The Step by Step Approach in iOS App Development

The Step by Step Approach in iOS App Development

You are planning to launch an application for smartphones. But before you get into development, you must, of course, choose between the two platforms that share the mobile market: iOS for Apple and Android for Google.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each, both from a development and monetization perspective. And why most young start-ups are more inclined towards iOS.

It is common knowledge that Apple’s image is imbued with an aura of luxury and efficiency. Indeed, the prices of smartphones, tablets, and other connected Apple devices are high. However, it should be noted that when we speak of the “giant” Apple devices under iOS systems represent only 15 to 20% of the world market, all the rest being almost only smartphones running Android. When it comes to mobile app development in Electronic City, you need to be aware of the followings:

IndGlobal is a top mobile app development company focusing on IOS app Development Company in electronic city with quality services and on-time delivery. We have an expert team of developers analyze client requirements thoroughly to provide marketing insight to help you launch an iOS app successfully. With flexibility to adapt to new features and versions of iOS, Indglobal creates customers iPhone applications that runs on all iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. We have several years of experience in creating custom iOS applications by serving client’s across India and other parts of the world.

iOS app development is a promising way of business promotion due to its impeccable and exclusive functionalities. iOS is now a popular platform to cater diverse and unique requirements of a wide customer base efficiently. Apple has been selling millions of smartphones every year and the count increases exponentially every time. iOS app Development Company in electronic city is something you should not miss on to experience intensifying growth of your business. Indglobal is a premium iOS app development company in Bangalore having a skilled workforce having a great domain experience. Having built a wide range of high performing and quality applications, we are a forerunner in iOS development industry.

If you have a business dream of building great iOS apps for your customers, IndGlobal helps you to take your unique idea to turn it into a focused and goal oriented product strategy. With our help, you can identify the gaps in the existing market and position yourself in such a way to fill those gaps. Team up with us to refine your feature set and implement your creative ideas into reality. Our iOS developers assists you in every phase of mobile app development process. Stating from developing your ideas to submitting the final app to the app store, we work hard to bring your idea to fruition.

So, why choose the development of an Apple application?

A younger audience and more inclined to pay

A younger audience and more inclined to pay

For Apple customers, a paid app means quality. The famous apple’s web apps business model is more oriented towards sales, and not advertising monetization. IOS users take a dim view of any ad intrusion. They are much less numerous than Android users, but more easily put their hands in their pockets to purchase mobile applications. Thus, although offering a huge choice of applications on its PlayStore, Android generates much less revenue than the AppStore, yet less provided.

Faster development and, therefore, less expensive

Faster development and, therefore, less expensive

Android is deployed on a multitude of devices, very diverse. From the latest Samsung tablet to a low-cost mobile phone imported directly from China, applications developed on Google’s operating system must adapt and be responsive not only to the multiple layers of code specific to Samsung or Huawei, for example, but also with very diverse performances and screens of different sizes. This is called Android fragmentation. The best companies of mobile app development in Electronic City offer such customized options.

On the Apple brand side, the devices are necessarily linked to the operating system because exclusively produced by Apple. What is called a “closed” approach is, in fact, a boon for developers, compatibility being ensured by the constructor.

Therefore, contrary to what one might think, given Apple’s image, it takes less time to develop a mobile app for iOS.

So less money to invest

So less money to invest

We often talk about 2 to 3 times the financial means to develop a project on Android!
Note all the same that, for the sake of quality, validation on the Apple store is more extended than on the PlayStore.

However, is this argument, often made by Android fans, really one? When a start-up took a few months to develop its web app, is waiting seven more days to be dubbed by Apple so problematic? As the iOS app Development Company in Electronic City opines, the matter is different.

Easier modifications

Easier modifications

Another consequence of Android fragmentation is that any app modification takes longer and more money on iOS.

It has often been argued that the programming language used by Apple (Objective-C) was “more difficult” than the famous Java language chosen by Android. Since Swift’s deployment, a new development language for iOS, the differences have narrowed, especially since the two operating systems have perfected the development environments, or IDE (Integrated development environment).

Thus, even a “beginner” is now supposed to develop on XCode, Apple’s tool: multiple features, exact tools, support and guides, Playground to test the code, etc. To a little democratize its operating system’s development, Apple has even set up an interface to contact its own engineers “house.” A hybrid mobile app company in Electronic City offers the best solution there.

More continuous updates

More continuous updates

The latest versions of the iOS operating system’s adoption rate are almost 95% in the first months after release. For Android, it’s almost the other way around. The consequence is that it is practically unnecessary to develop Apple applications for older versions, far from Android devices.

