What Kind Of Software Development Process Would Suit Your Business? Let's Find Out

Several billion euros of budgets spent several million developers globally, ever more innovative technologies increased expectations of users and customers with less time and fewer budgets.

Software development refers to the entire process consisting of building any reliable and efficient computer applications and goes from the study of the customer’s need for the design and implementation to the maintenance of the application. Thanks to a specific computer language, or thanks to several languages and developers mastering these languages, these various stages are possible.

The different steps

To designate the different stages in software development, from its conception to its end of life, we speak of the “software life cycle.” If you choose the best Software Development Company in Jigani & Bommasandra, then indeed, you will have all the necessary options for the best results now.

This lifecycle is a set of software development phases, in particular:

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Choice of architecture and technologies
  • Development related to data storage and manipulation
  • Development of specific business code and associated services
  • User interfaces
  • Integration of developments
  • Interoperability with an existing
  • Securing the code
  • Tests (unitary, integration, ramp-ups)
  • Correction of detected faults


There is a multitude of answers to each of these aspects: business modelling, application architecture, coding of each layer (and choice of the number of layers for an optimal division), X or Y implementation technology, automation, but also agile methodologies and DevOps approaches, team management. Choosing the right combination of responses for a project is a real challenge and will influence its chances of success.

Current trends

Internalization of the whole company has forced companies to quickly adapt to the latest technologies (including social media) and to open their systems to the outside, growing from a few hundred to several million users of their application.

In addition to the importance of user interfaces, the arrival of touch screens in the professional world, and mobile devices’ rise are giving more and more priority to digitization.

Server virtualization paves the way for their outsourcing and the cloud. This is the beginning of the transfer of specific applications to large data centres, which, although complicated, also makes it possible to absorb short traffic peaks without having to review its entire infrastructure.

Finally, there is a strong emergence of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence requires computing power that could, in the not-so-distant future, be limited by our current IT architectures. Quantum computing, whose supremacy seems finally proven, would it be the new stage? These cases go for the top software development companies in Jigani & Bommasandra and have the best results there.

Software development today

Software is everywhere, its size and complexity are increasing exponentially, quality requirements are more and more drastic, and the software crisis that appeared in the 70s is still not resolved even if significant progress has been made. Achieved in many areas. The most successful companies sometimes get away with merely huge human investments.

And yet, there are keys to increasing the chances of successful software development.
There is no wealth but men after the philosopher Jean Bodin. No project, whatever it is, can succeed without the leadership of at least one or two key men.

Two roles are particularly critical to a development project’s success: the project manager and the architect.

The first must have real skills in project management and the human qualities to lead technical teams. However, he will need a minimum of the technical respondent to be credible in the units’ eyes. His role is distinct from that of the architect, but must rely on the latter to carry out arbitrations and forge his opinion on developers’ quality and commitment.

The second is arguably the most challenging profile to find. Because the architect must be able to design the technical solution as a whole, choose the technologies or products to implement, and lay down the development rules. Given the continuous and rapid evolution of technologies, it is a real challenge to find the optimal mix allowing optimizing the project equation.

The methods

Even as projects become more complex, as the pace of renewal and evolution of web applications accelerates, as the race against the competition is a constant battle, the company must take advantage of all methods to gain quality and productivity. Any proficient software development company in Jigani & Bommasandra will follow this process.

The fundamental methodological element is the cooperation with the functional team. This is why the DevOps approach is becoming essential, like the agility, which has gradually been installed and has today become undisputed.

Today’s tools are not yet capable of directly translating a functional need or an update of this need at the implementation level.

The tools

The tools to carry out development are of several kinds: development tool, design tool, tests, code analysis, life cycle management, components, frameworks, code libraries, and repository or software factory.

There are many benefits linked to the industrialization of developments and associated processes (industrialization of procedures and generation of part of the code). We are thinking of reducing deployment times and, therefore, the costs of development projects. The challenge is also to reduce human intervention on repetitive tasks, limit the risk of
errors, and, above all, allow developers to focus on tasks with higher added value.

Software development includes multiple stages from creation, the establishment of specifications, through implementation to continuous improvement. Several languages need to be mastered and their evolution and the optimization of resources and the improvement of quality. Knowing how to surround you with the right people is more important than ever.

Tailor-made business software is a software specially designed to respond to the issues that arise in a given organization (Company, association, etc.). These organizations then draw up specifications covering all of the problems and needs of society.

In general, companies have their tailor-made software developed by an agency when the software packages (software purchased on the market) no longer meet specific needs.

The advantages of developing tailor-made software

Evolutionary maintenance: Support throughout the company's growth

In short, business software adapts to your business, unlike software packages.

The realization process

  • Analysis of your needs and internal problems in your company.
  • Drafting of the technical specifications of your tailor-made software, estimation of production times, and development costs.
  • Development of your software according to the specificities defined above.
  • Training your users in the software and monitoring your needs.
  • The tailor-made software can be adapted according to the evolution of your needs thanks to the evolutionary maintenance.

Cost reduction:

Business software allows you to optimize and automate processes to increase productivity and therefore reduce costs. Recurring tasks can be simplified with the tailor-made software.

Entering data, for example, is a repetitive task in a business. Human errors are quite common and can slow down business productivity. Customized software can allow you to considerably reduce the number of mistakes because the data entry process will have been simplified or even automated.

Increase revenues:

The development of business software can, for example, help you manage your website and physical stores like the software we have produced for the company All nutrition. Thanks to this, you can manage various data from your company and optimize your management to increase your income (inventory management, supply, production, etc.).

Tailored to the needs of your business:

Unlike mass software (Microsoft office, etc.), tailor-made software includes the functionality you need. Also, your constraints and the specificities of your profession are integrated into it. Among the software development companies in Jigani & Bommasandra, this one is the best.

In short, business software adapts to your business, unlike software packages.

The realization process

  • Analysis of your needs and internal problems in your company.
  • Drafting of the technical specifications of your tailor-made software, estimation of production times, and development costs.
  • Development of your software according to the specificities defined above.
  • Training your users in the software and monitoring your needs.
  • The tailor-made software can be adapted according to the evolution of your needs thanks to the evolutionary maintenance.

The possibilities available to you

You can use a web agency or an SSI in two cases

The takeover of your existing software and adaptation of it:

Some companies already have the software, but for various reasons, they want to change external service providers. However, the latter will have to audit the software to understand the feasibility of the

Development of tailor-made business software:

The development of tailor-made software allows a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Also, some companies have difficulty finding market software suited to their industry. The functionalities present in this “generic” software do not necessarily correspond to the company’s needs, which is why they are turning more and more towards the realization of their business software. For the business, the companies of software development in Jigani & Bommasandra would be the right choice.

Define your needs

To define your needs, we advise you to draw up specifications specifying all of the company’s issues and the objectives your business software development must meet. Of course, web agencies can assist you in drafting your specifications. For this, brainstorming meetings will be organized so that you can define your issues.

The advantage of tailor-made software is that it is scalable, even if your long-term needs are not fully defined. You will be able to develop your tool by adding new features to it, which you may not have thought of from the start.



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