Android is a multitasking operating system used in smartphones, tablets, consoles, smart TVs, and even robots. Android Inc. developed the OS, but later Google bought and popularized the use it in many devices. The development and release of Android in 2008 created a phenomenon and soon became a market leader for smart devices. The Android operating system has enabled smartphones and tablets to work like a mini-computer and app Development Company in Electronic city utilized it seamlessly.

Being an extremely flexible and friendly operating system, Android requires a very minimum amount of time to get acquainted. Android is easily customizable with changes in appearance, icons, ringtones, etc. with a wide range of relevant and free applications, Android OS configuration is the easiest task.

Finding a true Android App Development Company in Electronic City is crucial for both small and large business across a range of industries. IndGlobal delivers the Android technology expertise necessary for your business. We help business to improve their cost structure, operational efficiency and remain technologically competitive. We have a talent team that providers services ranging from specific android design to customization.

Our android app development services are the best in the class that goes along with the architectural standards. We help business to build scalable and sustainable applications across various android platforms.

At Indglobal, our professional android app development team is skilled and follows agile methodology to implement the best practices and to offer enterprise level development for every business. Our android apps cater the business needs of our clients and offer various features to increase your revenue through mobile ready business services.

We offer:

  • Android App and Widget development
  • Android UX & Design
  • Customized Android app development
  • Android Apps Testing and portability
  • Android Consulting and support
  • Android maintenance

Our team offers various Android app development solutions to increase ROI, create unique business value and to achieve a competitive edge. With the in-depth knowledge ion mobile platform and the experience in developing android apps for business, we can trust as your android app development partner.

IndGlobal is a leading Android App Development Company in Electronic City with a history of successfully developing several high performing android apps from ICS to the latest Nougat. We have a team of skilled designers, developers and mobile application strategists who provide quality services. Our team is capable of addressing rapidly changing business needs by building competitive android apps tailored to meet your business objectives.

Design and sell online courses
Make full use other features of Indglobal creating and marketing engineering courses that will be used for live classes as well as personal learning.

Offer online tutoring
Online training software for corporate training or institutional in India empowers users to take their tutoring classes online and venture into new markets without huge investments.

Set up MOOCs with ease
Reach out to a large pool of students from every corner of the world and start earning steady revenue with the help of MOOCs.


Virtual classroom software development company in Bangalore
It includes mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms that will be learning on the go easy, and students will be able to access study materials 24/7 from their smartphones.

Educate the clients
Design a personalized learning portal with the help of E-Learning Development Company in Bangalore for training potential clients about the latest software through live classes and online tutorials.

Prepare the partners
Incredible provides support training external stakeholders like franchise owners, partners, traders, and promoters.


No need of any download
It can be accessed from any internet browser without the need for downloading heavy software air or an additional plug-in like Java or Flash.

Seamless integration
Existing websites, LMS or CMS can be integrated with online classroom features with the help of plugging and developer API.

Ease of access
Candidates will be able to participate in live classes using smart devices running on iOS or Android platforms.


Simplified administration
Manage, monitor, and schedule sessions along with automatic reports from instructors, excellent performance, and content library.

Learner involvement
Enhance user experience with high-quality audio-video and textual communication in real-time, surveys and polls, interactive whiteboards, etc.

Live session recording
Candidates can record live classes and share them with the external audience using social media platforms and emails after the classes are over.

Android Mobile App Development Process

Developing an Android App requires careful planning, extensive research, and a focused team. For an application to be successful, you need to follow several steps in the correct order during the development process.

1. Planning

Before the initial development process, android app development company in Electronic City it is important to determine the target audience, its purpose, and the important functionalities of your application. It is also important to do extensive market research to understand your application competitors and prepare the Terms of Reference (TOR).

2. Design

This stage involves the creation of a mock-up user interface. After initial design approval, a designer starts to work with the mock-up and prepare the final look and feel that the users will be using on their Android Devices.

