ERP is a package software solution answer that addresses the enterprise wants of a company by tightly connect the various functions of a company helping a method view of the company.

ERP software understands the requirements of any organization at intervals a particular industry division. Several of the processes enforced in an ERP software are substantive processes like order processing, order fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, production designing, BOM (Bill of Material), commercial document, book, etc. that square measure common to all or any industry divisions.

Need for ERP


The organizational units like finance, marketing, production, human resource management, etc. Want to operate with a very supreme level of integration without defeating flexibility. The major reason for adopting ERP is to Integrate Financial information, Customer order information, standardize, and speed up operations processes, reduce inventory, standardize human resource information.

And also to reduce the major problems related to the risk of duplication of data, time and money, consuming process, high inventory, and material cost. ERP system with an organization-wide view of business processes, the business need of acquaintance and ductility meet these demands admirably.

Why ERP?

Despite the huge investments involved in ERP implementation, many companies around the world have gone in for ERP software development in Bangalore. An appropriately executed ERP solution would pay for the huge investments sufficiently and often reasonably fast.

Many companies in today’s scenario face the double challenges of globalization and also minimize the product life cycle. Globalization has led to unprecedented levels of competition. To overcome such a higher competition successful companies should follow the unique business practices in the organizations. Shortened life cycles call for regular design correction, manufacturing flexibility, and superpotential logistics control; in short, supreme management of the whole supply chain. This, in turn, presupposes faster access to appropriate information both inside as well as the organization and from the whole supply chain from outside.

Advantage/Benefits of ERP in business

ERP systems are an asset to many organizations. They make your business run smoother by unifying and protecting your information, automating processes, and producing easy-to-understand reports. With these and many more capabilities, the benefits of ERP systems in an organization make your day-to-day operations and long-term planning more efficient. Here following are some advantages:-

Business integration:

The first and most important benefit lies in the promotion of integration. The reason ERP packages are called integrated is the automatic data up-gradation between related business components since lineal company information systems were aimed at the command interpreter of independent business functions in business units, almost all were weak in terms of the communication and integration of information that overtop the different business functions in the case of large companies, in particular, the timing of system structure and prescriptive differs from each product and department/functions and sometimes they are disconnected.

For this reason, it has become prevention in the shift to new product and business classification. In the case of ERP packages, the data of related business functions is also automatically updated at the time an affair occurs. For this reason, one can intellect business details in real-time and carries out various types of management decisions on time based o that information.

For example: on the demand of the product, the sales department comes to know through the ERP system the same as other departments linked with.


The second benefit of ERP packages is their flexibility. Diverse multi-functional environments such as language, currency, accounting standards, and so on are covered in one system and functions that generally managed multiple locations that span a company are packaged and can be implemented automatically. One could say that it has major advantages, not only for development and maintenance but also in terms of management.

Improved Productivity:

In ERP end number of the task available like productive reports, downloading and then sending the attachments and still not able to meet the deadlines. If all these mechanics can get accomplished in one tool, then the creativeness of employees will increase, and they will be able to focus on other services as well.

Execution of ERP will conduct to streamline the effluent of information within the employees and increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations. Hence, improving the productivity of employees and the reduction of operational expenses.

Better analysis and planning capabilities:

Another benefit is the boosting of planning type functions. By enabling the comprehensive and integrated management of the related business and its data, it becomes possible to fully utilize many types of decision support systems and fillip systems. Even, since it becomes possible to carry out flexibility and in real-time the outlook and analysis of data from a variety of proportions, one can give decision-makers the information they want, thus facilitate them to make better and informed decisions.

Customer-related services:

Any company clients also can receive the advantages of an ERP system, even if they don’t know it. Because client information is consolidated and compact, your sales team will be able to focus on building and maintaining customer relationships instead of maintaining spreadsheets. At the end of the day, the number one thing a business should be concerned about is customer earning and conception. Through the end-to-end tracking and insight offered by an ERP system, you can provide better customer interplay from marketing automation through late-phase customer service.