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Hybrid applications have several advantages

Combine the user experience with the agility of the development cycle and controlled costs. Bypass the limitations of the Apple App store to deploy an application on the Apple App Store; you must apply and wait for its validation. The validation time will vary depending on the time of year and whether it is a first version of the application or an update. It is generally between 1 to 7 days. Hybrid applications, therefore, present a great advantage for developers wishing to be able to update their application frequently since it is not necessary to resubmit the new version of the modified elements does not affect the native code. Trust an app development company in Electronic City for such app making.

Find Talent:

Most apps have an iOS version and an Android version. They are therefore developed using the corresponding programming language: Objective-C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android. Hybrid applications allow the use of languages frequently used by web developers (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) who can therefore use their knowledge. This makes it easier to find talent to develop a hybrid application.

Reduce development times and costs:

The code is written once; this considerably reduces development times and costs compared to native applications requiring on the one hand development for iOS and, on the other hand, development for Android.

Reuse the code from the web app part:

The code is written once and then deployed on all mobile platforms.

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Software Development

Software Development

A high tech image

Finally, when we publish a mobile app on the Apple Store, we take advantage of Apple’s image, which allows us to launch an exciting buzz on social networks. For the Android platform, it is much more challenging to stand out from the crowd, given the multitude of applications that come out every day. The marketing strategy, integrated into any mobile application development project, must, therefore, be based on the attractiveness and image of Apple products.

Hybrid applications are applications available on the App stores and installed on a device, like any other application. These applications have the particularity of combining elements of so-called native applications (developed for a particular platform, iOS, or Android, for example) and web apps.

Hybrid applications are housed in a native container that uses a WebView mobile platform. When using the application, this system displays web content within it through web technologies (CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and HTML5). These are web pages from the desktop site and adapted for a WebView display. This display of web content can occur as soon as the application is opened or can occur on certain parts of the application only (on the sales funnel only, for example).

In conclusion, on paper, developing an application for iOS seems to be evident for a digital company that wants to launch its creation for smartphones. Still, in the end, everything depends on the initial idea that gave birth to the project. Some applications do not find a good business model or even an audience on the Apple store. Therefore, it is essential to carry out an in-depth market study and extract the typical portrait of the target you are targeting: this will almost naturally direct you to one or the other operating system.

In recent years, mobile applications for the iPhone have been one of the most lucrative businesses. It is therefore not surprising that companies around the world have embarked on this adventure. Indeed, the AppStore applications are more profitable, and their development is more comfortable and shorter. Additionally, iOS users often invest more money in their apps to access premium features.

If you are planning to build a mobile app, iOS native development is an option worth considering.

Apple's unwavering commitment to its users

The platform’s popularity is undoubtedly due to Apple’s unwavering commitment to providing only the best for its users. The regulations Apple has put in place are quite stringent compared to industry standards. The control that an application must pass before being published on the App Store is quite meticulous. It implies strict compliance with the graphic charter and technical characteristics defined by Apple, Particularly the thematic structures, the fluidity of the user interface (UX / IX), and the stability of the application.

What is the native iOS mobile development?

What is the native iOS mobile development?

The native iOS mobile apps are exclusive and proprietary. They are, therefore, not compatible with other operating systems such as Android.

A Mac must create an iOS app and an iOS developer account with a subscription worth $ 99 per year.

If you opt for a hybrid application, your application will run on IOS, but it will be limited in terms of capacity and user experience.

Software Development Kits developed by Apple

Initially designed for iPhone application development (formerly known as iPhone SDK), iOS SDK allows developers to design applications for other iOS range devices, such as the iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Many professional companies have chosen to turn to the mobile web to sell their products and offer their services. Permanent accessibility, simplicity, and speed of use make the mobile application an almost essential marketing tool.

Your next project is to create a mobile application in an iOS environment?

By making an appointment with Flexi Apps, your development agency, you will undoubtedly be led to choose the platform where you will offer your mobile application. Mobile development to different platforms significantly increase the budget of a project and sometimes making a choice becomes an obligation. This article takes you through the pros and cons of choosing an iOS mobile development in electronic city detail.

Software Development Kits developed by Apple

Why choose IndGlobal?

IndGlobal assures its customers the right value they deserve and trust. Our services provide the best iOS applications for both native and hybrid or cross-platform developments. We integrate extensive functionalities according to your business requirements and provide and efficiently performing application. Our developers and designers research every trend and follow them to create an up-to-date application. Additionally, we also provide post-development maintenance and support. Our services are cost-effective and a total value for money.

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We develop all types of mobile applications, including Native App Development, Mobile-web Application development, and Hybrid App development.

The approximate ti9me-frame to develop any mobile application depends completely on the complexity, functionality, and your other business requirements that need to be incorporated in the application. There is no exact time for any app development, as every app development has a different time frame. Social media applications need approximately three months, whereas Uber-like applications require 6-7 months of development time.

Yes, depending on your complexity, a minimum requirement basic application can be developed in one month.

Our app development process has the following steps:

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