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The Best Paying Guest/PG/Hostel management software Bangalore

Do you own a PG and struggle yourself to meet the challenges of managing it? Using a PG management software is a lot easier than bookkeeping and updating the spreadsheets when there is a better way to do it.

Streamline tedious PG management tasks like room booking, checkout, rent processing, salary processing, reporting, compliant management, all at one place with the innovative Paying guest management software from Indglobal. Customizable & user-friendly PG/Hostel management software in Bangalore that comes handy for PG owners.

Now, all complicated tasks are all easy to access and take just moments to complete- Our PG management software is everything you require to run your PG.

Indglobal develops innovative PG management software in Bangalore to manage 100 % PG operations with one single software. our software has a structure with easy and intuitive design to improve the effective management of PG hostels. Designed with the strongest financial software to track all the money related transactions in the Paying Guest, the hostel management software has everything you need to run a Paying Guest smoothly and effortlessly.

Our PG Management Modules

Handles 100% of your PG operations.

  • Dashboard
  • Buildings
  • Rooms
  • Beds
  • Tenants
  • Accounts

  • Inventory
  • User / Staff Management
  • Complaints
  • Agreements
  • Attendance / Salary Management
  • Vehicle
  • Notice Board
  • Reports
  • Notifications – send to all / by building (SMS / email)

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Master the art of PG management with Inglobal’s PG software

Advantages of our Paying guest management software

  • Provides up-to-date info on the PG operations

  • Admin gets info about the PG at fingertips like agreement details, number of rooms

  • available, rent details, financial transactions, payments pending etc.

  • Avoid third party and agents

  • Reduces workload of resources and employees

  • Simplifies billing process

  • Easy to incorporates new changes in the system

  • Saves, time, money and effort

  • Simple and quick internal and external communications

  • Information about rent and packages simplified

  • Available and occupied room list in a single click

  • Adding, editing and updating of tenants made easy

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The Best part of Indglobal’s PG/Paying Guest management software Bangalore

No install required, No app downloads, Access all online- Cloud-based PG management software

  • Full customized modules according to your requirements

  • Detailed statistics of total beds, tenants registered, notice period and unpaid invoice

  • Easy maintenance and complaint management to track the progress of issues & complaints

No maintenance, No server issues.

Manage your PG like a PRO.

No training required! It is as simple as ABC!!!!!

100 active PG’s, 100 active clients

Track funds efficiently with month wise and day wise views and access to pending and balance payment by date.

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We serve the following Cities

No install required, No app downloads, Access all online- Cloud-based PG management software

  • Mumbai

  • Bangalore

  • Chennai

  • Kolkata

  • Hyderabad

  • Pune

  • Ahmedabad

  • New Delhi

  • Jaipur

100 active PG’s, 100 active clients
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