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The Most Awarded IT Company in Bangalore

Today, each organization faces various challenges. As digital trends evolve each year, marketers should always be aware of the changes so that they can quickly adapt to emerging technologies and stay ahead on the market. This will help them gain a competitive edge and develop new ways of growing their businesses, generating leads and enhancing their relationship with existing customers. These technology advancements have created a new voyage to software development companies with a wide area of the marketplace in the industry. As an overall process with the hard work of a group of individuals in the organization, Software development involves various tasks, such as computer programming, repairing, documenting, and testing. The whole process also includes both the formation
and the maintenance of applications and frameworks.

Indglobal, a pioneer in providing the best software development services, enables better management of the business as well as the functions included in it, such as human resources, inventory, finances, accounts, and the smooth functioning of some projects that are to run with the help of software platforms. With our high-end technology solutions, we specially offer a wide range of fully customized software applications to our customers for
their specific projects and requirements.

Best Software Development/IT Company in Bangalore

Indglobal is the Custom Software development company in Bangalore, India offering complete web solutions with a commitment to surpass customer expectations by providing excellent and timely software solutions. Indglobal utilizes the latest technology to bring fast and consistent results to grow our client brands. We take pride in offering innovative work ideas, integrity and timely delivery of projects. We offer quality and affordable web solutions and software development solutions to both small size and enterprises to get a better web presence.

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Paying Guest Hostel Management

Innovative PG management software to manage 100% PG operations with one single software. Our software has a structure with an easy and intuitive design to improve the effective management of PG hostels. Designed with the strongest financial software to track all the money related transactions in the PG, the hostel management software has everything you need to run a PG smoothly and effortlessly.

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Break away from the regular CRM solutions and be different with Indglobal’s innovative CRM solution. Enhance your business communication challenge in an intuitive way with our CRM software services. Growing your business exponentially comes easy and handling your team becomes more efficient. Turn your business into customer-centered and sell 100 times faster.

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Real Estate

Indglobal’s real estate software meet every aspect of the customer needs in the real estate industry. With the immense experience in catering to the requirements of Indian property dealing services, we serve the clients with out of the box solutions. Being the top IT Company in Bangalore, Indglobal offers innovative software solutions that differentiate your business from competitors as we work closely to know your unique requirements to be distinct in the industry.

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HRMS & Payroll

Indglobal’s HRMS (Human Resource Management System) and payroll software is a piece of technology to revolutionize your workplace. Our efficient software solves the issues of time consuming and repetitive tasks associated with human resources by automating it to free up company’s time and energy and allow the focus to shift to other highly impactful areas.

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Inventory Management

Our leading inventory management software, the best among all software companies in Bangalore, enables businesses to manage inventory, orders and assets. With multi-channel selling and powerful inventory control, you can track vendors, customize low stock areas, move inventory across locations to optimize inventory and order management.

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Advocate Service Management

Indglobal has come up with an intuitive solution to revamp the old way in which law firms’ function. The Best Advocate Services Management Software Bangalore is an innovative application to help attorneys manage all their office back-end operations including case management, staff management, search, hearing, to-do list, reminders, document management, case studies and accounting in one single software.

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With Indglobal’s Point of sale (POS) software- Add product to the cart, accept payment, get info about details like inventory, products, trending products, profit and loss, create group etc.

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Education, Schools

Indglobal builds solutions for the education sector including schools, charters, non-profit organizations and colleges. We build database-driven educational websites and content management systems to power learning and marketing of educational institutions.

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Learning Management

Indglobal has been offering course based e-learning software to enable employees to quickly create interactive content instead of relying on traditional course development. Our learning software is a quite powerful software that helps students, learn, practice and do better work.

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Repair Shop Software

Indglobal offers customized repair shop software that creates work orders, repair tickets, service tickets, track assets and connects all customers in one place for garage management businesses. Our customized repair software is a comprehensive web solution which allows you to customize in unlimited ways for a truly unique experience.

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Home Services

Between allotting work force, scheduling jobs and getting new customers, it can be hard to find time to keep your business organized. Indglobal’s user-friendly service management software is affordable and will work along with you to make sure that your domestic and corporate cleaning services become more organized and efficient. Manage employees, invoice and payments, set schedules and dispatching, team management, job management, quality control, leads, financial reporting etc. with a single software.

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For SME’s/Industrial Houses

Software solutions like inventory management, POS, CRM, purchase management, billing & accounting customized software, for SME’s and industrial organizations. Indglobal focuses on building easy and convenient web solutions for SME’s and industrial houses to help clients grow their businesses while making the process much easier.

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Hospital Management

The healthcare software offered by Indglobal aims to automate and improve the performance of medical practices. It also enables you to provide solutions for the healthcare of scalable, secure, and equipment agnostics.

