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The web design and development concept has evolved over around 20 years, and this lets you notice how far we have reached in the web development world. In the past, websites had a simple definition, and creation was also a simple process. Compare the first website launched in 1991 to modern ones; you can see a clear difference as websites have become very advanced today.

In recent times, building a website has been complex and requires an entire team of experts carrying different sets of roles and skills. And for this, business owners hire the best group of web developers and designers who look for the ideal way to make their customers’ work easy by providing them with the best services. Also, before selecting a web development company to create the website, the business owner needs to learn about the web design company as much as possible.

And one such top organization providing web design services is Indglobal Digital Private Limited, a web development Bangalore based company that has been serving its customers for the past 12 years with top-class services. Some of the services provided by the company include web development, eCommerce development, android development, and iOS development. The web development solutions offered by Indglobal meet all the requirements of the clients and their standard quality.

The company does not forget to offer complete website services for all the online business activities that one performs during the business. Being the top web designer service provider in Bangalore, Indglobal has rich experience developing website structure using all the principal elements discussed below. An effective web design is completed when a website is attractive to the users, search engine friendly, and has a great design.

The web experts working at Indglobal merge their ability and experience to develop the best website design for its clients. They ensure that the design and technology used are updated and lead to high sales and brand strengthening. You can also get fully personalized websites from Indglobal that let your brand succeed in the market as the customized designs can easily integrate with the organizations.

The main motive is to let our customers stand out in a market full of competition. The website developed by Indglobal helps create eye-catchy designs that let the clients present their products and services to their customers. Also, we are the ideal outsourcing web development company that provides rich web development services to people around the world.

So, if you are ready to create a new website or update your existing website, we have provided you with all the necessary details to design and improve your website to meet the business’s goals online. But, before we start, let us know what web design and development are.

– Home page, landing page, and inner pages of the website.

– Design prototypes

– Work with web developers to build the website

Web designers focus on creating a good user experience website for the customers by using tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop. The designers ensure that the websites are designed according to the customers’ requirements and can be used on different devices.

What is web development?

Web developers bring visuals to real life as web designers focus on website visuals. Web developers use several programming languages such as PHP, HTML, and Java to create the core functionalities of a website. A web developer follows the content management system to get the website online to the users. Some CMS that a web developer mainly uses are-

– Magento

– WordPress

– Drupal

The main work of the web developer is to maintain a website and upgrade the content management system to provide proper support to the users if there is any issue arising online. So, web development and web design are the two essential elements of creating a website online and bringing more users to it.

Some other elements are necessary to create a website used by web designers at Indglobal. Please scroll down and go through them to learn how to design a website according to the clients’ requirements.  

Elements of web design

1. Layout

The layout is the arrangement of a header, footer, content, navigation menu, and website graphics. It entirely depends on the purpose of creating a website and how the web designer will use it.

2. Navigation

Navigation helps the customers to visit the website from one point to another at the website. The web designers use different tools such as menus and search bars to let the users find the correct information rapidly.

3. Color

The color element changes the overall personality of the website to make it stand out and let the users get amazed by it. Choose the color palette according to the brand’s identity or the content provided on the website. A great color palette was chosen for the existing website to help the customer’s order from the website.

4. Visuals

A user can access the information provided on the website by just scrolling it from top to bottom. And this is possible only when there are good visuals to determine the size and color of the website. For instance- the heading section in a website lets the reader quickly know what the website is about.

The web development and design platform at Indglobal Digital Private Limited lets the customers connect with the web developers during the entire working of the website. You can easily connect with the team from start to finish letting them know about any changes on the site. We are the ones who turn ideas into reality and make our customers happy with our top services. This is the reason Indglobal is considered the ideal website design company in Bangalore by our existing users and brings new customers every day. Indglobal Digital Private Limited lets the website design and development process reach heights at every step.

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