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Indglobal is a leading company based in Bangalore that offers expert Shopify development services.With numerous clients on our list at Indglobal, we provide tailored Shopify development services to each one of them depending on their requirements. Being the best in the industry, we have highly talented minds working for us as Shopify Developers who are always ready to make that extra effort to provide you the quality services. Being the leading Shopify Development Company, we have worked with various big shot brands as well as emerging brands and delivered the best services.

Shopify is an e-commerce company that was founded to provide a platform to do online and retail point-of-sales business for small merchants and businesses. Shopify has simplified the way online businesses work and have eased up the entire process management. The company has a long success story which indicates that how effective and hassle free the platform is. With 175 countries using Shopify platform to do business online, it is undoubtedly the leader in e-commerce.


How will Shopify accelerate your business?

  • Advertise and sell your products/services online
  • Endless shopping experience for customers
  • A SaaS platform with fully featured CMS
  • Blogging/publishing options available
  • Customizable CSS and HTML store
  • Mobile-friendly online shopping store

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We have always been at the top of the list as a Shopify e-commerce development company in India and we have worked with various clients to help develop a Shopify e-commerce website. The smart infrastructure and hosting integrity of Shopify makes business owners and brand manager appreciate the platform. Other features or services that you get on Shopify platform are:

Shopify store configuration and set up

Using extensive techniques and reliable methods, we help you to have your well established Shopify website or store in few minutes right from planning, configuring, setting up and maintaining the same. We also make sure that the Shopify store is working flawlessly on all your devices so as to give your business higher return on investment. You can hire Shopify developers from Indglobal for cutting edge Shopify store.

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Customized Shopify store

We understand that every business has a distinct way to function. Similarly, we also create a distinct approach for every business that wants to launch itself on Shopify to do online business. Our experts and experienced professionals in Shopify e-commerce development have covered it all and are ready to provide you a tailored Shopify store that will fit well as per your business requirements. We have created numerous customized Shopify stores for our clients.

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Shopify optimization

Creating a Shopify website/store is not enough. One needs to optimize it from time to time so that the website or the Shopify store is visible on popular search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google to name a few. We leverage all the resources and strategize everything accordingly to get optimistic results.

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Integrating Shopify

With features like social login, payment gateways, QuickBooks, eBay, Amazon and other apps, our developers deliver top notch services for your Shopify store.

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Migrating data to Shopify

If you are worried about your data loss from the previous platform, then don’t worry, we got you covered. The biggest advantage to switch to Shopify is that your entire data is migrated from your previous platform using a hassle free process. Also, we ensure data security through the process, so you are at the safer side.

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Shopify maintenance, upgradation and support

Change is constant and we adhere to the same. Our responsibility does not end after we deliver the work, rather it starts from there. We are at par to help you with any sort of maintenance, upgradation or website issue and make sure that you are not left unattended during the period of inconvenience.

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Experts at your service

We have highly qualified Shopify developers in Bangalore who are well trained in Shopify website development. They have years of experience and knowledge in the domain that is needed to give flawless results.

Professionalism without a thought

We understand that work is not something to joke with. Your business is our own and we treat it that way. We never com promise on the quality of the work even if it is a challenging one. We only focus on one thing and that is professional work delivered with customer satisfaction.

Detailed business analysis

Our growth game is strong because we keep ourselves updated with the latest updates, technologies, trends and features used by our competitors and other businesses. With in-depth research about the business, we work towards an error free, profit generating website which will give higher ROI.

Prompt communication

We don’t like keeping our clients waiting and that is why we have support staffs ready to help you round the clock. You have an issue with the website, we are here to help you.


  • Custom themes and templates which are standard- compliant and of top notch quality and give your website a professional touch.
  • Simple to use and managing the features and implementing them in your website. Its streamlined CMS interface helps you to list, manage, edit and update your products with much ease.
  • Shop management is extremely easy with the help of intuitive administration, real time statistics and interactive and prompt admin panel.
  • It also helps in easing the load by managing orders, chargeback on cancelled orders, personalized mailing in an automated manner.
  • With features like one click submission for Google products, XML sitemap generation accompanied by expert SEO design, marketing and promotion is no big deal.
  • Data security is ensured by PCI compliance and MySQL database along with few direct payment processors.




What is Shopify?



Shopify is a full-fledged e-commerce platform that helps you to start your own e-commerce business and manage it effortlessly while you grow. It helps you to create your very own customized online store hassle free and sell your products and services globally that even includes social media, websites, online market places, brick and mortar locations to name a few. You can also manage the products along with inventories, shipments, payments and lot more. Also, it is a cloud based software which means no downloading and installation issue. Simply log in to your account and do business anywhere, anytime.



Who are Shopify experts?



Shopify experts are those who are a well cultivated community of professional, dedicated and trusted Shopify ambassadors who are working round the clock to motivate and help merchants in establishing and growing their business by providing high quality services. It is done by empowering business growth within the company’s ecosystem by providing learning opportunities, exclusive resources and more exposure.



How to become a Shopify expert?



Although there are a set of criteria that are needed to become a Shopify expert however each application or expert specialization has different eligibility requirements that needs to be met. The basic requirements are:
A Partner Account with Shopify
Sound and proven Shopify experience
Having a Shopify branded landing page on your business website with a Shopify banner and logo along with your affiliate link



How Shopify experts are ranked?



There is a set of algorithm that gives you a score depending on your active referrals with fully launched stores that are live under your account, your geographical location relative to the merchants and the number of testimonials you have. Your ranking will depend on the number of stores you have under your account. The higher the number is the higher our rank will be and you will appear closer to the top searches.



How to find new Shopify merchants?



There is a list of ways to find new Shopify merchants and alongside that there are various resources to guide you through it. You can also go through the blogs published by Shopify below:
Finding Clients: Building a Strong Portfolio Website (Free E-Book)
Seeling Shopify: Sales Resources for Partners


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