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Service Management

We provide Service Management software solutions for the most efficient management of
services, such as electronics, mobility, laptops, and household appliances. With this, our
software provides convenient features such as customer management, robust planning, and
online billing with the web portal and mobile apps.

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Food Delivery

We are also there in creating food supply software. This platform is an on-demand food
supply management program that allows you to analyze and manage end-to-end delivery
operations in real-time. The Indglobal online application for food delivery helps our clients
to coordinate the administrator and customers with new features.

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Logistics Management, Logistics, Cargo, Courier management

The logistics management software of Indglobal enhances freight management, freight
manufacture, and logistics optimization in real time. Companies that use the software gain a
competitive edge from competitors and can handle cost pressures, such as high customer
needs, high fuel prices, and frequent transport. This means regular and timely deliveries,
improving the satisfaction of customers.

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Billing, Sales, Accounting

Our accounting software makes it easy to process payments and accounts, search for the
transaction number and customer names in your database, bill customer contacts and
locations directly and send the invoices from anywhere in the world from a remote distance.

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The Indglobal ERP is the best-in-class software that is designed to meet small, medium and
big business' specific requirements. We are building an ERP solution which offers an
efficient and mobile Internet interface. Our ERP software development services go with
industries ranging from small as well as and large businesses looking for a cost-effective

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Our Services

Custom Web Application Development Services

In today’s business world, customer software applications are a must requirement for organizations to gain a promising marketplace. You can manage and sort a wide range of dates with advanced business software, make calculated business decisions and evaluate the market. We are Bangalore’s best web application development company with the right software for your corporate needs that allows you to save money as well as time. Our custom application development maximizes the analysis, maintenance, improvement, and long operating life of the application with minimal support of your offshore capabilities.

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Software Product Development Services

Indglobal is considered to be India’s top Product development company in Bangalore for software product development service. We aim at offering high quality and error-free software, which helps you to improve the way all business functions drastically. From conceptualization to development, independent quality assurance, localizations, and testing to product maintenance and support, we assist our clients. Our excellent solutions backed by product development experts ensure high-performance software solutions without compromising on the product architecture.

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Database System Development

Indglobal, Bangalore’s best database system development company, creates specific databases for requirements which can be continually adapted to changing needs. We have a wide range of proficiency to develop and manage different
databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or NoSQL, both traditional and unconventional. We provide a variety of business customers with database services such as design and modelling, database development services, and administration.

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Mobile App Development

Indglobal is known as Bangalore’s best mobile app development company and is developing extraordinarily potent and serviceable mobile apps that solve problems, attract users, and strengthen the brand. We are specialized in creating mobile apps that work well on every operating system, including iOS and Android, on both a platform and cross-platform basis. For all mobile and smart devices and almost every platform, we offer world-class mobile app development services.

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Software for E-commerce Businesses

We are pioneers in the E-commerce industry through our extensive experience in developing E-commerce Business that brings clear businesses value. As Bangalore’s top e-commerce developer, we offer comprehensive Web and software development solutions to e-commerce companies and our IT solutions efficiently enhance business efficiency and enhance internal processes. With our E-commerce Business software, we offer world-class services known for secure communication and support.

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Application Maintenance & Support Services

As Bangalore’s best software maintenance and support company, we can proactively manage your application holistically, including maintenance services and support. The services provided by Indglobal ensure higher productivity in your organization with many scopes with a standardized delivery system. We offer vertical business expertise to develop your services according to customer requirements includes changes and process management.

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IoT Development

Indglobal provides the best-ever IoT Development Services in Bangalore; we provide smart IoT solutions across the vertical industry that meet your unique requirements so that you can focus on business-critical activities that add value to your machines without effort. Our expert IoT team is specialized in customer service that exploits the full potential of the internet. IoT consulting, module development, IoT integration and analytics, solution development, and application development are all critical services of our company.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions

In order to produce sophisticated and smart solutions to increase the efficiency in the work of business multiforms, Indglobal engages in comprehensive solutions for AI intelligence.Being the top artificial intelligence development company with innovative thinking and technical expertise, we offer the best solutions that you can get in the industry. We provide AI-enabled business software solutions across several fields and help to go beyond limitations. Indglobal technology-driven solutions maximize the return on investment, change progressive, and intuitive AI services.

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Virtual Reality Software Development

Our professional team at Indglobal combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) with comprehensive expertise to connect these highly probable vertical solutions to virtual reality. Our team of experts develop VR software applications using various frames that can be used for different business functions such as marketing, educational applications, games sales presentations, processes, and many more. In order to build multi-platform VR experiences and software applications, we offer 3D digital imaging, modelling, and visualization.

