How to Design and Develop your business website: A Complete Guide

How to Design and Develop your business website: A Complete Guide

Do not miss the chance to take your business to the global audience. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? I am sure, yes! Once you are in the business, you will definitely wish to expand your existing business goal. Best web designing company in Electronic city can guide you through to reach your goal.

Even if you are running a small business, a website can expose your business to excellent possibilities. Designing and coding is not an easy matter to accomplish. It is better for you to plan your business strategy and give the responsibility to Web development Company in Electronic city. However, as a business owner, you must be aware of the key functions and features of the website. You must be upgraded with the latest technology trend before you put your feet down.

Websites can bring a drastic change in your business but it’s important to notice whether the change is positive or negative. It depends on how serious you are about your website. If website is not well designed then the change is obviously negative. Website is needed, but a good website is much needed. And if your website is left unchanged even after it’s content is outdated and design – old fashioned, even then you can be sure about a negative impact on your business growth. Same old news never attracts more people. It’s high time that you redesign or upgrade your website allow to the need.

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As a best website design company in electronic city we have employees with experience and expertise in the development of different sorts of websites. Encompassing more than 80 developers skilled in PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento, we excel in our ability to develop awesome websites tailored to meet all your expectations from your website. A combination of Unique design plus professional development, and the outcome is a bespoke website. On the whole, we are the best web solution providers for your precious website project. We are tried, tested and approved as best web development company by many successful business experts. We are indeed India’s highest award winning and leading provider of Premium Web solutions.

This article will help you to understand the tactics of web development and how to go about it.

First Step: Determine your goal and purpose

First Step: Determine your goal and purpose

When you are planning a business website, you must step in the customer’s shoes and understand their needs. The primary purpose of the website is to give your brand an authentication.

Moreover, when you are hosting a global platform, you will definitely acquire more customers.
The website can either be customer-centric or business-centric. In both cases, a simple website can also generate good brand value. Thus, instead of making your website too much complex with loaded features and functions, you must focus on the performance of your site.

In this stage, decide what features you can incorporate for your customers. Whatever goals you have for the upcoming days, you must be determined to make an agile and smooth website.

Step two: Decide the Domain Name

Step two: Decide the Domain Name

The domain plays a significant role. A domain is referred to as the URL structure you share with your customer. If you make the URL descriptive easy to remember and type, the customer tends to find you more frequently. Try to keep it simple to avoid customer’s confusion.

TDL or the top-level domain is also a crucial factor. It is the suffix at the end of the domain name. Deciding your domain name is not enough, because you also have to ensure the availability and purchase accordingly.

Step three: Decide suitable hosting platform

Step three: Decide suitable hosting platform

In terms of hosting platform, if your budget is low, you can go for a shared web host. It means you will share a server with other websites. A dedicated hosting platform will significantly cost more. A private server provides you with more speed and agile connectivity. While working with a shared hosting platform, you might find the need to upgrade to a different hosting platform. Or work with multiple providers. In that case, it is easy for you to handle traffic and operations.

Step four: Page building

Step four: Page building

A business website comprises of several pages. Each page is designed and developed for a different purpose. While building your business website, you need to make sure that all features should serve the primary purpose of your business.

The contact page is the most significant page of your entire website; it is the only medium for the customers to contact you. While designing, the contact information should be visible enough to reach you. The ‘About Us’ page should be your special priority. The designing of the page has to be enticing enough to attract the customer’s attention. The development phase is the most crucial stage of your business’s holistic development. Make sure you have successfully pointed out the following features:

  • Starting from your landing page to cart page, every page should perform seamlessly and be always clear about the business ideals. A few well-organized pages are better than a dozen poorly developed ones.
  • Place identical buttons at right places. Suppose, the ‘Buy Now’ button is applicable at product pages than about us page. Call to action buttons plays the best role to drive organic sales. Similarly, a page listing customer reviews may have a button to take the reader to the available plans and pricing.
  • You have to integrate automated speed improvement tools. CMS (Content Management System) has a varied range of plugins. Use the right plugin to compress the large files and allow the visitors to fetch your site easily.
  • Never do the mistake to attach stock photos. It can turn your site upside down. It is ideal to use an actual picture of your team or office.

