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Indglobal has been providing ERP development services in Electronic City for over ten years. ERP software implementation has been hugely in demand as its benefits are multitudinous across various industries. As an ERP system provider in Electronic City, we enable streamlining of various processes into a single system across departments in organizations. Different modules of ERP software such as CRM, MRP, Finance, Inventory, Project Management, Warehouse, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing can be easily administered and tracked. With experienced and knowledgeable developers, engineers and designers we enable top ERP software services in Electronic City including Odoo ERP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Indglobal, the most efficient ERP system development company in Electronic City offers services across various sectors and domains in the market. Our dedicated ERP team efficiently works in coordination with our customers to meet their customized requirements.


Industries for our ERP solutions in Electronic City

  • Health-care
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Distribution & Retail
  • Automobiles
  • E-commerce
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Sports & Entertainment


Mainstream ERP Software Services in Electronic City


Odoo is a highly beneficial Enterprise Application Development Company in India; also known as all-in-one business software and is adopted by SMEs and other enterprises. Ranking the best among other ERP software, Odoo facilitates business efficiency due to its additional features. Its user-friendliness, user interface and technical flexibility are the brilliant features or all business professionals.

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An ERP software playing a key role in automating business functions is SAP; it is applicable in MRP, financials, and operations departments of an organization. With partnership to SAP, we can deliver the best SAP Business One ERP solutions in Electronic City for small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

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Monitoring customers and building better relationships is possible through MS Dynamics. With its implementation in businesses, you will attain all the functionality from various modules along with CRM software. As we know, the revenue center for any organisation is the Sales department, therefore, it is necessary to be acquainted with customer relationship management software applications in organizations.

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Benefits of ERP Software Solutions in Electronic City

Easy Business Management

Easy Business Management

Our ERP development services in Electronic City helps to lead with accurate decision-making and disciplined adherence to company rules and standards. It makes possible for innovative schemes for improvement and improved customer care service making the organization more efficient.

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Enhances Business Efficiency

Enhances Business Efficiency

ERP development in Electronic City will enhance product values, streamline operations, maximize efficiencies and manage various resources. Its strengthened support to any business is priceless and outcomes are excellent.

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Refined ERP Solutions

Refined ERP Solutions

ERP helps in measuring the performance of your organization as detailed and refined analysis of reports can be measured. It also helps in attaining deep insights and tracking improvement areas in the operations or any other department. Therefore, it is advantageous to trust in reliable and experienced ERP software providers in Electronic City.

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Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

ERP implementation will help businesses to flourish and gain results instantly at lower costs. Other various benefits include customized solutions, internal process improvement, modern planning and reporting and total visibility.

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ERP Development Modules in Electronic City

  • ERP module for Marketing AutomationERP module for Marketing Automation
  • ERP module for Sales and CRMERP module for Sales and CRM
  • ERP module for Purchase ManagementERP module for Purchase Management
  • ERP module for SCM & ManufacturingERP module for SCM & Manufacturing
  • ERP Inventory & Warehouse Management ModuleERP Inventory & Warehouse Management Module
  • ERP module for Project ManagementERP module for Project Management
  • ERP Distribution Management ModuleERP Distribution Management Module
  • ERP module for Human ResourcesERP module for Human Resources
  • ERP module for Accounting & FinanceERP module for Accounting & Finance
  • ERP module for Quality ManagementERP module for Quality Management
ERP module for Marketing Automation

We help your business for the marketing efforts via ERP software services that provide technological support for marketing units via automated systems in online and offline channels. Our robust ERP software development in Electronic City helps in creating brand awareness, lead generation, and business efficiency for organizations across industries. One can easily reach their leads, prospects and customers with offering automated messages across web, email, and social media.

ERP module for Sales and CRM

ERP Sales and CRM module helps midsize manufacturing and distribution companies in enhancing customer relationships and sales activities. It also ensures to enhance profitability in businesses and get smart customer service solutions. One can easily manage leads, marketing resources, campaigns and target groups. All business functionalities including order scheduling, shipping, invoicing and order placement can be smoothly performed; ERP can be also integrated with e-commerce websites.

