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INDGLOBAL is one of the best Ecommerce Website Design company in Bangalore, who gives you a best service in Ecommerce solutions, we are the award-winning company in Bangalore as a leading Ecommerce Company Bangalore. INDGLOBAL is one of the best Ecommerce website design companies in Bangalore, India and having a global existence.  We at Indglobal are firm disciple of quality rather than quantity. Our Ecommerce web development company is the best Ecommerce solutions provider in Bangalore, India.

Our strength lies in connecting an engaging design that is valuable to your brand backed up with the latest web technology development to enhance your business on the web. Ecommerce websites can be imposing. Firstly, they must be robust organize up to inspire, and secure Ecommerce websites that are useful and fast, to transform your site visitors into buyers and sell your products.

We do not just present E-commerce solutions; our customer support setups and bedding system are exhibit to report every E-commerce subject under the sun. We aim at delivering the best products backed by most innovative ideas and suitable platforms. To provide easy and stress-free activity of the system, daily following discussion are done. Our web Design and Development Company furnish E-commerce solutions in Bangalore, which are simple to knob web-based applications to go with anybody’s preferences and requirements. Whether you’re starting a new E-commerce website, or looking for an E-commerce re-design we deliver with every single bent clients will ever require for any online business.

We provide Ecommerce solutions that will fit well with client objective there by enhancing there yield with little or no maintenance. We are a team of creative ecommerce website designers, professional ecommerce web developers. our team of software developers and project managers make use of various revolutionary website development platforms as well as tools using these resource we have created outstanding websites, ecommerce sites, web function, mobile applications as well as digital marketing campaigns. we also give you with total trick website design solutions with advanced project management strategies and method to develop solutions that give you an huge reputation in online business.

Our E-commerce solutions give out excellent facilities and services, which is the result of years of huge dedication and experience in the field with an eventual goal to achieve success. Also we offers you inexpensive, secure and decent E-commerce website, which will be simple to use by large number of online customers.Our E-commerce website design and development company is the best E-commerce solutions provider in Bangalore, India. The services we provide is a extensive collection of characteristics that are free only with big organizations. It gives you lot of edges over your competitor by making your products available in this conference and chances of huge number of customer can get to know about your product. Whereas, we look ahead to deliver high quality services at affordable price and other facilities that deals with all the technical conditions to sound satisfactory for attracting traffic, high ranking in search engine and background strength to improve the income rate.


Ecommerce solutions

Indglobal Gives All Below Mentioned Features in Ecommerce Websites:

  • Payment Options
  • Site Search & Browse
  • Product Reviews
  • Wish List/Registry
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Express Checkout
  • Order Tracking
  • Special Offers
  • Website Security
  • Size and dimensions
  • Reviews and star ratings
  • Pictures
  • Alternate Views
  • Zoom Feature
  • Product Comparisons
  • Live Chat
  • Product Demos
  • Email a Friend’ Button
  • Share Buttons


Best E-commerce Platforms

All of these popular platforms to build e-stores; to know more in detail about all of these three platforms.


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Ecommerce Features

We pride ourselves with being the only provider of Ecommerce website design in Bangalore that are beautiful in form and function, as well as economical. Being a global company, we can provide the highest level of expertise in : Ecommerce web design, usability, Ecommerce marketing (bringing traffic to your site), Ecommerce payment integration etc.


Our developers produce Ecommerce sites that provide an excellent method to get your business up and selling with a great looking and fully functional site and we can consult on all aspects of online trading - providing help from starting shop to delivering products to your customers. We all know the primary variation between a frequent website and an ecommerce website. An Ecommerce website needs various design and development services. Starting an E-Business can create a world of space and helps to establish new relationships with potential customers, business companion and product manufacturers.

Customized Ecommerce website

Our website gives you an stunning designs where the customers should become attractive and get more business to our clients. We always work for our clients needs our main moto is to bring an smile of satisfaction on the face of our clients. We offer a range of customized Ecommerce Solutions like Ecommerce website development, B2B and B2C static website development, Ecommerce shopping cart customization and Ecommerce payment gateway integration.

