Online shopping has emerged as the new ruling trend for today’s tech savvy generation and naturally it has become imperative for the business owners to invest in creating an exceptional eCommerce website to enhance their appeal to a wider range of audience and thereby boost their sales. Our proficient web developers at IndGlobal are capable of building magnificent customized and responsive eCommerce websites to represent your business thereby promoting your products and services in a unique way. At IndGlobal, we present exquisite craftsmanship to create a plan to acquire, onboard, and retain users and then construct elegant interfaces with beautiful aesthetics that are easy to use and delight users thus contributing significantly to the Best website design and development in India. We design conversion-optimized customized e-commerce websites to spike up your sales and to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Features of a good website

  • Excellent design process
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Built-in SEO best practices
  • Easy to use CMS
  • High Performing
  • Various modes of payment integrated
  • Ecommerce & Application Development
  • Rigorous analysis and reporting


The best web designs take proper planning, and a combination of experience, talent and execution.  Make your competitors jealous and look like a fortune 500 company by working with the IndGlobal team of digital marketers on your next web design.

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Experience award-winning web designs

A sophisticated web design is where you can show off your products and capabilities and most importantly, that helps you to convert leads.  A call-to-action strategy or CTA needs to guide your visitors intuitively through your brand story and products or services.  The user experience and user interface need to be highly engaging and an integrated blog and easy to use CMS needs to dynamically update web pages.  If you are thinking of building an elegant website for your ecommerce business or revamp your old website , let us help you do that as you need to analyze the market competition, and thereby create some content that matters, and is able to communicate effectively and convert your visitors to your loyal customers. It just takes selecting the right web design company and implementing the right features. Let IndGlobal’s experienced team of web design professionals assist you on this journey as  I mean seriously, we built 60 plus websites last year, we know what we’re doing.

Indglobal website design and development services

Why should you choose IndGlobal

Easy Navigation

As an ecommerce business, a strong online presence calls for an easy to navigate and responsive website. Also all the information that is displayed on the website should be easy to read and access.

To achieve this, the web pages should be integrated with super-fast loading speeds and a good website offers their visitors several options that help in easier navigation. A fast loading website is definitely more responsive and easier to navigate. An exemplary web design helps to improve the navigation. It is recommended that you should regularly test the web pages to ensure that the ease of navigation is maintained all the time. This aids in  resolving or eliminating bugs that hinder the ease of web page loading. A website with easy navigation is also guaranteed to increase organic traffic.

Win With SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a fundamental aspect that should be considered in the website development process as millions of websites are contesting today for the top spot in search engine results pages. Web development and web designs are some of the ways that a website can get a higher ranking. The website should meet the standards required by the search engine to rank on top.

Through SEO, the website gets more traffic and becomes more user friendly. It is the job of a proficient web developer to help your business get this through by adding features like call to action etc.

Through optimization, an ecommerce website always appears high on the search engine results page when some specific queries are raised which in turn gets the website more organic traffic.




Helps to Expand Reach

A business with an elegant website can reach a wider range of and more interactive audience thus attracting all possible leads or customers. It is easier to get testimonials regarding your products and services and to go through them on a website. These are a few simple details that help the business to gain the confidence and trust of customers which then leads to more sales and more profits.

A well-designed website helps to  build an audience, target specific customer bases, and work to return your investments quickly. This means that a website that is easier to read and navigate, along with a fast loading speed- has an interactive design with a responsive interface.

Maintain Brand Identity

An effective website development process helps build and protect your brand identity. 

A high quality, well-designed website always gets visitors as compared to those websites with low quality and poor designs. An unappealing or outdated website might give your brand a negative image. Clients will be deterred from your website and you might end up missing out on leads. Every business aspires to expand with its own identity and web design and development along with any leading website development company can help you out in an amazing way integrating it with excellent customer services, fast loading speeds and an easy to navigate website.

Attracts Loyal Customers To Your Business

Having loyal and repeat customers can be a dream come true for many businesses. This creates a lifetime customer but it is not so easy. A well-designed website that is more appealing will obviously attract more customers to your brand. It is easier to convince your customers/ visitors to try out your products or services which takes them just a few seconds to do on your site. Your effective web design and development process has offered you credible leads, so it’s now your role to make them stay by ensuring that no loyal customer is left out.

