Enterprise Application Development Company In India

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Enterprise Application Development Company In India

Indglobal is the absolute Enterprise Application Development Company in India and headquartered in the Bangalore city. ERP software has evolved to meet ever-evolving business needs, customer requirements, and innovations in business technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, and mobility. We provide our ERP solutions with some specific features such as scalable, complex, component-based, distributed, and mission critical. According to a research published by MarketWatch, The ERP software development industry is expected to advance worldwide to $47B by 2022.




Best CRM Software in Bangalore, Sales CRM Solution

The customer relationship management (CRM) system is a popular tool used by businesses to collect and manage information on the interactions the brand has with customers, sales, suppliers, leads, employees and other businesses. Most of the companies use a customer relationship management system to understand their customers and respond quickly. The info collected through customer relationship management (CRM) system helps to carry out different strategies that work for your business based on the data collected. CRM solution with Indglobal It’s all about the efficiency and speed. Break away from the regular CRM solutions and be different with Indglobal’s innovative CRM…

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Indglobal – Blockchain Software Development Company

Indglobal is a leading blockchain application Development Company in Bangalore offering the latest in blockchain technology via customized solutions to startups and large organizations. We are experts and innovators in blockchain development, creating blockchain-related applications. A Blockchain is basically an append-only transaction ledger onto which new information is written. Information already stored in the ledger cannot be erased or edited. Blockchain technology uses the concept of cryptography, linking newly added ‘blocks’ of information with the previous or existing ‘blocks.’ The blocks are linked to one another to form a ‘chain.’ Hence, the name ‘blockchain.’

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Customised ERP Solutions, ERP Software for SME’s in Bangalore, India

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is software systems that are proven to be of great help in business planning, administration, and optimization of internal business processes comprising of different modules like supply chain, manufacturing, customer relationship management, human resources, warehouse management etc. Indglobal is the best ERP Software development company in Bangalore proficient in building ERP software that can manage data and management needs of enterprise operating in diverse business segments from single product operations to multiple locations and multiproducts. We integrate every single part of your business under a roof so that distribution, sales, customer service, and finance, every…

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Odoo ERP Implementation, Customization, Development, Partners in India

Odoo is a business software solution, connecting all businesses into a single dashboard. The core software acts to streamline all processes into one system by binding all the resources together. This automation helps track business modules, avoid human errors and reduce any risks involved. Odoo is an open source business application software with scalability that helps improve CRM, service management, production units, marketing, and sales, etc.

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Salesforce Consulting Services | Salesforce Implementation Partners

As a premium salesforce design, development, customization and implementation company in Bangalore, India we help you with all your salesforce needs with innovative Salesforce Development Solutions to drive immense value from untapped areas of your business. Our focus is on delivering high quality, cloud-based CRM solutions, and services that help businesses from small size to large enterprises to achieve business growth and success within the shortest time possible. By leveraging the powerful salesforce, we help organizations work more efficiently and effectively, nurturing a long-term relationship with partners and clients. The robust tools like Salesforce lightening, Developer console, and Workbench creates…

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Docusign – Online Digital E-Signature Solutions

DocuSign digital signature is the easiest way to securely sign, send and track significant documents. DocuSign works by letting users to upload documents from their desktop or cloud storage into the DocuSign platform. It can be tagged with sign fields, name fields, and date fields before sending them digitally for signing. All the way through the entire signing process, you can maintain the visibility of your document and know who has opened and signed the document and can track it all the way to completion. With automatic digital signing notifications and reminders to keep your digital documents moving and offers…

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The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, and other items embedded with electronics, software, car, headphones, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Generally,a device or objects are used as a medium through which the devices communicate to the internet. The main objective of IoT is to license the objects communicate, sense or exchange data with each other. Hence, the data collected by these devices can be accessed from anywhere and the devices can be controlled from anywhere using a web browser and/or mobile phones. The interaction can be happened…

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Artificial intelligence is found everywhere these days. Be it virtual assistants in your smartphone or improving your business using analytics , business have already started incorporating the amazing benefits of Artificial intelligence into their day to day processes. You may not feel the need of incorporating artificial intelligence into your core operations. However, you cannot deny the fact that your business is going to grow tremendously with the help artificial intelligence or AI.

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Another enterprise resource planning software, SAP ERP was developed by SAP SE, a German company that mainly focuses on the key business functions of an organization. It is used to incorporate those functions under a single dashboard and use it to maximise the efficiency of the business. SAP ERP includes key business processes like finance, human capital management, operations, corporate services to name a few. With such competition and entrepreneurial scenarios, it is indeed important to implement smarter technologies that will ensure things are metamorphosed into a set of blooming opportunities. Being an organization, things become very complex in terms…

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INDGLOBAL has trusted clients in health care, technology and other related industries and sectors. We also provide information security consulting services to sectors like government, business and infrastructure. If you ever doubt your current information security system, you can always count on INDGLOBAL to help you out. We give advice based on the best practices in that particular industry. We provide a host of services including digital forensics, vulnerability and risk assessments, penetration services, policy development, software configuration management, enterprise security architecture design, malicious code review, engineering and architecture design, operations management, software security assurance and a host of related…

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Enterprise Product Development

With the complexity and dynamism involved in enterprise product development, we at Indglobal can make it easier by partnering with you right from scratch. That is, right from the analysis phase, all the way up to the implementation. And by identifying the root of the problem, we can devise a solution that truly meets your objectives. At Indglobal, we understand both your enterprise as well as your consumer requirements. And so, we are able to deliver highly customizable and relevant products with unique features, that’s just the thing you need.We have many years of experience and expertise and are a…

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