Introducing our most powerful e-commerce platform- Magento development in Bangalore, India at Indglobal, that does wonders for e-commerce businesses. With its rich customization features with various modules and extensions, we can leverage it to the best. Its high flexibility and scalability will make it a number one choice for all online shoppers and businessmen. Our best Magento web services in Bangalore will allow a robust platform with access to all of its best features. As most of the population in the country has moved to smartphones usage, businesses get high profits with the mobile-friendly and convenient user onboarding applications. Our objective is to know your exact requirements and develop customized and customer-friendly high quality Magento solutions and designs.

Generating high-revenue online sales, we assure nothing but the best Planning around for setting up of e-commerce store, Magento is the most featured, robust and versatile solution. It’s the open-source which is empowered to allow the online e-commerce portal development retailers for creation of shops, web-based, with its primary focus on the design and usability.

As your, Magento e-commerce web development services, at IndGlobal we assure you, that the trust you lay, will get our professional help with solutions to strengthen your decision with features, functionalities and the analytical techniques. Irrespective of size let your Magento design firm in India make your online e-commerce store, right as you want.

Having in-depth knowledge and experience in creating Magento apps and web services, we ensure to cover the development and maintenance of services for Android, iOS, native, hybrid, cross-platform, and PWA platforms. Our attractive designs, content, and navigation functionality will help you stay ahead of the competitors. We make use of powerful SEO strategies, marketing and catalogue management to help you gain higher ROI through Magento development in India

Magento e-commerce solutions

  • Websites become more responsive
  • Enhancement support for XHTML/CSS
  • Theme Design offered is customized
  • Integration of Payment Gateways
  • Development of PSD to Template
  • Integration of Magento Extension

Technical-expertise in Magento

  • Customization, Installation and Configuration
  • Integration of the Magento customed theme developments and the templates
  • Better support and store maintenance by best Magento developer India
  • Conversion services from PSD to Magento
    Better optimization of the store and the tuning of performance
  • Technical questions answering by the Magento development India team
  • Development and integration of Magento custom extensions

Our Magento consultation services

  • Experience which provides engaging and secure services
  • Dedicated towards smooth flow
  • Flexible hiring packages
  • Customer satisfaction is the core objective
  • In-depth report of the progress
  • Valuable insight for better achievement of desired results

Bringing along both Start-ups and Enterprises, we assure Innovative technology reach.

Representing a better brand image of your business, Magento theme is a simple design of the online store. As per the requirement received by the Magento ecommerce website design India, a custom Magento theme is generally created from scratch for better representation.
As Magento development in India, at IndGlobal, we provide varied tools and resources which are used for building the ecommerce store for the buyers and the developers. With the Magento Marketplace, one gets convenient help with savings over time and money.
These are the PHP code blocks which is used for increasing the features present on the online store. At Magento ecommerce development, one gets a chance either to directly download the same from the marketplace or get it developed as per the need.
With all the development we provide at IndGlobal, Magento community is that online tech forum where ideas, tips and resources are shared by the ecommerce experts, developers and the contributors, all related to the Magento development in India.

Magento development in India

Matching with the needs of the business, e-commerce Magento web development in Bangalore, like IndGlobal has the best track record. Our association assures the businesses with Magneto’s feature-filled infrastructure. Either way, using the services of Magento development India, one can keep up with the ever-evolving site templates and manage the site with ease.

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Magento development in India
Omnichannel retail management solutions
Omnichannel retail management solutions

At IndGlobal, we assure you with a reach to customers using multiple touchpoints. Realise the significance of such transformation and we assure, the best amidst the market.

Sales solution
Sales solution

With consideration over the mobility trend, the Magento ecommerce development ensures your ecommerce a big-time solution.

Shipping and tracking
Shipping and tracking

Being an integral part of the e-commerce Magento development India helps improve the shipping and tracking function with a better reach over the products.

Extensive scalability
Extensive scalability

Rendering the scalability, Magento portal website maintenance services in India enables growth with the best of customers range. With the experience we hold and the expertise we provide, we at IndGlobal, ensure a right base.

Working around with a full-time expertized team, IndGlobal as the Magento development in India provides best of Graphic designers, PHP programmers, Front end web developers and whatnot. At the best Magento developer India, all the departments' work’s together with their findings and information to ensure the best in the field of development, design and marketing.

