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Since the intervention of technology in the fields of healthcare system during past few years has proved to be the catalyst that will surely provide a positive change in the ways healthcare facilities are being provided presently in India. The traditional healthcare which was earlier focused more on the quantity is now shifting its focus to quality along with the quantity.

The statistics presented by various surveys showing the demand and supply ratio for various healthcare apps clearly shows the bigger picture of the way the world of healthcare is changing and blooming in India. Mobile phones and smartphones are rapidly infiltrating our country but if the truth be told it has emerged as the strongest tool for building the base mHealth adoption in our nation. According to a study undertaken by Gartner, shows that by the year 2021, the India healthcare providers will poise approximately $1.08 billion on IT solutions, indicating the commitment of the industry to using technologies for enhancing the delivery services.

MHealth has become the new buzzword of the Indian healthcare market, as it clearly includes the wide spectrum of services starting from something as basic as making an appointment schedule to something as crucial functioning as blood-glucose monitoring.


Here lay a few points to explain why mHealth should be looked out as a rising trend:

1. Propagation and high demand for mobile phones along with complete access to the Internet through these phones in India
The price of the mobile handset being affordable by all citizens of India along with the improvement in the infrastructure of our country, India has lapped up the internet using the mobile phones as a medium to reach all has been like never before. Almost 70% of Indian households own a smartphone and hence makes mHealth a useful device to provide healthcare for all. Mobile phones have now become an integral part of our lives that provides us with solutions at anyplace, anytime and anywhere, making mHealth a basic necessity for the Indian citizens.

2. Booming hike in mobile apps culture
The myriad range of apps present in the market, relating to the wide array of the malady, has completely spoiled the consumers with the wide options and choices available. Presently, in the market, there exist almost 31,000 apps related to healthcare and medicals and by the year 2021, on an approximate basis, this value is going to crosses the triple value. The download of apps keep increasing, an app focusing mainly on curing skin acne, another for calculating calories, then an app stored on the phone for calculating blood pressure and heart rate, etc. the list keeps going and never ceases to amaze us. According to a survey, many patients have found mHealth extremely helpful as it provides utmost convenience, along with enhanced quality, and care at affordable price.

Hence if you think that you also need to get closer to your patients and provide them utmost care and comfort then join the league and for that, if you are looking for mHealth, a healthcare Solutions in Bangalore then join hands with IndGlobal and get solutions to your problems in one go.


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