Everything about iOS application development; Hacks and Benefits

Everything about iOS application development; Hacks and Benefits

The popularity of the iPhone is getting increased day by day. Consequently, any business owner does not want to miss the chance to develop an iOS application to get more customers. If you are already in the tech world for a couple of years, you must have an idea about the native application. Cross-platform application is always a good option for quick tech solutions. However, it might fail to deliver native performance. It is the fundamental reason why the iOS app development company in Jigani and Bommansandra has made an excellent choice to nurture their talent.

The world has embraced iOS applications so well; nowadays, it is nearly impossible to think of a world without an iPhone. iPhone has almost everything a modern tech-savvy person does think of. There are many iOS app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra however, it is really challenging to choose the right one.

The application development process is one of the crucial stages of your business. Moreover, an application can make or break your business. Therefore, it is imperative to build a high-performing application with agile connectivity. Consulting the best iOS app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra can ease any businessman’s entire journey.

Before you opt for the iOS app development company Jigani and Bimmasandra, take a look at the best technologies used in the development process:

Technology stack for iOS app development

If you are looking for a native application for iOS, you must consider the mobile application technology stack:

Programming language: Objective-C and Swift

For building an iOS application, developers either choose Objective-C or Swift. Objective-C is a superior programming language written on C programming. It provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic functional environment.

However, when performance and development hour is concerned, it is better to choose Swift. It is more functional and receptive. It provides less error-prone code because of its inline support to manipulate text string and data. It contains dynamic libraries that are directly uploaded to memory. It cuts down the initial size; thus, increase app performance.

The library can be integrated and installed very efficiently and swiftly. As the name suggests, Swift is a better functional and swifter programming language.

Programming language: Objective-C and Swift
Toolkit: Apple XCode

Toolkit: Apple XCode

If the developer chooses Swift for iOS application, they will use Apple Xcode to develop the native application. It is an all-in-one development environment for mobile as well as a desktop application. Xcode has integrated support for Git repositories; on the other hand, it has a graphical editor to build user interfaces, debugging tools, integrated documentation, and instrumentation.


The iOS SDK involves an API (Application Programming Interface), which links software applications and the particular platform they run. There are numerous processes to build APIs. It can be included with helpful programming libraries and other relevant tools. The iPhone SDK provides tools for Apple’s touchscreen interface. It also sends tools for its proprietary iOS operating system.

This operating system is workable in Apple’s iPhones and other mobile devices of Apple like iPad.


Follow this iOS app development tricks

Track Build Time in Xcode

You should consider knowing the exact build-time of your project. This is crucial for your time management process. Use Xcode to keep track of the exact building time.

Improve Swift Project Build time

The Xcode 9.2 version mentioned an experimental feature. It can improve development time drastically. With a swifter development process, you can concentrate on other technicalities of the app development.

As I mentioned, it is an experimental feature, it denotes it can increase memory use during development.

With Xcode, use Simulator in full-screen mode

Xcode 9 can run both:

  • Xcode
  • iOS simulator

If the developers want to use more secret features in Simulator as per the project’s requirement, they can enable Apple to the hidden internal menu. With the name ‘AppleInternal’, you can create an empty folder in the directory root. You can run this command below and restart the Simulator.

Capture iOS Simulator video

With xcrun command-line, you can take screenshots or record the full video of the Simulator. Press ctrl+C to stop recording. If you are continuing from the previous method, the default location would be a directory.

Share files from Finder to Simulator

The simulator has a Finder extension from the latest version, Xcode9. It allows us to share files from Finder’s window directly. Professional developers go for drag and drop processes for faster development.

Use your fingerprint to sudo

If you want to use the fingerprint as sudo password on Macbook Pro, you can edit the structure as follows:

Here you can add the following lines:

auth sufficient pam_tid.so

Debug AutoLayout constraints

It is a great way to debug the AutoLayout constraints. Pass UIConstraint Based Layout Play Sould On Unsatisfiable argument on launching, and it plays sounds when the constraints are screwed.

Remove unavailable simulators

Here unavailable refers to xcode-select’s version of Xcode. Place the following command to remove all unavailable simulators:

Xcrun simctl delete unavailable.

Git Blame

If you are working with a team, it is too troublesome to remove the horrible bugs. You can place the cursor on the offending line, open the contextual menu and finally click on Show Last Change For Line.

Benefits of iOS App Development

Better Revenue

It is proven that iPhone apps have a more significant ROI than any android application. However, to get better revenue, keep an eye on the details. Moreover, you must follow the tricks of iOS application development.

Over 2 million apps are available on the App store. The strict guideline that Apple set for various brands is looking to make an appearance in the app store.

Better Revenue
Data Security

Data Security

Based on security, if you compare it with Android, iPhone apps provide strong security and protect firmware and software. It is measured at:

  • Data handling systems are integrated through toolkits.
  • The software takes measures to prevent data duplication. it takes
  • Potential measures against loss of security for data encryption.

It is nearly impossible to hack and steal potential data from an iOS application.

High-quality standards

All your efforts may fell into the vein if the application fails to meet the high standard of the Apple play store. Thereby, when users get the final product, it remains flawless with a stellar performance.

Since Android apps are slower than any iOS apps, businesses are compelled to outsource android projects to deliver substandard products. It is the reason Apple store personally vets every application before launching it to the market.

High-quality standards
Meet all business essentials

Meet all business essentials

Brands of all sizes and scales have understood the advantages of a native application. A customer wants responsive applications that are smooth in performance. There is no doubt that an iOS application meets all the requirements of clients and customers. Except for the fact that iOS applications are more expensive, it is a lucrative business solution to get more customers.

Low fragmentation and ease of testing

If we compare the number of devices available on both platforms, the number is higher for the android platform. Therefore, the testing time takes double the iOS testing time. iPhone applications have to meet the testing criteria of the prevalent iOS version. It reduces time and guarantees a quick testing process.

The market for iOS is consolidated. About 89.8% of users have the latest version. Therefore, iOS applications offer low fragmentation, and these apps are more scalable.

Low fragmentation and ease of testing
Less development time

Less development time

Application development takes considerable time as it involves designing, developing, testing, and finally launching. iOS applications take nearly 28% less time than any android applications. It is because android applications have to be tested for more than 20 devices to verify screen size, resolutions. Naturally, the cycle takes longer than iOS.
iOS application guarantees profitability, visibility, and customer loyalty. With low production cost and cost-effecting maintenance, iOS application is an excellent choice to get more revenue. It is exceptionally beneficial for your business.

All iOS app development companies cannot offer the same service. Of course, it is a matter of quality. Indglobal is one of such organizations that offer exceptional quality for iOS app development.




With expert iOS developers, Indglobal assures high-quality applications with smooth performance.

Our developers choose to work with Swift for a more scalable result. With Swift, we build robust mobile and web applications to support your business and meet all business requirements.

For better performance, our dedicated developers work full-fledged to meet the deadline. It usually takes four months to buil

The development cost may vary if clients want to integrate more functions. Cost depends on the complexity and enterprise-level preference.

At Indglobal, we believe in providing a full-cycle solution. Starting from conceptualization to post-development support, we support your business through thick and thin. Moreover, we ensure to keep the application updated.

Bottom line

These hacks are proven to give exceptional outcomes. Moreover, it can transform the fundamentals of iOS development at large. With the right technology and maintenance, your business can experience a surge. Choose a skilled iOS app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra and take your business to the next level.


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