best CRM software for SME in India

Indglobal Digital Pvt Ltd, one of the Best CRM software for SME in India has all the capabilities to fulfill your needs of business maintenance. CRM is an effective strategy to manage and enhance your company’s ties with existing and capable users in the market. Keeping in mind about the real potential of a customer in present days, Indglobal always focuses on customer retention and sales growth. Our company analyses your interactions with customers and accordingly implement CRM strategies to improve your relationships with them.


CRM software offers a business the capacity to assign, This CRM software create and manage request of the customers. It bring a sort of collaboration among the clients as well as employees and there by increases the productivity.


Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi once said that a customer is an important person on our premises. The man behind the achievement of freedom for Mother India also stated that a customer is an independent person who is the part of our business and who gives us an opportunity to strengthen our business status. These lines by Dandi Satyagraha leader reveals the actual value of a customer in the business market. The corporate world strongly believes in a slogan that “ Customer Is God” which is absolutely true according to the trade trends in the today’s market.


Irrespective of the range of business, every trader or businessman wants to have a large pool of loyal customer base for their business. In the case of a Chai wala, he wants his customers to purchase milk related beverages in his shop only rather than moving to other competing cafes in his vicinity. To achieve this purpose, he implements his own strategies to attract the visitors and never leave any stone unturned in converting the visitors into loyal customers. In some broader extent, let us say, if you visit a jewelry shop and purchase a beautiful diamond necklace to your better half for your couple’s wedding anniversary, then, the management of the jewelry shop will take all your particulars and will surely wish you on that special day. Further, in future, they will often send Emails, SMS’s, and even make Telephone calls to grab the goodwill and reputation of their showroom in your mind. All these measures aim at managing a cordial relationship with the customers which in turn will help them to expand their business empire.


We have committed CRM experts with an impeccable track record who can provide you the best of the industry kind of services. Being the leading Best CRM software for SME in India, we provide superior salesforce automation CRM services to our clients. Our future strategies are aiming to expand our wings into the sectors of other prominent CRM services such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, Workbooks CRM, Insightly, Nimble, Zoho CRM, NetSuite CRM, and Veeva CRM. Majority of them are freemium offerings and available at economically affordable prices.


Other model of CRM is to manage the distribution of organizations who work on the Distribution model instead of direct sales. For example they have a hierarchy of Super Distributor or CNF followed by a dealer and having a chain of retailers under dealer.
This Supply Chain Management is then supported by the sales or Marketing executives based on a concept of Branch/Head Quarter/Area/Route management headed by a National Sales Manager. This often is seen in FMCG sector. Therefore our application can fit into any market and open for further customization.


Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is very much challenging and needs to be updated as per the varying circumstances in the market. Our CRM services can integrate with all the major social networks like Outlook, Google Apps, and QuickBooks. Indglobal, Best CRM software for SME in India also develops mobile apps for iOS, Android devices which in association with our CRM services can yield miracles for your business.


CRM is the most booming sector in present days of the market with an estimated worth of $36.5 billion worldwide by the year end of 2017. Indglobal, Best CRM software for SME in India offers appropriate services according to the business requirements of our clients. Our company’s CRM services are innovative, accessible, and validated by the market.


Hereby, we can confidently announce ourselves that Indglobal is the master CRM services provider in India. We also promise to enrich your long-lasting relationships with beloved customers and taking your business empire to new pastures. So, come and sign a mutually profitable deal with Indglobal and witness customers clapping for your services.

Some key features are listed below:


  • Service Alerts
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Management
  • Multi level Inventory
  • Service Management
  • Dispatch and Delivery
  • Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • User Access Security Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management