide you the quality services. Being the leading Shopify Development Company, we have worked with various big shot brands as well as emerging brands and delivered the best services. Shopify is an e-commerce company that was founded…

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Magneto is a powerful e-commerce platform offering rich customization opportunities by modules and extensions. Built on a fully modular model influencing an unlimited scalability and flexibility, Magento is a preferable choice to develop an eCommerce website. By offering, every functionality and tool, retailers need the most; Magento makes everything possible to design a responsive and intuitive eCommerce store. Magento theme customization servicesis a part of customizing Magento templates to deck up your e-commerce website to build themes that suits your business the best. Indglobal’s Magento theme customization service Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, you deserve a…

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