One creative way of retaining customers can be through rewards. It can be gift vouchers and bonuses on select items.

Maintain Consistency

Getting new leads for your business is never an easy task. You have to get quality leads, who in turn can transform into your visitors, audience and eventually convert to customers.

With web design, you have the option to create and maintain consistency across all pages

 on your website. Each of the pages should have the same layout, fonts, style, and design to appear as appealing. Your audience moreover becomes confident regarding your brand styles, colors, or designs.

Web visitors always bounce from a website that appears unprofessional and inconsistent to a more professional one. Thus building a brand identity is much easier and convenient with a consistent website.



Sets A Good Impression

A well-designed ecommerce website acts more likely as a customer service attendant. If the website is up to date, bright and inviting, the audience definitely feels more connected and welcome on the page.

It also gives the impression that you are open to receiving new clients through your ecommerce website. An unappealing and outdated website on the other hand makes your business appear aloof. Most people do not prefer to appreciate a business that doesn’t appeal to them enough. Your website represents the digital face of your ecommerce business. So you should get proficient designers from any leading ecommerce website development company in Bangalore to let your customers have a good first impression. You definitely wish to greet your customers with a friendly face to make them feel more confident and welcome.

Increased Sales

The success of any ecommerce business is anchored to the figure of sales. Web design and website development can help any business attract more sales that extends to more profit. Nowadays, the number of online business transactions significantly increases by the hour and most businesses have grabbed the opportunity to capitalize on online sales. With a good website, however, the business has an opportunity to show its clients that it is dedicated to offer the best of the services.

Saves On Costs

Web design and website development are affordable and during web development, structuring the content properly definitely saves a lot of costs. These costs contribute to the future gains that the ecommerce website brings in the business. The ecommerce websites contain testimonials, reviews, and features which lead to profits in the long run. Thanks to progression in technology, most people rely on the internet today and thus the ecommerce websites to search for products and services.

The best web designs take proper planning, and a combination of experience, talent and execution.  Make your competitors jealous and look like a fortune 500 company by working with the IndGlobal team of digital marketers on your next web design.

Ask the Best website development company in Bangalore your queries regarding your next web design project.

Types Of Web Design

  • Adaptive Web Design
  • Responsive web design

Adaptive Web design:

Adaptive websites are able to use different versions of a website that are customized for several screen sizes. These websites can be split into two categories based on the version to be displayed.

Adapts depending on the device type-

The browser here uses the HTTP request when connecting to a website,and sends a file known as a user agent. The file has information about the device which is attempting to view the specific page and it loads this information to the server. Website designers need to be careful with this approach. 

Adapts depending on the browser width-

In this category of adaptive websites, the website uses breakpoints and media queries to make it able to switch between versions.

Responsive Web Design:

A responsive web design is able to automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports. Responsive Web Design is all about using HTML and CSS to resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge a website automatically to make it appear beautiful on all devices be it a desktop, tablet, and/ or a phone. Responsive web design enables the web pages to look good on all devices!

Pricing of website design

Basic website design ($1000 to $10,000)

The average cost for designing a basic ecommerce website ranges from $1000 to approximately $100,000. Several factors that impact the price of web design, includes the website’s style, its size, and functionality features. Basic website design helps to create a website specific to your goals and brand.

Intermediate website design ($10,000 to $50,000)

An intermediate web design may cost you between $10,000 to $50,000. This provides your business with a well-designed and high performance-driven website. It often incorporates additional features like a CMS or copywriting, in order to meet your company’s unique needs.

Advanced website design ($50,000 to $100,000)

An advanced website design can cost you between $50,000 to $100,000.This provides your business with a custom and leading-edge website with several add-on services, such as database integration, ecommerce functionality, and much more.

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The use of websites as a means of communication, advertisement, and marketing tool thus leads to more traffic and thereby more sales. However, all these are impossible without a proper web design and website development services.

Indglobal is a renowned web design company in India and we excel in web design and Mobile app development services using the latest edge technologies. We are also a leading digital marketing Agency providing for SEO, SEM, Inbound marketing services, etc at affordable prices.

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