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Blockchain Development Company In Bangalore, India

Indglobal is a leading blockchain application Development Company in Bangalore offering the latest in blockchain technology via customized solutions to startups and large organizations. We are experts and innovators in blockchain development, creating blockchain-related applications. A Blockchain is basically an append-only transaction ledger onto which new information is written. Information already stored in the ledger cannot be erased or edited. Blockchain technology uses the concept of cryptography, linking newly added ‘blocks’ of information with the previous or existing ‘blocks.’ The blocks are linked to one another to form a ‘chain.’ Hence, the name ‘blockchain.’

The Latest Technologies

Our blockchain applications use the latest technologies in security and Bit coins for the incorporation of new companies into the block chain, for crowd funding efforts, creating decentralized exchanges for trading shares, commodities and securities.

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A Dedicated Team.

At Indglobal, we have a dedicated team of developers with extensive knowledge on blockchain technology.

Breakthrough Transformations.

The applications we have developed focus on drastically changing the banking, supply chain and capital market sectors by reducing redundancies with breakthrough technologies which are custom-made, to reach new heights in terms of scalability.

The Latest Technologies.

Our blockchain applications use the latest technologies in security and Bit coins for the incorporation of new companies into the block chain, for crowd funding efforts, creating decentralized exchanges for trading shares, commodities and securities.

Get rid of Redundancy.

Now keep track of processes, goods as well as services even as both domestic and international businesses continue to grow, with blockchain technology implementation.

Lower Data Storage Costs.

Exponentially decrease the storage costs with improvements in blockchain technologies.

Automate Business Processes.

Easily integrate Business Process Management with the hyper ledger and execute business processes across multiple organizations as well as any untrustworthy parties.

Reduce Risks.

Blockchain technology has the ability to verify and authenticate the identity of the individuals performing the transactions, thereby reducing the risks of theft and corruption.

Save Time.

Blockchain does not require any third party to handle transactions. And hence, it is faster, safer and cheaper.

Secure Data.

Blockchain technology secures data by breaking the data into chunks and encrypting them.


Authorized and validated transactions with the help of Blockchain technology.


Blockchain is an open source technology which can be modified according to the requirements of the business.

Lower Transaction Costs.

Conduct peer to peer as well as business to business transaction without the involvement of a third party using blockchain technology.

Our Services

Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contracts, software connected to the blockchain have a lot to offer. These include complete automation, decentralization and transparency of online transactions, and the implementation of business ideas without delaying or manipulating them.

Crypto-currency Wallet Development

Crypto-currency wallets are just like your digital wallets, except with a higher level of security. Indglobal is a world-class crypto-currency wallet application development.

Private Blockchain Development

Private block chains are mainly used in enterprise level applications in industries like healthcare, legal and finance. Security and scalability are of utmost importance in these industries.

Hyper Ledger Development

The Hyper ledger is integral to blockchain technology and allows modeling the business around the current transactions and data. Using the Hyper ledger composer, a blockchain development platform, speeds up the development process on the Hyper ledger Fabric

Initial Coin Offering development (ICO)

We at Indglobal have software solutions for enabling ICOs, thereby allowing the businesses to create and issue tokens.

Blockchain Consulting

Seek advice by consulting our experts who are well versed in Blockchainand related technologies to realize its full potential and leverage it for achieving your business goals.

Custom Crypto-currency Development

Our experts have developed custom crypto-currencies, specially designed to meet the requirements of your business.

Blockchain Testing

We have a dedicated team for testing blockchain technology using different methodologies including functional, non-functional, smart contract testing, document testing and peer/node testing among others, so that the technology developed is according to the standards.

Industries Using Blockchain Technology

Banking and Finance

Transferring money currently requires third-party intervention. But with the help of blockchain technology, now eliminate the need for them as well as the need for higher costs.

Automobile and Transportation

Blockchain technology allows for easy coordination of documents which are shared on a distributed ledger, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. Additionally, smart contracts help clear goods quickly at check points. Now track the goods truck with the help of the hyper ledger.


Manage clinical trials data and electronic medical records using blockchain technology.


In the education sector, blockchain can be used for global assessment and certification, corporate learning, apprenticeship and more. With the help of technologies like block chain, now get certified for learning various online courses including academic journals, Wikipedia and other online research journals and bodies.

Real Estate

With the help of future-proof blockchain technologies, create new business models and connect to potential buyers and sellers. Blockchain can help any transactions that take place in the real estate sector.


Blockchain can help property insurers as well as casualty insurers by providing accurate calculations and estimations of property rates and taxes.

Supply Chain

In the supply chain sector, blockchain technology helps in tracking assets, recording the quantity of assets, assigning and verifying the properties of the products, linking physical goods to serial numbers, bar codes and other digital tags and sharing information about various manufacturing processes like assembly, delivery and maintenance, with the suppliers.


Retailers can use Blockchain for payments and accounting, loyalty and rewards, advertising and to get consumer data and insights.


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