High performance

Also our designing aspect of an Ecommerce website should be such that the listing of products and payment gateway load quickly without any damaged links. These websites should be quicker to load and navigate through various products. Our Ecommerce projects not only gives you an shopping experience for client as well as customers but also gives an secured payment for buyers as well as sellers our Online shopping has made it easier to select a product or service without any difficulty and do online payment through a secure browser. This trend has also increased the solid competition with online trade to provide a safe and secured online shopping experience to their customers.

Latest technologies

We use the latest technologies for building your shop for a future proof foundation. Technologies used -Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, WP Ecommerce or if you have set your mind on something else, we will build on that!, we will develop on that. We will help you structure the perfect Ecommerce solution that matches your business model. Whether you are looking for a full-fledged Ecommerce portal or just some redesign in your existing site, you can trust us to give you the best. We also offer SEO and SMO services to Ecommerce websites for getting the higher rank and traffic on-line.

Ecommerce Development

A Business Growth relies on the brand name, quality of the product and more over it depends upon the advertisement so the Ecommerce Websites notion helps your business to land up in an exponential rate. These websites are easily attracted by the modern generation to do online shopping by sitting inside their cabinet or living room and present that to their friends in any part of the country or the globe...furthermore our Ecommerce Website Experts assures you that the customers feel easy and secure while doing shopping through Ecommerce Website. Time is a valuable asset in business growth so will support Ecommerce to acquire a substantial place in the online marketing and navigation of adventure shopping.

End to end Website Development

For a abundantly possible and workable online commercial, E-commerce setup is required with dynamic quality. E-commerce acts as the potent force for the success derive online and makes it attainable for the operator to restore some gain out of it. The attractive and impressive E-commerce website which we design helps our clients to attract many clients to their E-commerce site, and the website will give the best shopping cart experience which will make the business easy and user friendly.

What’s Latest in 2021 for E-commerce?

An enormous increase in e-commerce development businesses and online shopping will take place further in the year 2021; according to statistics it will be near 78 percent increase. Everyone would probably be excited with the latest e-commerce trends and about top e-commerce development companies in India but one has to know the fundamentals to get the things done rightly and gain profitability.

What does an e-commerce set up need? It requires the market knowledge, a solid business plan, and proper research into product and business models. Many of the business starters are confused about the different types of e-commerce set up options they have and how is it done.

Different Types of e-commerce Business Models

Different Types of e-commerce Business Models

Get acquainted with all business models before starting off with an e-commerce business in India.

Different Types of E-commerce Needs

  • Business to Business E-commerce (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer E-commerce (B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer E-commerce (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business E-commerce
  • Government or Public Administration E-commerce

E-commerce Business Revenue Models

  • Drop Shipping
  • Warehousing and Wholesaling
  • Manufacturing and Private Labeling
  • White Labeling
  • Subscription

Knowing all these terms of e-commerce models is not enough, it’s important to understand them and analyse which one suits your business the most. Whichever fits you the best, go for that ONE!

E-commerce business process

Let’s understand each of the terms and gain knowledge to apply them in our e-commerce business process.
Government and Public Administration e-commerce- Various Government or public administration clients are present for different businesses, these all fall under this model. Depending on the sides who are running the business, two varieties including B2F and C2G are known. As the name suggests, the former type is a business whose sole client is a type of public administration or Government. The latter involves individuals who are paying the Government for tuition to universities or taxes or any other Government agency.

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E-commerce business process

A Business to Business model for e-commerce focuses on providing products or goods from one to business to another. Some excellent examples include software solutions companies, supply companies, office furniture, document hosting companies, etc.


A Business to Consumer model for e-commerce offers the deepest market where a business offers its products and services to the end customers (consumers). Here, business runs online and rest is similar to the traditional retail model where a business offers goods to individuals. However, it is much more advanced than the traditional ways as it is convenient, faster, and informative. Examples of B2C are everywhere seen on the internet that include cosmetic retailers, grocery retailers, fashion, sports, electronics, and many more.


A Consumer to consumer e-commerce model allows the customers to buy, trade or sell items in exchange for a small commission paid to the original site. A careful planning is required for the C2C plan. An example of C2C model is eBay where one can buy and sell.


A Consumer to Business e-commerce model involves customers selling products and services to businesses where a sole proprietorship can sell to a larger business. The best example is Upwork where many businesses are involved in contributing success to blog monetization strategies.