Reduced inventory and cost:

The manufacturing nature of many ERP users makes the issue of process and material costs savings sovereign. The main factor behind these savings is that implementation of the ERP system allows customers to get information on cost, revenues, and margins, which allow it to better, manage its overall material cost structure. This aptitude to manage costs is best seen in savings that organizations can obtain in their inventory systems.

Improve sales and customer service:

Improved solidarity of sales and production leads to better customer service and hence increased sales. Developments in leading customer contact, making and meeting delivery promises, and shorter order to ship lead times, lead to higher customer satisfaction, goodwill and repeat orders.

ERP systems also provide the ability to react to changes in demand and to determine delivery problems. Corrective actions can be taken early such as determining shipment seniorities, signifying customers of changes to promise delivery dates, or altering production schedules to satisfy demand.

Efficient financial management:

Another advantage is to Improves collection procedures can reduce the number of days of outstanding receivables, thereby providing additional available cash. Ultimate this improvement is fast, actual invoice creation directly from shipment transactions, timely customer statements and follows through on manifest accounts. Credit checking during order entry and improved dealing of customer inquires further reduces the number of problem accounts.

ERP helps in streamlining operational areas such as purchase, production, inventory control, finance and accounts, maintenance, quality control, sales, and distribution, etc. This benefit is in the form of ‘automating’ the transactions which pledge accuracy, credibility, availability, and consistency of data.

Reduced material costs:

Enterprise Application developments provide intercession information, such as projected material requirements by commodity group and vendor performance statistics. Giving suppliers better in the presence of future requirements help them achieve efficiencies that can be passed on as lower material costs.

Adoption Rate

  • The Enterprise Resource Planning for Asia static Market growth is expected to register at USD 9.67 Billion in 2020 and is expected to expand the value of USD 26.37 Billion by 2026 at a compounded annual growth of return (CAGR) of 16.17 % during the forecast period.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning for Indian Markets report covers the top key for the year 2020 will be :
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Net suite
  • Fedena
  • Scientechsoft

ERP Implementation

Why choose Indglobal for ERP Implementation?

Any organization for implementing ERP intends to transform its business processes. With the right implementation organizations can increases productivity, speed up processes, and save costs.

Indglobal has the right kind of talent which handles end to end ERP implementation with ease.

Problem analysis:

ERP provides a comprehensive solution to many issues faced by companies. However, it is very important to know the real objective of implementing ERP. The question is less about “should we execute” and but more about “what should ERP be executed for”. For good implementation, it should be clear that what is the current situation of the organization and to know what would be the benefit of ERP implementation in the business. We first analyze the problem of organization and then consider to solving those problems

Planning the projects:

In this phase, first, we create the project data, analyze the project, extracting its essence, and then implement what is good for the organization.

Trained team:

Our team is well trained, educated with a good attitude to self- sufficient in running the ERP system; it should have a good in-house team that can handle the various solutions.


In this phase, all data conversion must have been done, and databases are up and running, and the norms are fully configured and tested.

Fast Methodology:

Our team answers to unseen problems in implementation. Our methodology is flexible; our way of working continues to run according to steps of implementation.

Business modeling:

We access your business norms. Work according to your business model we make or improve such an ERP solution.

On-going support:

Once the ERP solution is properly checked and accomplish. We successfully diffuse the ERP solution. An ERP solution is not a one-time affair, but rather a continuous process. It is something that the company has to continuously keep tabs on to avoid any relapse or systemic glitches which could affect the ERP software functionality.

Training & Support

Why Choose Indglobal for Training & Support?

Training and Support of employees on ERP is a major challenge. Without proper training & Support, about 30%  to 40% of frontline workers will not be able to handle the demands of the new system, so we are here to solve all problems related to ERP Training & Support.

We at Indglobal trained new employees after the initial stage of Implementation and also support in every aspect of the organization.

So let us start with Various Training Modules:

Effective Training

To allow the knowledge to your Employees on exactly how ERP Platform works and is targeted those employees who all are involved in Marketing.