Step five: Set up an easy payment system

Step five: Set up an easy payment system

Online payment options play a vital role to generate more sales. Many customers are comfortable at online payment options than COD. While integrating shopping cart make sure to incorporate as much option as you can. It should be flexible for the customer to avail their choice of payment gateways. Try to keep the cart page as simple as possible.

Before finishing your cart page, do some research about the contemporary business website and how they are implementing trending strategy. In terms of payment, always try to follow the trends. When a specific payment wallet gets popular people to tend to use them more, make sure the cart is not complex, and the customer can easily operate it.

Step six: Testing and Deployment

Step six: Testing and Deployment

Before a website gets launched, it goes through a number of testing. Testing s required to remove code bugs. It is also to ensure the smooth functioning of your web page and check all the functionality. Another significant point is to incorporate the analytic program. Development is not enough for your website. Management is also an integral part of any business. Through predictive analysis, you can include a number of plans and goals for the future. Testing helps out to find all sorts of issues a website might have in order to perform fluently.

With testing, you can monitor page performance and locate where you are lagging behind. It will take some time to finish the entire testing program; however, this effort can save you for future complaints in terms of functioning of certain features.

Step seven: Marketing

Step seven: Marketing

Once you are done with development, it’s time for you to shit your attention to marketing. Without a proper promotional strategy, nobody would be able to find you. With social media, you can initiate your marketing programs. Digital marketing agencies are empowered with a top-notch strategy to promote your website strategically.

While deployment, put considerable focus on Search Engine Optimization. An SEO strategy can make or break your website. Defining title tags, meta descriptions and URLs there are relevant aspects for a different organization. Use those aspects wisely. Marketing strategy needs to be updated with the changing face of the market. It needs persistent effort and dedication. Regardless of your industry type, a website needs through monitoring. It is also a good way to boost your website. With time, you need to update your website monthly.

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In terms of website development, there are typically two processes either from an open-source platform or from scratch. The former is more convenient as it takes less time and money. Web designing company in Electronic City suggests you the right development process as per your business structure and budget. Most of the start-up businesses choose open source platform to develop the website.

Which Web designing company in Electronic City is best for your business?

A good web designing company not only listens to your ideas but also incorporate their special inputs into your business. They have more knowledge about the competitive market than you. Moreover, they know which technology can suit your business. They are already working with a lot of marketers, so they understand the need of the audience.

Website development is not only about designing and development phase. It is also about marketing the brand. A promotional strategy is also a crucial part of your business. Thus, if the web development company can provide you with marketing services, you are good to go. Before you decide to choose a particular web designing company, make sure they provide you with the following matters:

  • Giving importance to your ideas.
  • Bringing up new ideas.
  • Have an experienced marketing team.
  • Power to control CMS (Content Management System).
  • Can Create a responsive web design.
  • Have an attractive portfolio.
  • Have a proven Track Record.
  • Have experience in multiple industries.
  • Both national and local experience.
  • Keep us with the latest designing trend.
  • A documented process for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A certified and credible brand can pace your business growth. With all technical amenities and modern visualization, Indglobal provides the best web development service in the Electronic city.

The website development time depends on the complexity of a site. We never miss a deadline. If you have urgency, we assure you to meet it.

Yes. We modify your existing website and give it a completely new look.

We provide end-to-end solutions for all business types. We focus on providing excellent performance and robust websites with specific user-based UX design and high-end tech support.

We have already worked with a wide range of industries. It includes real estate, healthcare, travel, eCommerce, E-learning, food delivery and so on.


Once your design is ready, the company moves on to the development process. In terms of the performance of your website, designing plays a crucial role. The graphic and UX design responsible for your website speed and user experience. If the design has any loopholes, development cannot be accomplished smoothly.

No matter how advanced your technology is, without proper designing, it cannot provide seamless performance. Once you find the right web design company, your entire journey becomes easier, and you can focus on your work. A website is the foundation of your business, keeping in mind one should go for the best services. Compromising with quality over budget may affect you in the long run.



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