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Mixed Reality Software Solutions

As Bangalore’s best mixed reality software development company, we offer diverse reality development applications that combine physical and digital worlds. We Create unique VR experiences with a broad range of features and pricing points using mixed-reality devices.From design to prototyping, engineering, and testing our company provides customized cycles of mixed reality development services. To achieve an immersive mixed reality experience combining end-user needs and technical viability, we examine the needs of each business thoroughly.

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Blockchain Software Development

Indglobal, Bangalore’s best blockchain software company is dedicated to providing startups, existing businesses, and industries with the best blockchain solutions to develop.Our team of blockchain developers is committed to offering custom made blockchain developer services tailored to your needs. We always strive to build a decentralized world driven by blockchain technology. By understanding your strengths and needs, we analyze the framework and propose a blockchain of customer technologies.

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Progressive Web Apps

Indglobal, Bangalore’s best-advanced web application development company, offers the most advanced web app development services in the field. We develop progressive web applications that allow companies to experience enormous commitment and conduct conversions. Our progressive web app uses modern technology to provide expert solutions that help you plan and better predict your business.

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Low Code Development

Low code development platforms, a visual application development approach, are essential to global digital business transformation. As Bangalore’s leading low-code development company, our expert developers are building web and mobile code applications using drag and drop components and model-driven logic via an interface to the graphical user. Our whole range of low-code development solutions creates applications in a split time frame than other outdated methods.

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Custom Cyber Security Software Development

Indglobal is the best Bangalore Custom Cybersecurity Software Development company, offering cybersecurity services, such as penetration testing, firewall, secure application development, and more. Indglobal offers customized and safe app development service tailored to meet your demands. To navigate through typical, unintentionally integrated security flows, we strictly follow industry best practices and security standards.

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Wearable Device Development

At Indglobal, we are striving to create software applications to capture and process visual-haptic device sensors in a seamless manner by wearable devices. Our software applications make bi-directional M2M data exchange possible, allow users to quickly see their recorded date, perform well with minimal battery usability and provide a superior user experience that goes far beyond the display. We have internal wearable technology experts with an expertise in embedded software and firmware programming for different applications for wearable optimizations.

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Deployment and Integration

The software deployment and integration services offered by Indglobal in Bangalore ensure unique user experience, compliance with IT standard and budget guidance. We provide custom solutions together with easy and quick deployment for minimal downtimes with a pre-configured combination of software and hardware and certificated solutions. Indglobalexperts offer a mix of targeted training, workflow optimization, consulting, and industry best practices.

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Hybrid App Development

Hybrid applications combine web and mobile applications, providing simple data access,reducing development costs, and scales to a wide range of platforms and operating systems.As the best hybrid app development company in Bangalore, we combine CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to create hybrid apps with the most recent frameworks. We follow the agile and technologically unique hybrid app development method. Once the designs are finished, we bring them to life using a single code base with a fast application.

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Saas Application Development Services

With Indglobal’s Saas Application Development Services, users can connect and use Cloud-based applications over the Web. Indglobal offers a complete software solution from the implementation to scaling strategy. We in Bangalore are the SaaS development expert who leads businesses to bring products to the SaaS model and support companies by developing on-demand services to manage their software, apps and critical cloud data.

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Why Indglobal?

Cost-effective and reliable software development solution tailored to meet specific business requirements

Indglobal is the most awarded software development company in Bangalore enabling clients to have world-class software solutions without going through the turmoil faced in setting up a fully functional software and maintaining it for future use. We offer long-term cost-effective and reliable software services tailor-made according to client requirements. Leveraging the potential from best in class technology and resources, Indglobal aids clients in accelerating process, reduce operational cost and empowers businesses to focus on their core activities. Indglobal follows some of the proven software development process to control research and development cost by maintaining the quality of the services.

 No one understands your business requirements as we do

As a premium software Development Company in Bangalore, our focus is on creativity, speed and the quality of services we offer. Indglobal excels in offering competitive web design and development solutions across the country. We aim for gleaning pleased customers with our stellar business solutions ensured by our highly talented team of designers and developers.

 Latest Technologies

As the best Software Application Development company in Bangalore we deploy the latest technologies to meet your business requirements.

 Best Talent

We have the best designers and software developers who are committed to meeting unique client requirements and on time delivery.


We are the best Agile Development Company in Bangalore, offering Custom software solutions which makes the delivery process more efficient and cost-effective.

 Strict adherence to quality

We strictly adhere to the high-level quality standards and regularly communicate with clients during project progress.

Award-winning Strategies

We are the most awarded software development company in Bangalore with a decade of profound experience in custom software development for various industries.

 Prestigious Clientele

We have developed 100’s of creative software for various niches for local and international clientele from startups to giants in the industry.


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