Employee Productivity

When Employees understand how to properly use the systems, it will allow them to become much more efficient in their work. So we provide to the team effective training due to which they will work quickly, resulting in an overall increase in productivity.


Employees who have received training with us, they will understand how to interact with the systems to accomplish their task. This will greatly reduce the amount of time typically wasted on trying to figure out how to fulfill the task.

Risk Management

When everyone in your organization is trained, it provides a fixture within the company. This consistency means that everyone is on the same page and reduces the chance of human error. Fully understanding the system also unable your employee to use it and input data much more accurately. The result is that you receive better data through the system that you have established.

ERP Support Services in Indglobal

Indglobal offers many value-added consulting services including to help you before, during, and after the ERP Implementation Project ‘’GO-LIVE”.

From Project Management, organizational change Management to end-user training design & development, Indglobal; offers support services to ensure a Successful ERP Implementation.

Our Support Package Includes:

  • Online Support
  • Technical Support
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Onsite Support

Customization & Development

Why Choose Indglobal for ERP Customization & Development?

ERP is a mass business suite, and its various modules offer almost all the ability to perform a task which a customer can ask. However, there can be some functions that you want to attune in your way. Every business has its different types of problems, and without the right customization, you might conciliation on ERP functionality.

A team of developers at Indglobal makes ensure the solution is customized as per the demand of your business. The modified ERP solution developed by Indglobal will certainly develop employee productivity and expertness.

Indglobal customized ERP based solution development perspective can compress as follows:

  • GAP Examination

We at Indglobal Examine the GAP between the out-of-box working capacities offered by ERP and your expectation from the solutions and then do the customization as per your business needs.

  • Process Mapping

Know the whole process of your business. Our developers can quickly identify the problems and improve ERP to set them efficiently.

  • Fasten firmly

We are helping customers revert to newer versions of their software and get back on support.

  • Cost impact

Implementation of ERP solution is a big task for every organization by considering cost, keeping this thing in mind; Indglobal develops the best ROI from the implementation of customized ERP solutions.

System migration

Why choose Indglobal for ERP Migration

Enterprise Resource Planning is an open-source business case that offers kinds of modules including ERP. Recognize the cost-impact that ERP offers, you would want to migrate to enterprise application software development India.

But the questions arise about the ‘DATA.’ Indglobal experts can maintain migration from any ERP system to ERP. We can take good care of your data and also prevent it from disappearing.

Let us start with few Practices which Indglobal follow for System Migration:

  • Assemble Outlook:

Keeping in mind the priorities of the business, we migrate business data step by step; we put our full support on our behalf so that it takes minimum time and least loss to your business in migrating.

  • Securing Old Data:

We find the old data into a new ERP or different location with the help of 3rd party software. After everything is done we find out that there is no error in finding or Extracting the data.

  • Checkout Existing ERP:

After analyzing the data, we find that how data processing is done in the existing ERP system. After knowing it how it processes we extract the data without error.

  • Cleaning Data & Field Mapping:

After finding the data we clean the data according to applying to a new location. After cleaning the old data we map fields of old data to the existing data migrated.

Third-Party Integration

Why choose Indglobal for Third-Party Integration with ERP:

Enterprise Resource Planning is a variant of software that smoothly exchanges various knowledge with the help of third-party applications. Hence it is a requirement to seamless third-party applications with ERP based solutions effectively.

Indglobal dissociates in connecting third-party devices such as Electronic Machinery, Printers, Scanners, Biometric devices, etc. with the help of ERP solutions based on Odoo ERP software solution.

We, first of all, identify the object related to internal knowledge and tools of the business after that we sure about the quality test, and then we ensure about data connecting by mapping field of data and examine for handling all process scenario in both the software.

