Best technologies for Android Application Development and Its Benefits

The proliferation of app development and design brought millions of applications to feel the time and avail of excellent services. Mobile applications are incredible tools to take advantage of the high-tech world at your fingertips. Every application type has different requirements and technologies to build on. Among all the mobile platforms, Android is the most common platform used worldwide.

2.3 billion Users are there, and with the proper guidance of an android app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra, businesses can quickly reach a mass audience. It is estimated that app download is expected to increase up to 352.9 billion by the end of 2021. The majority of android app Development Company in Jigani and Bommasandra come up with applications that become very popular among the users.

If you are looking for a seamless and user-friendly application, android is the most suitable platform. However, as a great mobile platform, Android undergoes many challenges in contrast to iOS app development.

If you are wondering, is it worthy enough to invest in Android application development! This blog will guide you to understand the market base and why you should not miss the chance to go for an Android application.

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Why should you develop an Android application?

There are two fundamentals of development either from scratch or from an open-source framework. Native application development demands more capital and time. If you have the needed capital, it is advisable to go for a native application for better performance. An open-source software solution is a handy way to get your job done. However, it might be less satisfied in terms of performance and speed.

Whatever your development method is, the Android application is not a luxurious choice; rather, it is a need. Take a glance at the benefits and then decide your choice:


Android applications can be integrated easily with a variety of network channels. You can meet all the advanced requirements that too within your targeted market. As I have already mentioned, you can choose your budget plan as per your preference, without compromising with functionality.

Vast Audience

Most of the mobile users around the world use Android devices. Moreover, with the introduction of great technical amenities, people can avail of anything under the sky. An android application comes in handy for the users to operate and get the advantages of the services.


Before launching the final product, an application goes through a series of testing. In this process, developers not only remove the bugs but also check the performance in different devices.

Higher RoI

As an open-source platform, Android’s SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for developers. Furthermore, it is a cost-effecting solution. The entire development cycle, from designing to deployment, is not much pricey.

Developers can implement the material design with an outcome of the engaging and interactive application. In a nutshell, customized android applications offer higher RoI as compare to Apple.

Enhanced Security and Easy Marketing

With Google’s investment in business-friendly features, it is now difficult for malware to fetch data structure. With an automated system and periodic notification, developers can update the application with the latest version to avoid security issues.

You can readily market your android application for its platform’s prevalence. Android OS offers both high-end security and promotional advantages.

Virtual Perspective with inventive approach

The most significant advantage of the Android platform is its global presence. With the help of cutting-edge tools and technological advancements, developers can use cutting-edge tools. You can integrate modern technologies like VR and AR within your budget plans. Therefore, Android has a broad scope for innovation, and it welcomes new business opportunities.

Installation of Custom ROMs

It is flexible and easy to change the app’s appearance and performance. Android development tools also offer custom ROM. As per your business model, you can customize the application. The best part is most of these ROM are entirely free as it is built as a pastime activity. It can change your application radically.

Engrossing promotions using analytics

With success analytics for separate business domain, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can be integrated to promote your brand. With right technology shield, android applications can be customized.

Seamless and streamlined projection

Android application can provide seamless performance. With power-packed technology support developers strive to present high-end application. Streamlining application development frees the IT team for more tasks and projects. It helps the developers to assemble the format of the projects. Without much hustle developers create unique solutions.

Consult the best Mobile app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra to avail of the benefits and take your business to the next level.

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Consult the best Android app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra to avail of the benefits and take your business to the next level.

As a business owner, before you opt for an Android app development company in Jigani and Bommasandra, it is best to know the technologies of robust application development.

Let’s get started!

Top-rated Android app development technologies

Programming Language



It is an object-oriented programming language and an official Android development language. It is easy to handle. With vast open-source libraries, developers can integrate as their preference and requirement.

Moreover, Java offers the best documentation and community support. With Java as a programming language, developers can create a robust mobile application. If you choose Java, Frameworks like TestNG, Log4J are a great choice.

