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Go Real-Time with Smart Courier Software

If you are a courier company, freight broker or a business involved in courier or shipping services, Indglobal is the right choice for your long-term business as a partner in developing custom software, as we are the best Courier Software Development Company in India. Things like real drive time and traffic updates can be received instantly to make adjustments in routes that will speed things up. Customers are getting accompanied to faster services that trigger the huge importance of prompt courier service in the market.

The best Logistics website design company in Bangalore, Indglobal provides features-packed courier software that meets end to end requirements of transportation companies. Whether you run a small or big courier company with single or multiple branches, Indglobal’s courier software suits your business. Our courier management software can be plugged into your website easily, it is a complete courier management software which helps you to manage courier business with powerful features and functionalities.

Being the most awarded web design and development company in Bangalore, Indglobal has mastered the art of courier software development and have set some serious goals for its peers in the industry.


  1. With Indglobal’s courier software development solutions, you can
  2.  Meet your service goals promptly
  3.  Boost logistic performance
  4.  Improve logistics planning and intelligence
  5.  Streamline the entire logistic cycle
  6.  Facilitate effective communication and information sharing

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Prepared Shipment

With this module, you will be able to create new shipments with fresh details and data about the shipment. There are three subcategories for this module such as: Credit, Cash and To Pay. The Credit option is specifically for credit customers whereas Cash and To Pay is for general customers. Another important feature is that you can upload or download .xls or .csv files for multiple bookings.

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PRS or Pickup Run Sheet

The PRS is generated by the admin as who is going to pick the shipment. While generating the PRS, few general information is need to be entered such as date of pickup, name of pickup boy, contact of pickup boy, vehicle detail, docate detail, etc.

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DRS or Delivery Run Sheet

Delivery Run Sheet is again generated by the admin about the shipment delivery and information like delivery date, details of delivery partner, docate details, vehicle details, etc are provided.

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AWB or Airway Bill Generation

In this another admin module, Airway bill generation is done by using Airway bill number which is then issued to the customer. It includes information like customer details, airway details, etc.

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Consigner Invoice

Either on a monthly basis or based on the account number, consigner invoice is generated and issued to the consigner. It has information like consigner information, consignment details, consignment amount, etc.

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Being the leading Courier Software Development Company in India, Indglobal offers full-fledged software solutions for your courier business requirements. We always focus on bringing out the best services in a cost-effective manner which automatically enhances the efficiency of your courier services. We rigorously work on the aspects of improving data security and control over the services.

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Delivery management, automated price calculation, and billing are our unique strategies and we never cease ourselves to cater your courier needs in the most satisfied manner. Our impeccable mobile app service bridges the gap between the field agents and dispatch destination point. Being the best logistics website development company in Bangalore, we always tend to reduce stressful human working hours by implementing our effective courier management software services. Indglobal’s pricing is absolutely worth the work we deliver.

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Indglobal being the top Courier Software Development Company in Bangalore has the best of the industry workforce who are committed and professional in what they do. They always ensure to deliver the unmatchable courier software development services. Indglobal never compromises on the key areas of the courier business cycle such as Supplier management, Freight auditing, Delivery scheduling, Vehicle tracking, Parcel booking, Email and SMS, Advertising system and Barcoding.

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Indglobal’s major features of courier software development are, online tracking AWB (Air Way Bill), Employee management, Manifest management, Parcel/Packet pickup management, Account and payment management, Parcel/Packets delivery management, Client/customer management, Barcode system, Parcel/Packets pickup management, Employee management, Multi franchises for courier branch management. As a top Logistics website design company in India, we give utmost importance to customer satisfaction by providing sincere courier software development services.

Our company’s unique courier software development services yield in numerous ways like tracking parcel from the website, easier means of courier pick-up, efficient management of data. Indglobal software development solutions provide courier software services according to the end-to-end requirements of our clients. Whether your company is a budding startup or well established corporate biggie, Indglobal has tailor-made software to fit your business requirements.

As an expert Logistics website development company in India, we update the courier management software at regular intervals to meet the daily requirements of courier necessities. Map-based job status, Automated invoice, Optimized billing, Cloud storage are some other exciting services that we offer to our clients as part of a mutual agreement.

Indglobal’s courier management software service in Bangalore is the simplest solution for courier tracking businesses. Our courier software allows businesses to access and manage your online software from anywhere in the world. Simply log in with the credentials and update details in real-time. No need to install the software every time as it can be accessed remotely.


Indglobal is the most awarded web design and development company offering high quality and competitive software solutions across the country. We develop the best transportation website design that manages packet distributions to courier businesses and supports terrific reporting, billing, and control over the company and thus providing clear reports to management for better administration.

In the logistics industry, Indglobal has redefined the way services are delivered to customers. Being a reputed Logistics software development company in Bangalore, we pioneer flawless customer courier solutions which are a high performance, integrated, cost-effective and web-enabled solutions that enable businesses across the country and the globe.

Logistics management software brings an improvement in freight management optimization, load building, and real-time logistics. Courier companies or logistics firms who use our software gains a competitive advantage over its competitors and it allows them to deal with cost pressures like increased loads due to high customer demands, high fuel prices, and more frequent dispatches. This leads to frequent and timely deliveries meaning, increased client satisfaction and customer loyalty.


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