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Hospital Management software reduces paper and filing work.

It has been a great relief to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to manage day-to-day activities with hospital management software Bangalore. We develop healthcare mobile applications and ERP software in bangalore to help various institutions efficiently manage their operations. Not only businesses and organizations, but also common people receive convenience up to a great extent. No more standing in queues and waiting for one’s chance to interact with doctors, now an easy way to book appointments, make payments, video calls with the doctor, tracking appointments, etc. is available. 

We offer you a simplified way of managing our health in the form of hospital software that allows flawless and risk-free operations. Many errors and irregularities arise while manually functioning of processes in an organization. Here, automated health management software comes into rescue for smooth operations, tracking stores, user’s data storage, finance management, generate reports, analysis, supply management, and many more. All records for doctors and patients are properly monitored with accurate data and timings. We, Indglobal are among the top hospital management software providers who believe in consistent efforts and great outcomes. 

Important Benefits of Healthcare management Software in Bangalore

  • Easier access to medical records
  • Convenient doctor appointments
  • Monitor healthcare data
  • Better comfort for Patients
  • Quick medical billings
  • Accurate data storage/upload
  • Easy video/audio consultation
  • A high degree of patient care

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Modules We build for Health management Software in Bangalore

Administration and monitoring

Control, management, and administration of a health clinic, community healthcare organizations, hospitals, or network hospitals in India become far easier with health management software.

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Medical professionals will get a peaceful automated system for tracking everything in the organization through a healthcare management app. It will be error-free and gives information about the present, past, and future appointments; scheduling and setting appointments becomes much easier.

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Cash or Billing Center

It is now convenient to hold all essential information on patients’ bills in varied departments in a hospital through hospital billing software. It helps keep track of the number of patients attended regularly and also in the accounting of all the bills of the patients. The financial system of the hospital or clinic is streamlined and organized in the best manner.

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O.P.D./I.P.D. center

The hospital patient care system involves O.P.D. and I.P.D. that improves patient flow management. Be it Outpatient bay, billing counters, report dispatch, bed management, doctor coordination, or May I help you desk, an automated healthcare system will work for all. Inpatient department management includes floor, OT and cath lab overseeing, data entry, discharge & billing.

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Payroll Management

Smooth operations and management in health organizations are facilitated through the adoption of healthcare software in India, which also includes payroll management. A customized healthcare software system can fix payroll maintenance problems in a smarter way, preventing spreadsheets and paperwork.

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Inventory/stock Management

An automated inventory healthcare management system is beneficial for busy hospitals and clinics to streamline the hospital supply chain. Using technologies, we get inventory management systems for tracking/tracing inventory and related processes used in organizations.

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Medicine Dispensary

Dispensaries provide quality healthcare assistance through the dispersal of medications and medical supplies as per prescriptions. It is easy for the staff or pharmacist to manage the tasks when track records are maintained through automated healthcare software.

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Backend as a Service

One of the effective ways where organizations can build healthcare apps faster and integrate them into the infrastructure is BaaS (Backend as a Service). We understand its importance and our developers use the BaaS tool for simplifying the apps integration process into the network according to the customized needs.

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Patient flow management

Tracking, storing, and accessing patients’ medical records is far more convenient with a robust healthcare management system. Integrating medical software in organizations will help in its standardization and structured system. All patients’ data such as previous diagnoses, issues, surgeries, test results, immunizations, etc. will be managed at ease.

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