Types of Business Revenue Models for E-commerce

Handling inventory management and sourcing goods is important for running e-commerce business smoothly. Let’s study some of the techniques one by one. Below some of the various popular models followed by companies followed for starting an e-commerce platform to sell their products and services.

E-commerce Development Companies in Bangalore
Drop Shipping

It is the simplest model where a business can allow setting up a storefront and take the consumer’s money through wallets or net banking. This avoids your responsibility for warehousing stock, managing inventory, dealing with packaging, and other additional work that is involved in e-commerce. The online store has to just pass orders to drop shippers where the suppliers ship orders directly to consumers. However, the business has to face problems related to the supplier side, i.e. the product quality and pace of delivery.

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E-commerce Development Companies in Bangalore
Wholesaling with Warehousing

This e-commerce model requires enormous investment initially where one needs management of inventory and stock and also keeps tracking customer orders, shipping information and also invests in the warehouse space. It's a multi-step process where online stores order directly from suppliers. The supplier sends products to online store warehouses, the customer places orders from online stores and then they receive online orders from warehouse supply sent by the supplier.

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E-commerce Development Companies in Bangalore
White Labeling

Here, you need to choose a product which is well known to customers and is already successfully sold by another company. And this has white label options for rebranding by changing package and labelling. Its best example is the beauty and wellness sector. It is best to opt for when you know your product that you are considering for white labelling is high in demand because the manufacturer company of these products set a minimum production quantity. If you are unable to sell those off, you have to live with it.

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E-commerce Development Companies in Bangalore
Private Labeling and Manufacturing

This business model suits best for people who don’t have the cash and desire to build one’s own factory. Companies manufacturing products offsite for selling sends the prototype or plans to a contracted manufacturer. They produce the product to meet customized features of customer demands and then can be shipped directly to the consumer, a third party or the company selling the product to end customers.

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E-commerce Development Companies in Bangalore

The subscription model is followed by many companies where they deliver products to customers at regular and scheduled intervals. Companies encourage their contacts to take subscriptions. Companies need to pick up the right niche and products for successful subscription e-commerce business. Some of the popular product categories include beauty, grooming, health, fashion and food.

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Our Comprehensive E-commerce Services for All Needs

B2B, B2C, and Multi-Vendor Marketplace

B2B, B2C, and Multi-Vendor Marketplace

We include all of these in our eCommerce website development services. Using popular platforms like Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify, we ensure to develop attractive and frictionless e-commerce websites. We successfully create B2B, B2C and multi-vendor marketplaces via e-commerce website development. With B2C, it’s meant that the business sells its products and services via their website to the customers whereas B2B is ‘Business to Business’ and refers to the transactions between two companies, for example, a wholesale manufacturer when it sells to a retailer, it is B2B e-commerce. So, with having e-stores both B2B and B2C marketplace development is possible with us as we cater to both kinds of e-commerce development services in Bangalore. We are also engaged in offering multi-vendor marketplaces opportunities for large scale organizations where multiple vendors can make sellings of their products and services; here, vendors are responsible for overseeing day-to-day shipping and sales operations such as inventory. In this online marketplace, independent vendors sell products through a single storefront online.

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E-Commerce Mobile App Development Services

E-Commerce Mobile App Development Services

People prefer mobiles for easy reference of any query or needs. They spend time on phones and smart devices and get registered on various mobile applications for different purposes. These include online stores, gaming apps, educational apps, fitness apps, etc. People can easily track their day to day progress or update their requirements or keep themselves entertained using the apps. An easy solution to do online shopping at any time and place is through mobile apps. If you are one of those businesses who are in need of an immediate e-commerce platform to showcase the products and services to a huge audience, trust Indglobal which is an award-winning e-commerce development company in Bangalore.

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E-Commerce Website Maintenance

E-Commerce Website Maintenance

We undertake various measures periodically to ensure seamless websites including domain name review, website backup, website SEO, website design, load speed, latest trends and content refinement. It ensures smooth running, highly interactive and responsive websites.

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E-Commerce Cloud Hosting Services

E-Commerce Cloud Hosting Services

A dedicated server hosting service for e-commerce is brilliant to opt for. As we know how important it is for e-commerce websites to be secure as it involves transactions, we provide eCommerce cloud hosting services for your business.

