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IndGlobal brings to you another of its services, a service that we are a pro at and one that can save millions of lives and give hopes to millions of hopeless hearts. Premium health Solutions and Services is still a dream for many, and even if they have the option of getting best quality heath solutions, but time and location work as the biggest constraint. In the fast moving life with all the hustles and bustles going on, where people don’t even have time to take a breath of peace, finding time to go to a completely different place for getting checked-up by the best doctors of the country, appears as the most insane thought for most people. But that never stops these health enemies to attack us. With the increasing pollution and global warming, there has been a constant hike in the health issues of all and with it has emerged the need of getting the best consultation and proper health care for all.


There exist many health issues; some can be minor like viral fever, cough, and cold, etc. whereas some can be termed as major ones like hair fall, cardio issues, etc. and almost all of us have fallen prey to these health enemies whether minor or major but it shouldn’t stop us from getting the health care we deserve, even though they are situated in any part of the globe, as border should never work as a constraint when it comes to one’s health as health is the biggest treasure any person possesses.


Keeping all these in mind and understanding the importance of proper health care, IndGlobal took an initiative to bring the patients and doctors, not one but multiple steps closer using the platform of telemedicine and internet.


online medicine
Online Diagnostic Tests offers caregivers and patients the latest info’s on urine, blood, and various other Diagnostic tests so that all can manage their healthcare in a better way.
doctors Appointment
Whatever be the issue, get an appointment instantly. Seek medical advice, and get treatment immediately. Now no more waiting required.
online diagnostic
Online Diagnostic Tests offers caregivers and patients the latest info’s on urine, blood, and various other Diagnostic tests so that all can manage their healthcare in a better way.
hospital ERP
Get well-grounded hospital ERP solutions for hospitals and hospital chains that run professionally. We are reliable solution providers who are a pioneer in Hospital ERP.
inventory management
Positioned in clouds, get the best inventory management system present in the today’s market. Get hold onto the practice that makes the switch to see at least a 15 percent increase in their collections along with 30 percent devaluation in the time payments that are spent on the accounts receivable.
medical management
Highly extensible and customizable cloud web applications, that is designed specifically to take care of all medical management issues in all settings. Whether it be primary, secondary or occupational medical care, there exists no equivalent in the field of healthcare.
hospital management
Hospital Management Software designed by us is a complete web-based contemporary product to integument all aspects of operations as well as management of all forms of hospitals likely, small, medium and large-scale ones.
phramacy management
From robotic filling, IVR, barcode driven workflow, enterprise management to inventory management, get a system that incorporates all. All systems are fully support and integrated by our Customer Service to give you world class experience.

Now the patients don’t need to personally visit a doctor or go to a brick and mortar building and wait for the doctor to get free to hear you out and solve your issues. With everything going Digital, IndGlobal has taken health care and solutions on the digital platform as well. Now the patients can seek the consultation of their desired doctor through Video Consultation and if further assistance is required as well they can book their appointments online as well. Apart from all these, we are offering online diagnostics as well to give the patients the freedom of getting proper health care staying in the comfort and warmth of their home.


Apart from these, IndGlobal has made the work easier for both hospitals as well as patients. The biggest issue that both hospital and patients face is documenting and keeping the reports together in order and to find it easily when required. We at IndGlobal have made sure that not a single report gets misplaced and when required can be easily found. With this purpose in mind, we are offering cloud service where all the reports will be uploaded but can be accessed by the patients and consulting doctors only.


No prescription is complete without the medicines because without taking those life-saving pills, the doctor’s advice will be mere empty words that have got no value. But usually, these life-saving medicines are hard to find and even if found are sold at very high values, more than their MRP’s. So if you are also worried about many others then don’t because IndGlobal has brought a solution to this problem as well. You can purchase your medicines online and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Just make sure you have a copy of your prescription as taking medicines without doctor’s permission is strictly prohibited.


Keeping all these services aside we provide assistance for any hospital in designing their hospital management system as well. Whether it be website or app, be assured that you will be getting a complete solution at IndGlobal.