3. Development

Mobile application development in Electronic City create the Android application based on the approved design provided by the designer.

4. Testing

On completion of the development phase, the application undergoes testing. Quality Assurance engineers test the application thoroughly for any bugs and ensure the application’s proper working on any device.

5. Launch and Maintenance

After the testers are done with their assessment, the application is launched, or in other words, uploaded to the Google Play Store. However, the successful launching of the application does not end the story. Any application requires regular maintenance, technical support, improvement in functionality, and new features in regular updates.

Android App Development Phases

Development is the process of converting vision into reality. Any Android development team works on three primary steps simultaneously: the back-end, API, and the front-end.

Back-end Development

The Back-end development of any Android App is very important for integrating functionalities in an app. Back-end development includes all server-side developments, namely, functioning, user accounts authentication, user account interaction set-up, push notifications, and many more.

API Creation

An Application Programming Interface (API) connects all internal and external interfaces of an Android Application. It is one of the major components in the development of an Android application.

Front-end Development

The front-end is the user interaction side of an Android app. A well-designed front-end makes working with various screen sizes and orientation easy, making the application work the same on different devices.

Languages used for Android Application Development


Java is the major programming language for Android app developers in Electronic City. It is also called the official language for Android as the courses and OS documentation is based on this language. Most developers find it convenient to use Java as their choice of development language.

Besides the advantages, the disadvantages of using Java is that it takes a lot of experience and time to develop a working quality app on Java. Designed and used for 25 years, Java has never been a simple language. Although tough, you cannot proceed with other programming languages without the knowledge of Java. Java application developed for Android manifest XML files used along with the codes with classes.


Developed in 2011, Kotlin is one of the youngest languages in the Android ecosystem. Its public release took place in 2016 and has gained high popularity in very little time. Google ranked Kotlin second in the list of official Android development language. Kotlin allows you to create fully-functional native Android apps and does not cause any problems while programming as it uses the IntelliJ IDEA native environment. Additionally, Kotlin is extremely compatible with Java and increase performance without increasing file sizes.


Developed by Microsoft in 2000, C# is an object-oriented application-level language. Initially created for their .NET Framework, it was perfectly suited for Android mobile application development. C# includes numerous Java features without having to face its disadvantages.


Google offers two environments for development – SDK for Java code and NDK for native codes in C and C++. Although it is impossible to develop a functional application using these two, one can use them to write a library that can be later integrated into the application foundation using Java.


Although Python is not used for the entire development cycle of Android app development, it is used for plenty of operations. There are many available tools to convert Python codes into a usable state for Android app development. Python possesses a variety of libraries that support creating optimized interfaces at a juncture with Material Design recommendations.

Why do you need an E-Commerce and embedded LMS?

LMS platforms with inbuilt E-Commerce functionalities provide users to perform all transactions like registrations, data sharing, and online payment via single sign-on (SSO). Web-Based Virtual Classroom System Development in Bangalore eliminates the need for switching between multiple platforms and offers a smooth browsing experience that also helps in improving user experience and boosting sales numbers.

Building sellable courses with Indglobal LMS e-commerce

An integrated payment portal, along with course management software increases, enhances the possibilities of revenue earning from online courses without much difficulty. Custom Virtual Classroom Software in Bangalore that is offered with integrated e-commerce functionalities allows users to market online courses.
  • Easy setup
  • Inbuilt features
  • PCI compatibility
  • Online transaction management
  • Simple navigation
  • Single sign-on
  • Secured transaction
  • Scalability

Why choose IndGlobal?

At IndGlobal, our expert android app developers in Electronic City ensure an innovative and exceptional quality of the application that will drive your business towards success. Our experts look into the best trends, and designers help create the best UI/UX for enhanced customer experience. We take pride in our punctuality and deliveries. Our applications have excellent performance and efficient functionalities incorporated at best affordable rates.

Why choose IndGlobal?



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