A Complete Guide to Increase Ecommerce Sale

A Complete Guide to Increase Ecommerce Sale

There is no specific rule to increase sales through your eCommerce website. Ecommerce Website Development Company in Bangalore, India does not only help you to develop your eCommerce website they also guide you to get a solution to enhance your sales rate. It is really disappointing for a business owner to witness such a condition; however, there are various ways to leverage your website.

In terms of eCommerce website building a website is not enough. An eCommerce development company in Jigani and Bommasandra also empowers your business to reach your targeted audience. It is also a matter of tactics; thus, acquiring the right strategy can do really transform your business. There are various reasons from your end that can decrease your sales rate. Let us first look into the various reasons and identify where you are lagging behind?

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Reasons Why does your eCommerce website cannot earn sales?

Tagging the Wrong People

It is one of the significant reasons why your website is not generating good eCommerce sales. Targeting the wrong people would not help you. For example, you may be targeting the people who have no such interest in your brand. Thus, the first step to success is to find the right audience who needs your products.

You may be wondering how you will target the right audience? It is completely the responsibility of your digital marketing team, who use a various number of strategies to understand the nature of the market. On the other hand, your developer can also integrate the detective plugins to track the audience’s reaction. Considering all the facts and figures, you must target the audience who need your product.

Tagging the Wrong People
Setting up Proper Funnel

Setting up Proper Funnel

If you do not have a proper funnel channel, it can hamper your business effectively. This is the reason people why people cannot find a particular product they are trying to find. A Customer’s journey on your website seems like this:

  • The audience finds enticing advertisements or searches for your product.
  • They visit the website to find their desired product.
  • They try to search for a particular product to check out the price.
  • If they like the product, they place an order.

The entire customer’s journey should be smooth, and the user experience must be seamless. If the customer cannot browse what they are looking for, they tend to vacant the website. This way, you lose many customers.

Your Website is Not Trustworthy

Building a customer’s trust is a matter of time. It is not easy to earn a reputation. However, building a reputed presence online is extremely important. If the audience does not trust your website; they are likely to vacant the website without placing order.

In terms of trust-building, you must consider the following facts:

  • Add an SSL certificate to your eCommerce website. SSL certificate ensures that people can attempt a transaction safely and securely.
  • Your existing customers play a great role in gaining the confidence of the other customers. Ask your customers to promote your brand on social media. Online presence is important to attract a new audience.
  • Try to solve the audience’s query as soon as possible. An automated chatbot can perform this task efficiently. You need to assist your customers throughout, to resolve all their issues.
  • You must take care of the pricing of the products.
  • Many business owners set a higher price tag to establish a quality-image of their brand. It is not at all beneficial to enhance brand reputation; the customer may hesitate to initiate such a large amount. Transaction method should be clear and transparent so that customer feels confident to make a payment. There are many price comparisons, as they can easily switch to another brand.
Your Website is Not Trustworthy
Lack of Optimization or Hard to Use

Lack of Optimization or Hard to Use

Give considerable effort to smooth up the customer’s journey. If the customer finds it difficult to operate your website, they will not take another minute to struggle on your site. You may have stuffed your website with many features; however, you have to be clear about availing those features. Your customers should not struggle to find anything on your website.

Stuffing a website with loaded features is not a solution; a customer should be guided well with the virtual assistant. All your customers are not tech-savvy; thus, keep the functions of the website simple. A poorly-designed website can decrease by 57% of the total sale rate.

You don’t have an email list.

You must have heard the power of email marketing. Email marketing can give your quality lead and can increase your conversion rate significantly. Thus, if you still do not have a good email list, get one. Use rich content and other incentives to establish a lead magnet. Get the other information from your customer, and utilize that information wisely.

The marketing and promotional strategy can only be noticed through email marketing. The problem with most eCommerce companies is they never consider investing in lead generation, which entirely depends on paid or organic channels. As per Finance Online, email marketing can generate the highest ROI (Return on Investment).

You don’t have an email list.
Poor Customer Service

Poor Customer Service

Every eCommerce Website needs a strong customer support team. Apart from the virtual assistant, a customer should be aided through your customer care agent. It is also another way to build trust in your brand towards your audiences.

Quality customer service can provide a satisfactory result. You need to interact with the customer to assist them in operating your website or resolving any purchase-related problem. If you have already invested in customer service, still not getting a positive response, then ask your customers to provide their valuable feedbacks and work on that. You can find customer reviews on TrustPilot, HostAdvice, and others.

Outrageous Shipping Time

You cannot take a fortnight to deliver your product. It is a significant reason for losing quality leads. Customers expect to get their products as soon as possible. Thus, if you can work on the shipping factors, you can do wonder in your domain. On the other hand, your customers should be notified all the time about the shipping details. Add track your order section.

Introduce prime delivery services if possible. Otherwise, your product should be shipped within a week.

Ensure that the website contains all the details of the orders, and most importantly, the checkout page should be simple.

Outrageous Shipping Time

Experts Comment to increase Sales rate

Here you will get the advice of the industry experts and how eCommerce owners can get a readymade solution to enhance sales:

1. You don’t sell exceptional products; thus, the services should be exceptional

“The major reason an eCommerce store does not get sales because it s not able to meet the market demand. In today’s hypercompetitive online eCommerce space, one would require a massive budget to go all out on marketing channels. This includes a top notch store, competitive pricing strategy, a unique high demand product, and the patience to hold and test your winning strategy”.

– YungiChu, Product Owner, HeadsetPlus.com

2. Work on the basic problems first then move to advance

“The reason your eCommerce store isn’t making eCommerce sales is sometimes hard to identify. However, it’s always best to start with the basics. Ensure that you have high quality product images and descriptions, easy navigation, and search function to find hat your customers are looking for. Set product price that aligns with the market and customer value, and offers a simplified checkout experience. The other side of the equation is from a marketing standpoint. Are you targeting the right customers? Are you providing adequate customer support? Do you have a lot of negative reviews and ratings? Are you not maximizing the lifetime transaction value of the customers you do have? So step one is identifying the problem so that you can create an action plan around fixing it.”

– StefanStonem, Manager, PayKickstart

3. Making the process easy to decide

“Customers can easily make judgments about how well a website is maintained. So offer them content that prepares them to make a purchase decision easily. These things are often viewed as more subjective and not universal. However, these are necessary metrics in the digital world, so make sure you follow them”.

– AlexKehoe, Caveni Digital Solution.

By analyzing the comments of tech-giants, we can decide how to get back to the track again or how to acquire the right strategy. An eCommerce development company in Jigani and Bommasandra can guide through the following matters and can take your business to the next level:

  • Trust building of your brand.
  • Setting up the right price structure that suited your brand.
  • Target your existing customer first then move on to the new customer.
  • Use proper video demonstration.
  • Use photos while including customer testimonials.
  • Mobile responsive and seamless application development.
  • Promote sale discounts and offers.
  • Showcasing the top-selling items.
  • Ramp up promotions for holidays.
  • Incorporate popular payment options.
  • Focus on the value proposition.
  • More traffic means more sales opportunities.
  • Building Brand awareness.

Bottom line

Once you are into business, there are various ways to promote your brand in the market. The eCommerce website has much to do with digital marketing and web designing. Even while building your application, your eCommerce development company should understand the motto and goals of your business and replicate those ideas on your website.




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