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In this fast-moving world, there is no impeding of the software development companies in India who are willing to help SMEs, and enterprises with robust solutions. Many requirements for software development emerge from varied industries and domains including real estate, food delivery, inventory management, education, health, logistics, finance, accounting, sales, and many more. With our robust development of software like ERP, medical apps, sales CRM, school management apps, and many more, we have been able to cater to a wide range of customers, worldwide.





The interaction can be happened between human-human, human-things (objects), and things-things. Today IoT is changing the way businesses operate. At Indglobal an IoT development company in Bangalore, India, we clearly understand the need of IoT in the enterprise world and deliver world-class IoT services and solutions. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable people has developed requirement based IoT solutions for the businesses, in order to improve their asset utilization, and reduce their costs. Our developers know how to filter IoT application ideas to provide maximum resilience and improved value. IoT helps to create a smarter world with connected devices that…

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Courier, Logistics, Cargo Software Development Company in Bangalore, India

Go Real-Time with Smart Courier Software If you are a courier company, freight broker or a business involved in courier or shipping services, Indglobal is the right choice for your long-term business as a partner in developing custom software, as we are the best Courier Software Development Company in India. Things like real drive time and traffic updates can be received instantly to make adjustments in routes that will speed things up. Customers are getting accompanied to faster services that trigger the huge importance of prompt courier service in the market.

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eHospital Systems, Hospital Management Software in Bangalore, India

It has been a great relief to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to manage day-to-day activities with hospital management software Bangalore. We develop healthcare mobile applications and ERP software in bangalore to help various institutions efficiently manage their operations. Not only businesses and organizations, but also common people receive convenience up to a great extent. No more standing in queues and waiting for one’s chance to interact with doctors, now an easy way to book appointments, make payments, video calls with the doctor, tracking appointments, etc. is available. 

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HRMS and Payroll Software

Human Resources as well as increasing each amount to a person invest in your current staff is usually is a best improvement in business for anyone. Sage presents human resources and payroll solutions regarding little and rising corporations in order to become more profitable and lucrative. Ideal for medium-sized corporations needing a more strong human resources system. Assimilate payroll, rewards, specialist growth, enrolling, employee self-service, and analytics functionality many in a single. Perfect for small establishments together with staff. Consider you’r fret out of in-house payroll—calculate federal government and express with holdings, prepare income for you to print, and works…

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CRM Software India, Sales CRM software, CRM Solution for SMEs

Odoo CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module in its tightly integrated ERP. It facilitates you to see every one of your leads and allows you to communicate strongly with customers in planned intervals.  In the current competitive world, sales reps need a simple method to follow their Leads, Customers and Opportunities and they need all the data in a single spot. Also, Management requires perceivability into the business pipeline and what moves their sales reps are making in order to maintain a genuine and healthy pipeline.  The Odoo CRM helps both sales reps and managers, optimizing their work, making…

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A well designed and responsive healthcare website is a significant communication tool for hospital and clinics to inform existing patients and new prospects about their services. Indglobal is the Best Healthcare Solutions provider in Bangalore with expertise in designing and developing health care websites and software. We offer the best website design services that are unmatched in the industry. We help our clients plan, design and build enterprise-level healthcare and medical websites and applications which offers feature-rich healthcare development services.Our best-in-class medical and healthcare Solutions in Bangalore enable prestigious clients to address their most crucial complexities in a creative and…

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Inventory Management Software for Multi-Channel Businesses

Track your sales orders and deliveries and manage you’re every unit of your inventory with our powerful stock and inventory management software. Manufacturing industries can now use our software to generate work orders as well as bills of various materials. It’s a handy tool for material tracking and management. Now keep overstocking or understocking of products under control with Indglobal’s unique software for inventory management. It’s organized and hence, easy to operate. With this tool in your hands, you can do away with old-school methods of tracking stocks and keeping your inventory under check. Indglobal is a global leader in…

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Software Development Services

Why us? As we live in a technology-focused world, the IT industry is experiencing tremendous progress in recent years. According to a report by Gartner in 2018, it is predicted today that spending in the IT sector will witness the growth of 8.3 percent in 2019. Custom software developers are therefore used to keep themselves up-to-date with their industry’s latest software and IT trends. Indglobal, an ISO 9001 certified  Web Design and Web Development Company in Bangalore , provides its customers with efficient and cost-effective software services worldwide. In providing customized services such as offshore web development, product ideas, enhancement…

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School Management Software App Development Company in India

Many practical tasks have to be managed in schools and colleges as there are massive students and aspirants. Records, activities, and circulars have to be maintained on a daily basis which may be tedious for administrators and management staff. Here, school management software comes to the rescue that enables a one-in-all platform to look after varied activities. An automated solution to carry out tasks in a simplified manner is what the school management software development offers you. We are into the development of customized software that entails multiple module creation including admissions, attendance, fees, bus tracking, examinations, GPS, employee payroll,…

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The Best Paying Guest/PG/Hostel management software Bangalore

Do you own a PG and struggle yourself to meet the challenges of managing it? Using a PG management software is a lot easier than bookkeeping and updating the spreadsheets when there is a better way to do it. Streamline tedious PG management tasks like room booking, checkout, rent processing, salary processing, reporting, compliant management, all at one place with the innovative Paying guest management software from Indglobal. Customizable & user-friendly PG/Hostel management software in Bangalore that comes handy for PG owners. Now, all complicated tasks are all easy to access and take just moments to complete- Our PG management…

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