Launching an online business store on Magento or migrating from your existing content management system?

Whatever the reason is, we understand the decision.  

The Magento platform by Adobe is the most renowned solution for creating a web business store. It is best for medium and large-sized business firms, allowing for third-party integrations, endless customizations, and website design optimizations. It is easy to take any path to grow your business online.

As Magento provides an open-source edition, you can get its codebase and apply new changes. And, while searching for the best option for the future e-commerce website, the store owners come to a crossroads. 

Which Magento edition to choose?   

Magento has three editions: 

  • Magento Open Source– known as Magento Community Edition (CE)
  • Adobe Commerce- Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) or Magento Commerce
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud– Magento Commerce Cloud  

Magento Community vs. Enterprise vs. Cloud Edition

Comparing Magento EditionsCommunity, Enterprise, And Cloud

Before comparing the Magento Community, Enterprise, and Cloud edition overview, our developers from the leading Magento website development company in Bangalore define these solutions thoroughly.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community is a free and open-source edition compared to the other two. It means anyone can use it to create an online e-commerce store. 

So, while questioning business owners about Magento, you will get the same answer- it is a free and open-source platform. 

Therefore, Magento Community Edition is the essential identity of the Magento e-commerce platform. There are also no high license fees even when you set up a Magento 2 Community website. 

Community edition is the choice for businesses with low budgets and are worried about the site development cost. In this version, you only pay a certain amount to the Magento development company you hire. 

Magento Enterprise Edition 

The Magento enterprise edition is where you get the real benefit of Magento. But you have to pay an amount. Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) offers the best functionalities and features compared to the Community edition. So, it is suitable for large business firms with high customization, security, and performance.

For Magento Enterprise Edition, you need to buy web hosting, a domain name, an SSL certificate, and many more. 

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition 

The Magento Commerce Cloud edition includes the Magento Enterprise suite and cloud hosting. Magento Commerce provides enhanced security, scalability, and support. It offers growth opportunities and fewer headaches to scale the company up and down.

Cloud hosting lets you pay for the used resources to allocate space on the server if your Magento store expands. It makes the Magento commerce cloud edition an ideal option for small businesses with plans to enter international markets and recognized as a renowned store with a high online presence.

Magento Community vs. Enterprise Edition: Know The Differences

Magento Community vs. Enterprise Edition 

The main differences between Magento Community vs. Enterprise are functionalities and cost. So, let us learn about each of these versions one at a time.

Here are the top features online business owners seek when purchasing the Magento Enterprise version that is not a part of the Community edition. 

B2B Feature

Wholesale customers can create a list of collaborating companies to manage their available accounts and user databases for B2B workflows.

Content Staging and Preview

Content changes are visible and can be scheduled for specific times using widgets and themes selected on the calendar. 

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising organizes products on catalog pages to unite them and show them to the defined customer group.


The Magento Community Edition requires no technical support from the creator. You can get Magento Community support on forums, documentation, and company blogs to offer Magento development services at reasonable prices. Third-party web development firms and Magento partners provide the maintenance and support services. While the Magento development company offers technical support to the Magento Enterprise edition. 

Configurable Order Tracking Widget

The configurable order tracking widget gives your users transparency regarding product order tracking. They can check their order status in real-time to build communication and trust.

Magento Community vs. Commerce Edition: An Analysis 

Magento Community vs. Commerce EditionAn Analysis

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that offers two primary editions: 

Magento Community and Magento Commerce.

Choosing between Magento Community vs. Enterprise editions is tough. Each caters to different business goals, requirements, and goals. Here, we will see the differences and features that set Magento Community apart from Magento Commerce. 


Magento Community 

The Magento community can handle moderate traffic on the site and product listings, but it may face scalability issues when dealing with a high amount of data or traffic. Therefore, It is perfect for startups or SMBs.

Magento Commerce 

It is the best choice for scalability as it can manage large product catalogs, customer databases, and user data loads. The enterprises with ambitious growth plans select Magento Commerce.


Magento Community 

Magento Community is a feature-rich e-commerce platform but lacks the advanced customer segmentation found in Magento Commerce. 

Magento Commerce 

Magento Commerce comes with advanced marketing tools, targeted promotions, and instant purchases to provide a superior shopping experience and drive conversions.


Magento Community 

It is an open-source platform, free to download and use. It makes it a choice for small to medium-sized businesses with small budgets.

Magento Commerce 

Magento Commerce is a premium and paid edition. It includes additional costs and licensing fees based on factors like sales volume, making it perfect for large business enterprises


Magento Community 

The active community of users and web developers provides primary support. No official Magento support is there to let businesses rely on community-driven resources.

Magento Commerce 

Magento Commerce edition customers get to benefit from customer support with the given response times. This support is essential for enterprises with -critical e-commerce business operations.


Magento Community 

The Magento Community version optimizes the performance using server configurations and caching processes. However, it may not match the performance enhancements found in Magento Commerce.

Magento Commerce 

Commerce optimizes performance like full-page caching and improved indexing for fast page loading times and a smooth user experience, essential for high-traffic websites.


Both Magento Community and Cloud editions receive safety updates, but the Magento Commerce version gets priority updates to ensure better security against arising hazards. It is crucial to protect sensitive consumer data.

The selection between Magento Community and Commerce editions relies on factors including- 

  • Budget
  • Business size
  • Scalability
  • And features

The Magento Community is cost-effective and suitable for small and medium business firms, and Commerce is the best option for organizations with advanced features, support, and scalability. The business can assess the business requirements before taking any decision.

To get more information about the three Magento editions, feel free to connect with the top e-commerce website developers at Indglobal. We are the most renowned Adobe Commerce Development Company in Bangalore offering clients Magento web services at affordable prices for the past years. 

Whether you want to create a new web store using the desired platform or modify the existing one, we have every type of service available. Connect with us soon to book an appointment and discuss your business project requirements. 


This blog clarifies the differences between the three editions of Magento: Community, Enterprise, and Commerce Cloud. The article explains the features, limitations, and benefits of each edition. Our company, Indglobal Digital Private Limited, the top Magento development company in India, can help you develop a Magento app on any edition with the help of our highly skilled developers who can understand your organizational needs and requirements. 

So, build and expand your online business with our Magento web development services in Bangalore

Request a quote today. 

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