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Mobile applications are providing tremendous opportunities and convenience to people in businesses, customers, end-users, and developers. Today all of us want progressive solutions and a large percentage of the population uses the mobile platform to move parallelly with the advancement in technology. No matter what the size of your business is, a mobile app can help you find, retain and interact with customers globally. If your business is available online and you have a mobile app that users can download to their devices and conveniently use them, your business will make a good impression among customers. Indglobal Digital Private Limited is the leading Mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, having an expert team that is proficient in Android app developersiOS app development solutions, hybrid app development and react app development. We use various technologies to develop high quality apps and contribute full-stack mobile application development services like Android, iPhone and other cross-platforms for global customers worldwide.

Find the Perfect Mobile App Development Option

Find the Perfect Mobile App Development Option

The development of mobile applications is growing thanks to the popularization of smartphones and their operating systems Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Mobile applications present an exciting opportunity to companies as they give them the possibility of expanding their communication and interaction supports to market their services and products better. IND Global, a leading IT company in tailor-made mobile development, provides you with its know-how and expertise in the field to carry out your mobile project. Our agency has a team qualified in tailor-made mobile development and is at your entire disposal to help you design your own mobile application. The particularity of your activity requires the design and production of a mobile application that reflects your brand image and meets your needs. We are able to design an application adapted to your activity and to set it up on the Google Play, App Store or Windows Store platform. With us, the customer is king! We give him the opportunity to express his needs, wishes, tastes, and we take care of the rest.

Mobile App Development Benefits to Businesses

  1. Highly efficient business operations
  2. A faster and simplified form of business
  3. Real-time customer engagement
  4. Enhanced brand awareness
  5. A secure online platform to the users
  6. Easy upgrading and maintenance

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Our IND Global supports the following aspects:

  • Analysis and study of customer needs.
  • The definition of the functionalities and the technical specification of the mobile application.
  • Preparation and drafting of specifications (according to the customer’s choice) which contains all the aspects of their mobile project (a priori the diagram and the functionalities).
  • The numerous functional tests regarding mobile applications.
  • The installation on the appropriate awning.
  • Support and monitoring of your mobile solution.

Our perfect mobile solutions are well-organized, cost-effective and inexpensive. They are designed exclusively for you to enhance your business and expand your customer base. IND Global guarantees you an innovative and efficient tailor-made mobile solution at an unbeatable price.

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Our Services

Mobile Strategy

We are aware of the vision that you have, and so we do everything possible to make sure that it is turned to reality. Our best app developers in Bangalore we take a lot of efforts to make sure that the projects that they undertake cater to the requirement of the clients, the first being Mobile first approach.

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UX Design

This approach is based on a holistic view of the user experience encompassing subjects such as ergonomics, psychology, or cognitive science. It studies all the aspects that influence the interaction of users with the product/service. IND global is a leading UI / UX design company specializing in creating engaging web applications and games. Improving customer engagement and retention are our primary goals as UI / UX designers.

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App Development

Our principal asset is mobile application development services. We integrate our expertise and practices with iOS and Android application development services. We combine all the necessary elements to develop a personalized, user-friendly, robust and highly user-friendly native mobile application for your business or conceptual idea.

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We had end to end mobile testing process, making sure that the applications are of the best quality. In INDGlobal, you can have the best testing solutions thanks to the best team of experts. For various modules, these testing solutions are there.

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Native IOS Mobile App Development

Thanks to our experts and the best technology, we are able to imagine flexible and scalable solutions in Native IOS Mobile App Development. We develop mobile applications that meet the requirements of different phone and tablet models, and that can be deployed on iOS and Android operating systems.

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Native Android Mobile App Development

The majority of applications are native applications, and we come up with the best options for the same. They are more powerful and more suited to the OS they serve. However, there are alternative solutions with other application formats. The Progressive Web Apps is a mobile application developed with web technologies. These are integrated into a framework designed for mobile development.

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Various functionalities are gradually integrating the cross-platform mobile applications of today and tomorrow. Our agency is perfect for you for the development of multiplatform mobile applications for the realization of your development project, and we provide you with our expertise, passion, and know-how to help you develop your digital strategy, strengthen your competitiveness, and improve your visibility.

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Hybrid Mobile App Development

We recommend mobile development technologies called “native hybrid if you have these cost and time constraints that allow you to pool development on iOS & Android using a single technology to accelerate development and reduce costs.

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Progressive Web App Development

A progressive web app is the perfect combination of a native app and a website, combining the ease of access to mobile sites with the native features of the phone. It works on all types of devices: computers, laptops or mobile devices. We come up with the most dedicated team for the perfect web app development that serves your purposes.

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Flutter App Development Services

Flutter App Development, mobile cross-platform app design has reached a new dimension with the introduction of Flutter. Flutter has the capability of pixel-perfect designs on Android and iOS to reinforce its potential to deliver native applications. App development with Flutter has brought significant improvements to its Material and Cupertino widget sets for testing the user interface (UI). One of the main benefits of using Flutter is its flexibility. Therefore, the programming language has been compatible with various developer tools such as Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, etc., from the first days. Our experts can offer the best services in making apps in this technology.

