There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Alexa, Siri or probably the very own Google assistant. All of them are voice assistants and have known to make lives easy for several where the effort to perform actions physically has been reduced and people can receive results with just a voice command.

That day isn’t far when voice command would take over a major aspect of out lives and that is where technology is preparing itself for the days to come. One of the sectors that is gearing up to welcome voice search as a part of their team is SEO.

While analyst are known to foresee a lot of things when voice search collaborates with SEO, here is how things can be faced.

Mobile optimisation
A responsive website design or optimizing the website for being mobile friendly is what you should focus on. Since smart phones stay along with a person for the longest time in a day, it is required for websites to be made in a way that is accessible with the help of a mobile phone. It is also important to be updated with your geographical location as people putting in voice searches for utilities near them specifying their location should be able to trace you and find you name to be a part of their relevant search list.

An easy content
You may notice that the things that we type and the things that we say have a different tone and often the voice searches are easy and conversational. Therefore, there is the need for you to create content that is conversational in nature and nothing that has a bookish or formal tone to it. It is eventually the audience that you intend to attract and that is why you need to ensure that they are able to come to your website through the voice searches that they make.

Putting in long tailed keywords
This is something that should be opted for before everything else especially when long tail keywords are synonymous to what we speak and look out for when browsing the Internet. When you link long tail keywords to your website, you get to be relevant in the voice searches made and that is how you get to be in the forefront amongst your competitors. Details relating to your products or services while making it short and descriptive is what people would search for.

Paying attention to image optimisation
There are websites that rank on the search engines due to the attractive images that go along with the content. This also means that the alt tags and descriptions are attractive. With voice search coming to the forefront, there is the need to improve the alt tags as well where there is more precision required along with the involvement of keywords that describe your business well and that people can come to your website with the help of the voice search.

While an organisation follows all of this and implements them well with their website, there is likely to be better rankings as well as appearance to the public eye that increases sales in no time.

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