ERP Synchronizes Reporting and Automation

ERP software also offers some degree of synchronized reporting and automation. ERP Solution allows staff to form reports from one system easily Instead of forcing employees to maintain different databases and spreadsheets that have to be merged to generate reports. For example, with the help of sales orders automatically fluent in the financial system without any manual re-keying, On the other hand, the order management department process quickly and accurately, and the financial department can close the books faster. Whereas ERP features include a portal or dashboard to enable employees to easily understand the business’ performance on key metrics.

The Business Value of ERP

An ERP system is getting popular nowadays to beat the competition in business and also it is better than from other systems just as:


Every organization wants more data or information in lesser time to execute its business on a smooth basis.

Improve Performance:

ERP provides a tool such as an Executive information system, early warning system, decision support system, and reporting to the organization for its business support which increases business process and better decision making.

Manage Customer relation:

For every organization, it is well necessary to co-ordinate with the other employees for smooth functioning in the organization.ERP system manages the customer relationship and ensures that co-ordination with their customer, timely, efficient, and informative.

High Profit:

We have to examine to increase the sale of services to the clients for getting higher profits with good service. Investing in high demand products gives higher profit and it is good for both customers & companies.

Least cost:

With the help of ERP, you can lower the cost with more efficient planning of supply and distribution chain activities as well as shortens development times.

High Productivity:

More important to spend time on implementing new strategies, inventory, and planning rather than what to order design, ship, or purge.

Global ERP Solution

How does the ERP System handle Legal framework, common taxation, and Currencies?

While selecting a global ERP solution, first every organization consider the system which can operate multiple currencies, tax regimes, and legal frameworks, Currency exchange rate. Transactional taxes, such as VAT and GST, apply differently in various countries. Financial reporting requirements vary from country to country. And changes to local legislation can have a far-reaching outcome on international business.

The best global ERP system for your organization will have proven success in the countries where your business operates. It should allow for regional differences to be addressed automatically in a single instance and for updates to be rapidly deployed in response to changes in exchange rates, taxes, and business principles.

How much Visibility any System can provide?

Demand for powerful financial gathering as well as tax and accounting permission often drives to move the global ERP system. Nevertheless, the advantages of such a system are not moderate to financial management.

Global business management systems can also assist your business graceful and systematize operations from supply chain management and inventory control to customer relationship management and invoicing. More systematized processes will mean more control over operations and greater visibility into those operations from the head office.

What Sort of Customization can the ERP system provide?

It may seem unique to ask customization in the same manner as standardization, but every execution of your global ERP system necessity to be customized to your specific business, your locations, and your purpose. In the Manufacturing concern some of the employees want to view various data in their language and currency, and also some local business workflows need to remain in place—without any reminder and added costs that result from demand  IT support to implement all of those subsidiaries changes. Lastly, you will need an integrated roll-up and colligation to the global level.

Can the ERP system be able to Dimension as my business grows?

Yes, it is scalable all about how supports your business as it grows and the global ERP system enables. A centralized system, with customizable instances for each new business interest, makes it quicker and easier to establish business processes in new locations. Your ERP software should support the growth of your business, not constrain it.

ERP Services

We don’t tell you how to build your business. We work with you to make it better. No doubt in today’s scenario there are various companies those all are providing many ERP manufacturing services software. Likewise such of the services are as under –

Price savings & Price transparency

ERP services centers like Indglobal allow concentrating services. Instead of the Fission of work over many people in various operational units, the work in ERP services can be concentrated and the process can be statuesque. The reduction of Fission in this way leads to cost savings. Price saving can be valued and can change from twenty-five percent to fifty-five percent.

Supreme Service Quality& Integrative

We at Indglobal believe the ERP services should be supreme and easy to use for small and medium enterprises also that’s why the supply of services is purposive, which allows the employee to specialize in certain services of ERP. As a result, Indglobal provides ERP services that can offer services of Supreme quality & Higher Integrative.

Authentic Management focus

We at Indglobal our Operational units as well as in the ERP services we focused very clear and authentic on its core business. The management of the Indglobal has to concentration on the quality of services supplied, and on controlling the cost of these services.

Integrate financial information :

Likewise, the CEO tries to understand the company’s overall performance; he may find many different versions of the truth. ERP forms a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone is using the same system.

