Today in the modern digital world, mobile phones have become inseparable companions in our daily routine. The huge evolution of web services has transformed our way of communication, extending its influence even to the healthcare industry with the introduction of doctor appointment applications.

This remarkable service offered by mobile phones has revolutionized the concept of communication as traditional methods involving waiting rooms and phone calls can be frustrating for many people. Thankfully, with online doctor appointment apps, it is easy to avoid lengthy phone calls or getting into a long waiting time.

Now, as the top mobile app development company in Bangalore, our mobile app developers will help you explore the essential possibilities of entering this niche of creating a doctor appointment application.

The Evolving Doctor Scheduling Market

According to various markets and research, the doctor scheduling market is going to reach US $789.56 Mn in 2027 globally. CAGR, known as the temp of growth, will be at 13%, which indicates a fast-growing market.

Researchers have also found that 67% of the patients like online booking. Around 40% of appointments are booked after business hours, which creates a belief in expanding market growth. There are more reasons for using the doctor appointment app and making it a success which are added below-

  • People have started paying more attention to their health as many of them were impacted by Covid-19.
  • During the time of lockdown, people got involved more in remote services. Many of them enrolled in online courses to brighten up their lives.
  • Mobile scheduling is flexible and easy to use. People can book an appointment using their phones when a clinic is closed. They only need the internet to make an appointment during their commute.
  • Millennials do not want to call, and businesses have to fit into new customers’ expectations and let them schedule their doctor visits through mobile applications.

What is a Doctor’s Appointment Application?

A doctor’s appointment application is a digital tool that simplifies the work of organizing and scheduling medical appointments with your doctor. It provides customers with an effective and easy way to schedule appointments with healthcare professionals directly from their mobile phones or other devices connected to the internet.

The doctor’s mobile app is well-equipped with several features, involving specialized search filters, real-time updates on doctor availability, flexibility to manage the appointments, and helpful appointment reminders. The application eliminates the need for traditional methods such as in-person visits or phone calls to enhance the overall patient experience and accessibility within the healthcare industry.

Why is there a Need for a Good Doctor Appointment Application?

The rise in smartphone usage has led to a great increase in mobile applications catering to daily needs, including managing finances or booking different services. In today’s time, people are using their mobile phones to book doctor’s appointments and focus on their health requirements and avoid the hassle of standing in long queues. Therefore, to meet this growing demand, healthcare service providers are focusing more on creating mobile apps with features like remote tracking, online appointment booking, and getting e-prescriptions.

Patients prefer the convenience of online appointments and acknowledge the advantage of digital booking platforms. The online doctor booking application has now become necessary for ensuring top-notch care and selecting medical services. And, during the post-Covid situation, the popularity of medical doctor appointment apps is rising as more people are embracing the benefits of digital healthcare solutions.

Features of Doctor Booking Appointment Application

Features of Doctor Booking Appointment Application

Now that we have learned so much about the doctor scheduling mobile application, let us know about its features and how you can create one to let your patients get to you quickly.

1. 24/7 Consultation

The doctor appointment app enables video consultations between the doctor and the patient. The app lets you focus on emergency health concerns, rather than waiting for in-person visits.

2. Reservation

The medical appointment app feature simplifies the booking process by offering an intuitive reservation form to consult with the doctor. Patients have to select their preferred time and date easily for appointments with the doctor.

3. Notification

Through the doctor booking application, you can incorporate notifications and alerts to reduce unused time and lower missed appointments. Reminders and confirmation notifications on mobile phones help the patient to visit the doctor on time and stay healthy.

4. Search Option

The doctor booking app includes a search option that facilitates easy navigation within a large-scale database of clinics and doctors. The patients can also filter their search according to ratings, location, treatments, and other factors.

5. Doctor’s Profile 

In the doctor appointment application, you also get a comprehensive and concise profile of the doctors including images, key competencies, pricing information, and experience. The detailed information about the doctor let the patients make the right decisions about their healthcare service provider.

6. Electronic Health Record System

Adding an EHR system into the healthcare application allows doctors to easily access patient records online and ensure safe prescriptions and increase productivity. Electronic health record system integration also enhances the overall accuracy and efficiency of different healthcare services.

Benefits of a Doctor Appointment Booking Application

For Patients

Easy to Consult the Doctor: With a doctor appointment application, a patient only needs a mobile phone with a good Internet connection to schedule an appointment. There is no need to call or visit the clinic for the same.

Reschedule or Cancel the Appointment Anytime: Sometimes, plans can change. So, with a doctor booking app, it is easy to change the details of an appointment even at midnight and reschedule it for another time. 

For Doctors

Time-Saving: As the doctors do not have an extra minute to waste on scheduling their management, an appointment booking app can do it easily without the attention of the doctor.

