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From estimating the impact of our digital footprint to refining social media strategies—it wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to claim that brands would be rendered “socially” crippled without the assistance of social media analytics. This is perhaps the reason why these tools have only grown in number with the passage of time. Gone are the days when you could actually name all the social media analytics tools in a jiffy. Today, the wide availability of these tools only means that you cannot really go on to remember each and every name distinctly. As experts put it, tools are introduced almost every second day – as a result of which it’s difficult to keep track accordingly.

While it’s difficult to be aware of all the tools that exist today, it is important to develop nuanced knowhow of at least some of these tools so that you can leverage them to advise your clients regarding their social media strategies based on the size of their business, its location and industry. Here’s a rundown of the social media analytics tools that should ideally be a part of your holistic marketing strategies in 2018.

The Q1 2018 reports clearly reveal Snapchat’s unequalled command in the digital space. With 191 million daily active users, there isn’t a fathomable reason why this particular platform wouldn’t be explored by brands. However, one of the drawbacks of Snapchat, from the marketing point of view is that it doesn’t allow brands access to substantial performance data- which is why it is perhaps not as robust as its older counterparts Twitter and Facebook. Third-party tools like Snaplytics offer you a view of the top posts so that you can create similar content. It also offers glimpses of the rate of audience growth.

The old favourite continues to rule the roost – primarily because of its immense scope. The platform backs more than 30 social media channels (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on) at a go! Catering to the needs of agencies of all sizes, this platform offers you valuable insights regarding important metrics like traffic, followers etc.

Sprout Social
This one remains an “organizer” of sorts. You can measure performance across a number of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. You can simply compare your performance across these channels more efficiently with the help of Sprout Social.

Google Analytics
Besides investing your time in platform-specific social media analytics tools, it would be great if you are resorting to the use of something like Google Analytics that actually offer you glimpses of how you have performed across all social media networks. Find out what your audience has been doing on your respective pages.

Based on its unique social media language called QQL (Quintly Query Language), this tool aids professionals, working on several platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. You are allowed to define and write your own custom metrics in accordance with varying weights complying with different client KPIs.

This one is specifically designed for Instagram. The most amazing aspect of this particular tool is that it helps you analyze your Instagram stories besides your general photos or videos. This one is particularly recommended for brands that prioritize Instagram marketing to a large extent.

Agency Analytics
This one is highly recommended for brands that rely on texts for traction. When it comes to tracking client-specific keywords or advanced SEO metrics, this particular platform is often dubbed as a comprehensive SEO audit tool with the power to troubleshoot myriad SEO issues impacting your online visibility.

Wrapping up.
It’s actually extremely important on your end to choose your mix of analytical tools – keeping specific client requirements in view. A sagacious way to estimate these requirements would be to prioritize the social media networks that brands are trying to capitalize on.

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