Unified Client order information

ERP systems can become the place where the customer order lives from the time a customer service delegate receives it until the loading dock ships the trade and finance sends an invoice. By having this information in one software system companies can keep track of orders more easily, and coordinate manufacturing, inventory, and shipping among many different locations cumulatively.

ERP Preliminary Services

We at Indglobal make certain the back-end system functionality for chinch, feasible increase and overall justification of the technical infrastructure, troubleshoot system problems, provide 24/7 Help Desk support, Security administration, Database backup, superintend communication and maintenance schedules time to time and many more.

ERP Transference & Consultation Services

We have vast experience in ERP Transference, consultation, customizations, and unifications for robust ERP platforms that suitable your exclusive business style. Our trained and expert SEO developers make use of legendary ERP software including SAP ERP, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek, Oracle ERP, Macola, Sage, Oracle Net Suite, and more.

ERP Support & Assurance

We at Indglobal ERP method promises advantages that extent from increased proficiency to modification of quality and standards, we also boost on creativeness and profitability. We at Indglobal not only helps demonstrate world-class business practices and bring limpidity to the organization but also demands empowerment and ductility in the consideration making process. Pervasive experience in database boost, maintenance, and administration of ERP services.

Now when we come at assurance then we move your workload to ERP which enables stronger, fact-based judgment with the help of robust, built-in analytics to help every enterprise to fulfill the supreme or highest profitability.  Clients, and suppliers, are now being forced to work more cooperatively, competitively, and co-operation within incorporated business societies. Information flows eternally and allows you to follow a client’s processes at any period regardless of the part of the process they are engaged in.


It supposes that the only people keeping order information will be your employees, who are highly trained and comfortable with the tech jargon embedded in the software. But now customers and suppliers are inquired access to the same information your employees get through the ERP system – things such as order status, inventory levels, and invoice reconciliation, except they decrease to get all this information simply, without all the ERP software jargon, through your website. E-commerce means IT departments want to build two new channels of access into ERP systems,

  • First for customers (otherwise known as business-to-consumer)
  • Second for suppliers and partners (business-to-business).

What are the ERP packages?

ERP packages are co-ordinate (covering all business functions) software packages that support the ERP concepts. ERP inventory software is contemplated to model and automate many of the basic processes of a company, from finance to the shop floor, to integrate information across the company and delete complex, expensive links between computer systems that were never meant to each other.

What are the causes of the explosive growth of the ERP market?

  • They empower improved business performance by achieving: cycle-time reduction, increased business agility, inventory reduction, order fulfillment improvement, etc.
  • They support business development requirements.
  • ERP systems procure flexible, integrated, real-time decision support.
  • ERP packages can now be adjoining by even small and medium-sized businesses and Offer increased functionality at a reasonable cost.
  • They help companies in helpful new products and new customers by meeting their Global requirements, including multiple languages and currencies.

Why is it said that ERP systems are pliable?

Discontinuous languages, accounting standards can be covered in one system, and functions that comprehensively manage multiple locations of a company can be packaged and can be implemented automatically.

What is Business Integration and how do the ERP systems obtain it?

The factor why ERP packages are referred to as being integrated is the automatic data updating (automatic data exchange among applications) that takes place between related business components.

How do traditional application packages and ERP packages differ?

  • ERP packages cannot have only individual business functions such as accounts and inventory, but also the thorough range of main business functions necessary for the company’s operations
  • ERP packages are targeted at everything from small businesses to the largest organizations, and that they can be composed of a highly pliable decentralized database and an information system cluster linked by a network
  • It is a global adaptation, represented by ERP packages’ multilingual and multicurrency capacity.

Write about the related technologies of ERP?

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Management Information system (MIS)
  • Decision Support system (DSS)
  • Executives information system
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data mining
  • On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Supply chain management(SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Give the hidden costs in ERP implementation?

  • Training
  • Integration and testing
  • Data conversion
  • Data analysis
  • ERP consultants

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