Streamlining resource planning with ERP software

IndGlobal is an ERP application development company in Bangalore that presents consistency over your resource planning and functional management. Every expert herein works strategically to present the best for your business by looking out for every vertical requirement effectively. Our customized ERP software development system ensures you, overcoming all business challenges with proper integration of all in a complete system.

We at IndGlobal ensure the information to not just be available but accessible by the parties concerned at ease. It helps reduce cost and improve transparency and revenue with no redundancy in the organization. By all means, smooth and seamless operations to continue is what we offer all using the best ERP software tools.

Erp Solution

Our ERP consultation services
  • A complete solution for all your needs
  • Come with ease of use
  • High-quality software ensuring best
  • Security with no loop
  • An online system manageable as per your requirement
  • Reports generated are powerful enough
  • Comes with Automatic inventory management
Customized ERP development
  • Brings in efficiency for businesses
  • Customer services available as per need
  • Information is completely integrated
  • The reporting system is better and efficient
  • The best measure to reduce operating costs
  • Customizable as per your requirement
ERP Software Migration solutions
  • Timeliness with easy retrieval of the required information
  • No more tiresome financial information reporting
  • CSR improvements and management
  • IT procedures work best
  • Centralized procedures to ensure the efficiency
  • Accounting and consolidation is easy

We Offer

ERP Sales management

Managing the sales team is no more pressure. We offer leading ERP solutions in Bangalore the implementation of which is robust and target driven. Our professionally trained experts ensure that the IT solutions are completely up to the mark.

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ERP Human capital management

IndGlobal is the best ERP development company Bangalore which understands how significant human resources are and presents the solutions which allow the workforce to handle tasks more precisely.

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ERP Project Management

With amazing deployed process mechanism, we build and offer resourceful ERP solutions. We as the ERP application development Bangalore use best of techniques in an integrated manner to allow the ideal project management solutions across the varied propositions related to the Enterprise resource planning.

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ERP Supply chain management

Vital in nature, at IndGlobal, the ERP application development company in Bangalore, we assure your business with technological assistance necessary. By all means, our solutions ensure an error-free management process to work with.

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ERP development for higher transparency

ERP software development company in Bangalore offers integrated ERP modules at the department level. With the best of departmental services applied at individual levels, one can ensure improved forecasting and higher transparency for taking decisions which can make the influential business to achieve the benchmarks in the organizational quality.

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Improved QA management

Using the ERP for small business in Bangalore, one can ensure standardized procedures with all schedules and billing. It further helps to check the production status and for ensuring a smoother operation from the initial level and maintenance of same to the end processes.

Streamlining Finance and Accounting

With ERP software, one can ensure capitalizing on real-time account entries and even ledger sharing with the enabled TDS and currency management. At IndGlobal, we ensure to bring in the cash flow management from the process of purchase to sales invoice and also while generating P&L statements at one place. Stay updated with real-time financial status all at one place.

Timely maintenance

Get a real-tome insight over the key inventory performance indicators and use the ERP solutions for better optimization of current stock levels. We as ERP development in Bangalore offer supply management and reliable forecasting for ensuring timely deliveries. By all means, we help to keep timely inventory control.


With us as your choice over custom ERP development in Bangalore, we ensure effortless administration and rapid update execution for you to acquire the in-time insights by keeping an eye over updates. Retrieve data easy and generate the reports over the same within minutes. Ensure to have the best ERP software company employed and get timely personal management updates and alerts on emails.

Handle critical challenges with custom ERP software development service in Bangalore

With expertise over all, we help the organizations to take challenges as a competitive advantage. At IndGlobal we ensure a track over such competition and improve the efficiency with our enterprise resource planning software development in Bangalore making sure to drive in business growth and for you to stay ahead with your reliable ERP partner.

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Integrated information

Say no to distributed data on to separate database as we offer ERP software solutions Bangalore which ensures the same to be located centrally. Do not worry about consistency and the updates, it’s done automatically.

Reduction in operating costs

As an immediate benefit which comes with our enterprise resource planning solutions Bangalore, we ensure lower production, marketing and inventory control costs at large. Take the step and regret no more.


Enterprise resource planning software solutions in Bangalore eliminate repetitive processes and the requirement to enter the manual data. In a way, the system streamlining the business processes makes the work easy to collect data and ensure efficiency therein.

System configurations

The configurations we implement is well suited to requirements and is target-specific. We as the custom ERP service provider in Bangalore ensure the business to have a competitive edge by using artificial intelligence, device automation, user-interfaces (enhanced) and other concerned configurations required.

ERP Software Industries We Serve



Distribution & Retail






Logistics & Transportation


Sports & Entertainment

Consumer Durables

Advantage of ERP software implementation

Existing system modification

With help over existing software modules based upon your requirements, we at IndGlobal ensure your business requirements to be fulfilled better. Our experts ensure an effortless implementation and integration across major systems to save you from refurbishments of the software and hassles which form part of the existing structure.