ERP module for Purchase Management

Purchase Management Module in ERP software simplifies the processes involved in the procurement of raw materials or items in an organization. All functionalities including a request to vendors, stocks update, purchase orders authorization, quotations analysis, supplier/vendor listing, report update, and many more are covered here. Our ERP software implementation in Electronic City, Bangalore ensures a flawless performance of the organization.

ERP module for SCM & Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management and ERP Manufacturing software module in ERP helps in flawless managing of the flow of product items in an organization. A smooth system for items flow from manufacturer to consumer and consumer to manufacturer helps in easy demand and supply management. Also, shipping, tracking, sales returns/replacing process, real-time data, time consumed in production or manufacturing, are managed well.

ERP Inventory & Warehouse Management Module

We render services for ERP inventory development in Electronic City, Jigani and nearby places in Bangalore inclusive of all modules. The Inventory and Warehouse management module in ERP facilitates the movement of finished goods in an easiest way throughout the production cycle. It empowers smooth functionality including logistics, billing, orders, barcode printing, shipping, inventory control, etc. It enables easy management of activities from acquisition to final shipping and a smooth invoicing and hassle-free sales order management.

ERP module for Project Management

Organizing, scheduling, planning and analyzing your project timelines is much faster with this module in the ERP software. One can easily administer cost, accounting and billing systems through this module. One can distribute your teams across various projects and effectively plan project execution accompanied by accurate timesheets. Assigning a team for improved work collaboration and enhancing project efficiency is convenient. ERP software PM module ensures more visibility and better-organized processes.

ERP Distribution Management Module

A component of the logistics module that helps the users in sorting out sales orders, billing, and quotations is the ERP distribution management module. One can conveniently track open orders, sales activities and forecast activities. Effective distribution management helps distributors and wholesalers to carry out an uninterrupted business cycle leading to great profits.

ERP module for Human Resources

Professionals use the Human Resource Management ERP module for tracking performance reviews, employee records, skill matrix, employee information, attendance and managing payroll system effectively. Payroll system management with right data related to reimbursement and travel expenses is possible. Easy access to salary details and contact information is made possible by the HRM module.

ERP module for Accounting & Finance

Get ERP product software services in Electronic city from us to attain smooth accounting and invoicing functions. Managing bill timesheets, recurring invoices, contracts, payments, and simplifying accounting is very smooth with this module. Keeping track of bank account activities and invoice status is equally possible. The Accounting and Finance ERP module helps in cross-checking all paid, unpaid and drafts records. Automated follow-ups and sending reminders to the debtors instantly, creating cash flow statements, earnings reports or balance sheets are short time work now.

ERP module for Quality Management

It will help the organizations with easy management of raw materials, work in progress, and end products. This module is highly effective in managing all processes like production,procurement and distribution which help in maintaining high quality of the system. Having a Quality management ERP module embedded in the system, one can effortlessly perform all tasks related to quality planning, inspection and quality control.

Why Indglobal for ERP Software Development in Electronic City

At IndGlobal, we have our first-rate developers for ERP system development company in Electronic Cityenterprise application software development in Electronic city who assist businesses in accomplishing successful projects’ results. Helping in streamlining business operations and processes, we make it possible for attaining the tangible Returns on Investment (ROI) of a business establishment. It leads towards growth and expansion.


We adopt the best industrial practices from the top proprietary ERP software leaders like MS Dynamics & Netsuite to develop powerful custom solutions on various platforms.


Our built-in tools help ERP software to customize quickly and deploy, thereby reducing the lead-time in both development and implementation.


We focus with utmost priority on the best user experience; we provide a seamless usage and higher adaptability towards a new system, and help in eradicating the hesitance increasing the user-base exponentially.


With our open-source and modular architecture of the ERP system, there are no limits to customization. Our software doesn’t believe in the cost based on per users and provides a flexible usage opportunity.


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