Expansion in the patient base: If any of the specialists join the online doctor appointment platform, they get the chance to attract patients who are using the app to book their doctor consultations.

For Clinics 

Cost-Saving: The doctor booking mobile application is cost-saving as clinics spend led on staff salaries or any mistakes.

Efficiency: Scheduling the doctor’s appointment is routine work that requires a lot of diligence and attention. Therefore, by automating calendar management, healthcare service providers can reduce the mistakes of overlapping appointments.

How to Create a Doctor Booking Appointment App: 5 Simple Steps to Know

How to Create a Doctor Booking Appointment App 5 Simple Steps to Know

There are multiple options to develop a doctor appointment application to book your consultation with the doctor. You can hire mobile app developers or outsource any software development agency for the work. And, if you hire a team of professional mobile app developers, then they can easily control your job permanently. But, outsourcing the process may help you save time and money.

Whatever way you choose, you only have to consider these five easy steps to create a doctor booking appointment app.

Step 1- Researching the Market

The first step is to learn about other doctor appointment apps. Put attention to their features and business models. Find out the mistakes and inconveniences of other applications to avoid them in your app.

Step 2- Finding a Mobile App Development Agency

Now that you have chosen a mobile app development company to create a doctor appointment app in case you do not have any developers in your team. So, it is time to begin your search by looking for those companies that have completed a relevant number of successful projects. Check their client reviews and references. This is the way you can choose a mobile app development company that fits your needs.

One such app development company with the best reviews from customers is Indglobal Digital Private Limited. Recognized as the leading doctor mobile app development company in Bangalore, we have a team of professionally skilled developers who try to create the best app for clients by meeting their needs.

So, for people who do not want to get into any hustle of searching for the top mobile app development agency, Indglobal is the ideal choice to create a doctor booking mobile application.

Step 3- Developing an MVP

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a working version of the mobile application with basic features added to it. Creating an MVP lets you test the app and minimize the cost of development. The mobile app development team helps in planning, finding, and getting allgetessential details.

Step 4- Releasing the doctor appointment app

The fourth stage is where all the preparations are made and the mobile app is uploaded to the marketplace. The mobile app developers will take care of all the technicalities and let you pay attention to the user’s feedback on the application.

Step 5- Maintaining the app

After the app is released, the phase of improvement and maintenance starts. Ask the mobile app development team for more additional updates and seek help with further functionalities and app design upgrades.

The Cost of Designing a Doctor Booking Appointment App

Being recognized as a doctor app development company in Bangalore, our mobile app developers have added a rough guideline to let you know the amount required for developing a doctor appointment app. The four stages are as follows-

  • UI and UX design

The UI/UX design includes visual representation with key functions of the application. At this stage, our mobile app developers plan everything that you want to see in your app from signing in to the app to booking the appointment.

Estimated Cost: $9710

  • Development

This is a very time-consuming stage where the mobile app development team focuses on developing the architecture and both the client-side and server-side interface.

Estimated Cost: $53910

  • Quality Assurance

Testing is one of the most important stages so that all the bugs are identified and cleaned before the app is released. The quality assurance engineers will work on this stage.

Estimated Cost: $7800

  • Project Management

There is one more stage to spend money on- the management of the project. A professional manager from the mobile app development team is appointed to assign tasks to others, check the costs of development, and control all the deadlines.

Estimated Cost: $5450

Therefore, it can be said that the final spending to create a doctor booking appointment app is around $75970 approximately.

Best Doctor Appointment Booking Applications

1. ZocDoc

It is a marketplace for patients and doctors strengthened by AI to let people find a specialist that fits best for their issues. Patients can easily search for doctors and book an appointment through the app online. You also get the opportunity to match your health insurance programs with the doctors added to the mobile app.

2. DoctorOnDemand

This is a telemedicine app where patients not only book an appointment with the doctors but also connect with them using chats or video calls. After the consultation is done, a patient can easily buy the prescribed medicines from the pharmacies added to the mobile app.  

3. HealthTap

HealthTap is a doctor booking appointment app that lets patients book an online consultation with the doctor and chat with them. One of the best features of the app is its B2B service for insurance companies, employees, and clinics.

Wrapping Up

Creating a mobile application for doctor’s appointments provides several benefits to healthcare providers, patients, and work areas. Rather than choosing traditional solutions, consider contacting a doctor booking appointment app development company to help you develop a customized app tailored to your medical practice.

We are sure that you will get the right security and convenience to empower your patients to book appointments and get access to medical services at their fingertips. Using a doctor booking mobile app will offer many advantages such as easy access to medical information, demand for self-directed care, and captivating the audience.

Therefore, with so much in place, it is easy to meet the needs of the people while accomplishing your goals. And, for more expert guidance and the best results to create a mind-blowing application for all mobile platforms, connect with the fantastic team at the reputable iOS and Android app development company in Bangalore. Connect with the team today.

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