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Informed choices

Customizing your data requirements we as your ERP system software development company in India ensure integration of multi-departmental data in a hierarchy. By all means, the accuracy and on-time data update help the key personnel to make data-backed decisions proper.

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Drives planning

With a management and analyzation over the business information, we understand the importance of data points and its crucial nature. By all means at IndGlobal, we provide our clients with a better improvement in the planning process using the ERP customization services in India.

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Inventory administration

We at IndGlobal provide top ERP software development service in Bangalore. We ensure your inventory management to be optimized with the ERP integration ensuring an experience with visibility and control. With us, you get thousands of products managed real-time with better delivery standards.

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Blueprint formulation

Every expert at IndGlobal works towards the departmental goals of the business by entire team brainstorming and plans chart out. With the experience our potentials hold, we provide you with features list and drive the ERP model to the department efficiency using custom ERP development in Bangalore.

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The efficiency of Supply chain

ERP SME development in Bangalore helps move all your manual data feedings. With IndGlobal services, incorporate the ERP software for attaining the precision using the automation of the supply chain. Our experts at ERP dashboards and business intelligence simply all your stock management to ensure the best of our services.

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ERP modules

  • Financial Management ERP
  • Supply chain management ERP
  • Sales Management ERP
  • Service management ERP
  • Production management ERP
  • Customer relationship management ERP
  • Data Warehouse ERP
  • System upgrades ERP
  • Development and implementation of ERP
  • Business Intelligence ERP

Streamlined and easily auditable revenue management is what we offer by ERP for small business in Bangalore. We ensure your business to perform real-time while we offer you with an integrated system to work with the organization functional areas considering the revenue management and generation.

Our ERP software in Bangalore ensures to provide a customizable open-sourced ERP solutions for your business to be well managed, monitored and controlled over the various verticals. At IndGlobal ensure your easy management of supply chain and keep track over the same.

For ones who consider their sales and distribution departments to be the lifelines of their business, we as your ERP application development company in Bangalore ensure you with stable and reliable ERP solutions for the software management to keep track overall sales information at the fingertips.

A tightly integrated, scalable and robust means for balancing resource utilization for your customer satisfaction is what we offer for your increased profitability. We ensure ERP application development Bangalore helps your collaborate better and provide enhanced relationship management with no conflicts therein.

Productions demand to be backed by proper scheduling and plans and this is why we are your best enterprise product development company Bangalore ensure a proper track over materials and provide the right tools for ensuring the delivery schedules to be met continuously.

Custom ERP software development Bangalore provides ERP solutions for the CRM to be customized and reliable. Our approach and open sources or SAP and Oracle-based software not just monitors all customer interactions, but also notifies you about the same.

ERP software development Bangalore ensures the access, administration over uploads, extraction and manipulation of data to be best. We at IndGlobal assure the data from sources to be aggregated properly and to be maintained in the singularity of understanding.

With IndGlobal, we assure our clients to stay ahead of competitors with continuous upgrades over the system analysing the current status of business son regular basis. We ensure the necessary enhancements needed and functionality to be the new additions as a part of our services related to ERP software development Bangalore.

Custom ERP solution development in Bangalore ensures proper design, development and implementation of solutions throughout the management ensuring coverage over all operational sections. Our comprehensive platforms, by all means, provide your business with the right benefits of cost-effectiveness and the data congruency.

Faster decision-making is the need of the complex environment which is overloaded with the information. As ERP manufacturing services providers in Bangalore, we at IndGlobal ensure the module to help take decision rapid and efficient with improvements as necessitated.

Why Odoo ERP Development services in India for your business?

Comprehensive and customized solutions

We at IndGlobal, your best ERP consulting company in Bangalore, provide your business with singular and unique ERP solutions. Every expert in here ensures to build the respective software from scratch to work strategically towards enhancement and improvement of your results and to meet your expectations.

Accessible and backed up

Ensure your backed-up data to be accessible from anywhere. As the erp implementation company in Bangalore, we ensure your software to be compatible with all platform operation.

A complete solution for all sizes

As we provide erp consulting services in Bangalore, we ensure the same to be cost-effective with the right flexibility and scalability for all kinds of business. By the strategic decisions taken better at the time, all our experts help ensure your ERP software to be no more struggle-filled.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

With saving your money to providing your best, we ensure the ERP software and applications to be impressive and full of benefits. Tell us your requirement and we will assure the best of solutions.

Customer priority treatment

We understand your business and dreams and this is why IndGlobal works towards making them the reality. Our trained professionals make sure to make your project receive the right skills with guaranteed results, just as you imagined.


Why IndGlobal?

IndGlobal provides ERP solutions and erp customization in Bangalore services. As your strategic partner, we work towards better solutions with a guaranteed return. Trust us and we assure the outputs derived by our ERP software will be noteworthy. At IndGlobal, we ensure

  • Timely communication and management of all your doubts
  • Provide customizable solutions as per the requirement of your business
  • A proper backed up resource system with easy accessibility
  • Solutions for all business sizes
  • High-quality software for all your needs


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