Applications like SeeWeather, VLC media player, Telegram, etc. are developed in Java.



Python is considered to be the most superior programming language. It is easy to use and efficient to deploy. Python helps the developers to bring scalable applications.

Popular applications like Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are built-in Python. This language also provides excellent library support. As being a booming technology, developers are working each moment to explore new areas of Python. With extensive community support, this language possesses tight integration and offers enhanced control capabilities.



It is a static programming language used for modern application development. Moreover, it is believed to provide much superior performance than Java. This programming language has influenced other programming languages, for example, Scala, Groovy, Gosu, and Java.
Pinterest, Evernote, Trello, Coursera, etc. are developed in Kotlin.

R Programming

R Programming

It is a platform-independent language. It is one of the best languages for Machine learning and Data Analysis. With excellent built-in libraries and frameworks, R provides the developers to integrate powerful machine learning algorithms.
This language is also great for graphics and general statistical computing.


React Native

It is an open-source framework from Facebook. This technology offers cross-platform support with native performance. With ReactJS and JavaScript, developers build a cross-platform application with superior functions.

Airbnb, Myntra, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, etc. are developed in ReactNative.


This cross-platform framework has the coding advantages of C#. With a single code base method; it can run on cross-platforms. It also offers excellent benefits for code sharing. In addition, it offers native performance. With a time and cost effecting solution, Xamarin is great for mobile app development.

Open Source platforms


Apache Cordova or PhoneGap is open-source software with CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. It creates native applications for multiple platforms. This framework allows combine of native and hybrid code snippets resulting in a high-performance application.


This open-source framework is best for hardware-based applications. This platform uses JavaScript, HTML, and PHP to create native applications for both Android and iOS.

Nowadays, businesses are strategizing and optimizing around the mobile experience. They are focusing on building an application that meets the requirements of the customers. A mobile application provides an insight into the needed information by the uses. With accommodation of slower data speed, it offers an inspiring and unparalleled user-experience.

Before you consult your choice of android app development company, check the ‘to-do’ lists and make sure to get all:

  • Integrate viral mechanisms to enhance the core functionality of the application. Thus, virality should be the DNA of your application. It leads to a more captivating outcome than usual.
  • Before finalizing the application draft, make sure it fulfills the demands of the targeted customer. Moreover, it should be focused as a problem solver. Find out potential points and roadblocks of the customer journey and focus on resolving the issues. It also offers a deep insight into the problems of your applications.
  • Everyone goes for an application that comes up free. It offers a wide range of customers to test your application. In contrast, this idea may not offer great success. However, in the long run, your business can be benefitted from the vast customer base.
  • Never miss attaching a feedback channel to understand the customer’s choices. Moreover, it gets you room for development. On the other hand, positive testimonials convince a new customer to install your application.
  • Even though the internet is ubiquitous for today’s tech-savvy generation, if customers can avail of your application without an active internet connection, it gets you more positive points and engages more customers to your business.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is no doubt that Indglobal provides the latest technology support for their clients to build a robust mobile application.

Development time entirely depends on the complexity of the project. Generally, a fully functional native application takes around four months of development time.

The cost also depends on the functions and features of the application. Android application development comes up with a variety of packages. As per the business model, we suggest the client’s most suitable budget plans.

We offer both open-source software solutions and full-stack development. And of course, we guide our customers to take the best software for seamless application.

Of course! We offer full-cycle application development. We aim to support our client’s business requirements and maintain the application in the best possible way after deployment with our dedicated developers.


Application development is not rocket science. Get a good Android application development company in Jigani and Bommasandra to build an application that meets the requirements of your customer. No matter what technology you use, customer satisfaction and user experience should be your prime choice. All business wants to perform high-end service that enhances the brand value and engage more customers. With an insightful practice and nine years of experience in the technical world, Indglobal can give your business wings.


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