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E-Commerce Upgrade Solutions

E-Commerce Upgrade Solutions

We upgrade e-commerce websites for you according to the specific needs of your business. Timely migrating or upgrading the e-commerce platform to suit your needs is necessary. Making e-commerce solutions mobile-friendly and search engine friendly is also the need for this generation.

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E-commerce Dropshipping Integration

E-commerce Dropshipping Integration

Using Magento and Woocommerce, the most powerful platforms for dropshipping integration, we successfully execute this retail fulfilment method. A dropshipping method is thriving as the store doesn’t need to keep the products it sells in stock. Rather, using the dropshipping model, a store makes a purchase from a third party and sells it via shipping directly to the customer.

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E-Commerce Website Optimization and Fulfillment

E-Commerce Website Optimization and Fulfillment

Website optimization to make it appear high on the SERPs and fulfilment, i.e. the process that involves receiving, packaging and shipping orders for products are highly prioritized at Indglobal. Our e-commerce solutions include integration with popular shipping and fulfilment. It helps you to win loyal customers as it ensures shipping rates and taxes are reasonable, speed of delivery is taken care of, and satisfying delivery experience with faster deliveries.

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Top Benefits of Choosing E-commerce Development Companies in Bangalore

According to the statistics, every year, the e-commerce industry is making progress and the needs are unending. It’s NOW which is the perfect time for the online investors to put their money in the e-commerce market. They will be able to witness the continuous growth of their e-commerce as time flies. We at Indglobal help you in developing attractive and flawless e-commerce design and development in Bangalore. Some of the top benefits or advantages of opting an e-commerce solution for your business are as follows:

  • It will help you to overcome geographical limitations as it is the means to reach global audiences at a go.
  • It helps in gaining new customers with every search engine visibility.
  • It helps you to establish a business at a lower cost as well as for maintaining the selling and buying process.
  • Customers can locate any product easily and in a quick manner.
  • It eliminates all the physical energy, travel time and cost of up and down to manual marketing.
  • It provides an opportunity to compare products and services to those of other vendors.
  • It enables the customers to grab various deals, bargains, group buying and coupons. This leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • E-commerce websites provide abundant information and data related to business and usage through data analysis and reporting.


It’s often time-consuming for people to go to the physical stores for purchasing items. With an e-commerce website or application, it is not only helpful for customers for an easy purchasing of products and services online but also it helps in getting all related information with regular updates. In addition, it is a great saviour of time and energy. Businesses can make huge profits with the help of an e-commerce site.

Before choosing the platform for the development of an e-commerce website or app, you need to consider all the features present are suitable for your business and ensure you get robust software. Various features including multiple product options, design options, secure payment gateways, easy integration with other tools, pricing, flexible maintenance of shopping cart, etc. are must for a platform to work best for e-commerce. Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce are the top chosen platforms for e-commerce development.

It’s important to promote e-commerce sites to increase customer base. One can promote one’s business in various online platforms such as social media, networking, and other websites. It can be done with the help of inserting e-commerce websites or running campaigns with access to respective apps or website links. Some of the effective ways to market a novel e-commerce site are-

  • SEO strategy
  • Creating blogs/articles
  • Using a social media platform
  • Paid advertising
  • Cross-selling and Upselling methods

It’s important for e-commerce websites or apps to get visits from audiences and convert them into successful leads and customers. So, soon after a visitor enters your page, it is necessary to provide them useful information or showcase products and services rather than running around the bush. A lot of marketing rather than focusing on main objectives might sometimes turn your potential customers off. So, one should create a professional page to interact with customers at best with pages that include terms and conditions, contact details, return policies, encryption methods, and security.

The secret lies in the way e-commerce operate and the extent of user-friendliness. A website should be highly interactive, attractive, and responsive. If a site or app is fast, professional, and easy to use, it will surely attract a wide audience. Also, ensuring a seamless process for placing orders, shipping, and timely delivery is mandatory. Even after orders are placed, delivery and return/exchange processes should be easy to understand and prompt in action. Frequent touch with customers via email and round the clock customer service availability is must.


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