Designing and developing an impressive landing page is not an simple task . Online audience avoid reading through an entire page . They will just visually scan the page until they find the exact information. So while designing a landing page many elements need to be considered which always leads to higher traffic and sales . Make sure that you have clearly highlighted the services you are offering and how it addresses their interest or problems . Headers ,sub headers , bullet points , bold text or italics keep things as brief as possible .

Call-to-action(CTA) has to really pop off and should be positioned above the fold . So use of contrasting colors is the best way to get a visitor’s attention . Match the headline of your landing page to its Call-to-action . If the headline read different from the CTA then it might lead to confusion and you may lose the visitors. Make sure that content reflects what you have guaranteed in your CTA.

Landing page should have single purpose and single focused message . Keep your brand logo at the top of the page . Every element of your page should be aligned with the topic and goal of the page . Be sure that you maintain a clean page with natural navigation , no distractions . Perfect landing page requires all the necessary information which is needed to get more visitors and sales .

Include social media sharing buttons and add email forwarding option , as people have different sharing preferences. Their is always a possibility that users may share your details through different social media sites . Creating more landing page generates more leads . In a simple way more offers, content and landing pages you create , there is lot more chance of getting more leads for your business .

Ask for the information in the form that you really need . The lesser fields you have on the form , higher the conversion rate . The best way to get qualify leads is by collecting only the information you really need . Longer field you add in the form may looks like more work and will generally be avoided altogether . Highlight your phone numbers so people know you are real and can interact with you easily.

These are some of the important points that help to get your effective landing page . For a more detailed analysis of landing page contact our experts .

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