  • Module integration - With an integration over the modules which work together, the Magento Development India offers flexibility. Here at IndGlobal, the approach we use is means of betterment and functionality over the modules.
  • Theme/Module Development - IndGlobal is the ecommerce Magento development India with experts, who develop the modular programming which can match up with all business needs. We ensure the in-boxed template which can help the e-commerce to move ahead better amidst the creation of customer’s base.
  • Payment gateways - Connecting around with the numerous payment gateways, customers of our clients receive varied options. Here at IndGlobal, we ensure the visibility with the comfort of all.
  • Development of Plugin - Unable to find the right plugin, we at IndGlobal, assure your business with tailored made options. Connect with the Magento Portal development in India and assure the lead.
  • The activeness of the community - We at IndGlobal, the Magento ecommerce in India, are the active developer’s community which works upon varied features and solutions to offer the improvement with best. From catalogue browsing to payment processing gateways, we make it all available for you.
  • Marketing and Promotions - If you are looking for Magento portal development in India which has built-in cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, we at IndGlobal are here with the same together with the best of marketing and promotional tools available.
  • Multi-channel Inventory management - Being one of the biggest challenges in the e-commerce industry, we as your Magento theme development company ensure you to have a well-optimized inventory system helping you with booming sales and greater customer satisfaction. By all means, selecting IndGlobal ensures growth and profitability.
  • Customer relationship - IndGlobal as your Magento site development in India ensures a focus towards your customer relationships and to provide them with best of experience. With an offering over multiple touchpoints, we make sure their buying decisions becomes easy and by control over customer life-cycle, by all means, your connecting with us helps you get the best out of customer-loyalty.
  • Better experience over multi-site functionality - Run multiple websites using one domain, with maintained enhanced user experience. Magento development in India facilitates, with TYPO3 extensions including community extensions and the photo galleries at large.
  • SEO-friendly Speed - At IndGlobal, we assure Magento ecommerce development to offer website the support designs which are SEO-friendly and offers good ranking in major search engines. Not just this, all the above-mentioned coms along with fast processes and query settlement within no-time.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party apps and Data management - With an update over inventory data and fast processing of orders, Magento ecommerce development in India provides API to the users for being connected with different web application and plugins worldwide.
  • Purchase and replenishment - Timely procurement ensures better customer’s order fulfilment and in turn brings in customer loyalty. We as your Magento app development company, ensure to automate the entire process and bring in opportunities for enterprise.
  • Customization which comes with the freedom to select host service - Magento portal development in India offers the users, flexibility to switch up with any hosting service if a problem arises. One can even redesign the rewriting code as per their business requirements.
  • CMS Development - For ones seeking customized CMS for the site, we are a choice of best. Tell us your requirements and we assure the same to be delivered with full assistance that comes along.
  • Magento 2 development - IndGlobal is a team of developers who specialize in the new websites creation and updating of the outdated ones with the latest version on time.
  • API module integration - With a specialization in third-party API integration for better website performance, IndGlobal as the Magento development company provides the clients with FedEx API integration, UPS API integration, etc.
  • Front-end development - Magento frontend developer holds a specialization in the front-end development for providing its clientele with an engaging and appealing website design which comes with usability and simplicity.
  • Magento E-commerce design - Expertise comes with best and as Magento e-commerce development experts, at IndGlobal our experts offer custom e-commerce design services based upon your requirement. With a little integration of the latest trends to the e-stores, we make it feature-rich and appealing.
  • Magento e-commerce app development - Magento development in India employs a right team for building of e-commerce mobile apps for making the users shopping experience hassle-free and engaging. With the help of IndGlobal, one can assure their business with the right technology integration.
  • Magento Marketplace - Experience is what we hold as Magento development India. Our professionals assure their knowledge to be applied for integrating extensions and the plugins for converting e-stores to right marketplaces.
  • Payment services - With support to client business, we enable them to grow their business online. At IndGlobal, we provide them with multiple payment gateways for accepting all major debit and credit cards.
  • Magento support - Magento development company in India provides not just the design and development services but also holds their experts to offer you solutions 24*7. It helps in timely maintenance and betterment by all means.
  • Multi-warehouse solutions - Modern day businesses are complex and so Magento development India helps their extension beyond single selling location. By all means, all our clients get multiple points of sale.
  • Business analytics - With the transition which occurred in recent years, the multiple selling channels have become a concept in common. At Magento web development India, we provide the right analytics and assure the best.
  • Client satisfaction - With a guarantee over keeping our customers happy, we do not have any hidden fees or cost for the Magento application development in India.
  • Quality work - At IndGlobal, we not just frame ourselves amidst the leading Magento development company in India. We ensure quality work at an affordable model of price.
  • Experience - Experience brings in responsibility and being your Magento development company in India, we assure providing offshore development solutions, all across India on a real-time basis with full access to the source code.
  • Project handling - Project may be big or small but our execution and management process never compromises with anything. We the best Magento website development company in India provide the best of all using our expertise and experience with same.
  • Customer support - Not just support on the go, we also ensure our work to provide you with on the time project delivery. At IndGlobal, you will never regret choosing our name.
  • Consultation - If you have any need as regards Magento development India, just call us or drop an email and our executive at IndGlobal will assure you with timely contact.

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IndGlobal as Magento mobile apps development company in India values every client response. We are the leader in this sector ensuring the featured Magento ecommerce solutions to reach out the best and offer easy to manage websites.

From control over the content to the functionality of the Magento store, our exceptional skills can be counted upon for not just lowering the cost but getting the work done within the budget too. By all means, we are your true support system for your e-commerce website & web development in India.

Why IndGlobal is your right choice?


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