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Web Design and Development

We are the famous web design and development bangalore based company to give you an best website design in Bangalore for your business fields, we deliver every website designs that meets up the standard quality in all point of along with ease-in-navigation, overall principle and artistic designs to our customers within the distinct time and budget. As a website design and development Bangalore based company we offering complete web solution for all your online business activities.   INDGLOBAL is an best website design providers in Bangalore with rich experience in the field of website designing. An essential element of Web Design is the structure of the site. This has to do with the platform used to prompt content on your website. This may be true to an time. However, effective Web Design is about creating a plainly attractive site that is user friendly, search engine friendly, and designed to handle.

At INDGLOBAL we merge ability, experience and genius to produce cutting edge visuals in web designing. A stylish and well thought out design and technology makes website beautiful and gives visitors to come back time after time, leading to higher sales and strengthening the brand. We provide fully customized website to help your brand succeed with eye-catching design and presentations. we provide custom web design and development with perceptive user interfaces that can integrate with the deepest firm systems of organizations over the country.

Our main agenda is dedicating ourselves to provide a user friendly website to best instant you to the aggressive market. A static website can help your business by presenting your products, services and any other important message you want your visitors to have access to. Our in-depth experience in original and bilateral website for outsourcing companies enables us to provide exceptional support in catering to clients website design needs. We dedicate ourselves to provide an attractive, informative and well designed website to support your business.   Our INDGLOBAL web designing team ensures rapid download of websites, easy navigation for user experience and developed web solutions reflecting corporate image and its online presence. A website is a multi-purpose medium that acts like brand ambassador, company spokesperson, publicity agent and as a contact point for customer-company interaction. At INDGLOBAL the life cycle of a web design project goes beyond design and implementation. We follow strict testing procedures and the release is brought out only when it passes stringent Usability test.   We handhold our customers and support you after the site launch. We assist you in ongoing promotion and marketing of your custom built website.

Ready for a New Website?

Whether you’re starting from scratch, need a redesign, or just need some refreshing and improvements on your site we design to meet your business goals online.

Create an Experience

INDGLOBAL Website Design Bangalore is an Industry experienced company in India, Bangalore. You experience the layout, colors, fonts, photographs, etc. until you begin to feel a certain way.  Creating a positive experience through design is what our team does best to clients.  It doesn’t matter if that experience is corporate, dynamic, or somewhere in-between we will deliver to your audience the experience that best promotes your company.

Agile User Centered Design

INDGLOBAL focus on the user to ensure our designs meet their requirements, Ultimately our clients are only successful if their customers take the desired actions on the site and get the right message. Our agile web developers provide versatile web-based business solutions that place your website in the likes of a “one-stop-solution”. These solutions integrate with back-office administration tools that enable database design and development, real payment processing, dynamic page generation etc. Our agile development systems help us create these design in an average of 6-8 weeks because we know the cost to your business of a long development process.

Meaningful, Engaging Content

Crafting compelling content is the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of any web site project for clients.  We can help review and audit your existing content to identify areas for improvement and write new content that is inline with your website strategy. By creating content that is the right length for your audience’s needs, making it easy to scan, organizing content from most to least important, and putting proper emphasis on trigger words; we can help you connect with your audience in a more meaningful, engaging manner that supports your site’s goals.


Trust is everything. If your customer asks, “can I trust in the services this site describes?” then bringing your online marketing efforts in line with the established reputation of your brand or business is absolutely vital.  We can help you improve your credibility no matter where you are starting from.

  • Industry Best Practices & Standards Based (XHTML/CSS)
  • Search Engine Friendly Design
  • Analytics & Tracking Integration
  • Web Site Strategy
  • Personas & Audience Segmentation
  • Usability Services – User Research, Testing & Validation
  • Prototyping / Wire framing
  • Thoughtful Information Architecture (Pathway and CTA Design)
  • Interaction Design / Contingency Design
  • Compelling Content Consultation
  • User Centric Messaging
  • Prototyping
  • Content Management
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Interactive Flash, Flex & Air

WordPress theme customization

Ecommerce Websites Optimization

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