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IoT App Development Services

Privacy, security, connectivity, compatibility, these are the 4 key challenges for developing the IoT application. Because this technology presently has significant impacts on the mobile application development processes, our developers of IoT application endeavour to overcome the challenges. An experienced IoT app development company can address these challenges effectively, and you can get a correctly functioning IoT app with all the necessary features. The adapted IoT mobile apps are connected with sensors or devices and interact with the help of the internet. Although it appears to be easy at first glance, it involves complex processes related to data analysis. A mobile app based on the Internet of Things is connected to the business system and futuristic technologies such as the development of AR and VR apps that can be integrated into the application.

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Wearable App Development Services

Portable applications are versions of desktop applications that can be stored on mobile storage devices that once connected to a PC or laptop run as if they were installed on the hard drive. The great advantage of portable applications is that they do not consume space on our computers, we can use them wherever we go (even on computers where we are not allowed to install software) and once closed they keep all the settings, favourites, actions, etc., scheduled. Wearable devices are quite different phenomena from smartphones. Smartphones and tablets were just two categories to think about when developing mobile apps. For portable devices, we have to deal with almost half a dozen types, such as

  • Fitness trackers
  • Body sensors
  • Smart clothes
  • Smart glasses

We bring you the fully customized wearable apps in the right format as per your expectations. The mobile app developers will collect your inputs and build up your app accordingly.

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React Native Development Services

React Native is an option to create applications for both Android and iOS quickly and easily, saving a lot of programming time, the same reasons why it has been on the rise lately. Still, if you are not very expert in native Android and iOS systems, You can get stuck at the beginning of the project because you don't understand what to fix. When an application is created in React Native using the command "react- native in it", several files are made in the Android folder. You have to view these files, and our expert recommendation is to go for it.

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Custom App development services

From the opinion of functionality, the custom application happens to be the one made for measurement. All screens and features have been designed with a specific project in mind or particular aspects of a specific business model in mind. Opting for the development of customized applications allows you to focus the resolution of your own needs, that is, if a standard application is used, it probably does not have the ability to fully satisfy the user's expectations since it is not developed to meet individual objectives specific. The customized applications adapt like a glove to the concerns or needs of the client; the scenarios presented are totally made to measure.

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Alexa Skill development services

For your business to be on Alexa, you need to create a custom Alexa Skill version and publish it. It sounds a bit annoying, but you can do it with a simple effort and without approaching the Alexa skill development company. Alexa Skills are extra features added by third parties that you can install in your assistant. You can think of them as the equivalent of mobile applications for the voice assistant, which in fact you can install directly from the internal Skills store that you have in the official Amazon Alexa application. Our experts offer their best presentation for Alexa skill development now.

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Google Home Actions development services

Google Assistant encapsulates all the technology and intelligence we've been creating for years, from Knowledge Graph to Natural Language Processing. Assistant, to be genuinely an assistant, should be able to connect users across all the services and apps they use regularly. This makes it really important to enable an ecosystem where developers can offer diverse and unique services to users through Google Assistant. Conversation Actions allow you to engage users by providing them with information, services and assistance. And what is the most positive aspect? Which is a conversation, meaning users won't have to enable one of their features or install an app, they can just ask to speak to your action.

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AI development services

Artificial intelligence (AI) improves productivity as well as innovation all around the globe. The expected benefits promise to be transformative, but the negative impacts could be magnified in developing countries, where the livelihoods of many people are precarious and where social institutions are sometimes fragile. As Artificial Intelligence solutions continue to gain importance in the environmental field, how could AI impact economic growth and the global ambition to reduce emissions? Harmful by 2030? In a wide range of situations and financial sectors, it is possible to harness AI to manage the impact of climate change and its environmental repercussions. You can have AI-powered innovations such as clean energy distribution networks, precision farming, sustainable supply chains, environmental regulatory compliance monitoring and control, as well as disaster forecasting and management weather and climate.

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Chatbot development services

Chatbot design? Do your customers communicate with you regularly via social networks, but you don't always have time to answer them? INDGlobal supports you and offers you to develop Chatbots that will answer your customers' main questions whether for Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Telegraph. A Chatbot allows your customers to learn about your products interactively, like in front of an advisor, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With an in-depth study of the main questions, your customers may ask you about your services, achieving a Chatbot can save you time and delight your customers. A bot is just like the mobile app, but in this case, the interface happens to be different. It is a conversational interface that will give a unique user experience to your Facebook page, your Twitter account or even your website.

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AWS Lambda development services

We have supported clients in adopting a serverless culture within the organization. We have experience in the development and implementation of AWS Lambda services developed with Serverless framework. AWS Lambda functions are only charged per invoked request, reducing cost. AWS Lambda functions can be optimized according to the needs of each function, by indicating the maximum execution time and the amount of memory to use. AWS Lambda functions scale according to the number of requests made. AWS Lambda automatically runs your code on servers provisioned by AWS, without the need to manage them

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Backend development services

The Development Back End is precisely this anonymous role that is present on all pages or applications that use but never got to see, why? Well, because it is right in charge of programming the entire set of logical actions that are carried out behind a website, so that its elements work and are displayed correctly, for example, the database, communication with the service and the like. So a backend developer is always working with different programming languages like Java, PHP, MySQL and the like. Although it is true, we are talking about a relatively new term, conceived around 2008 and 2010 when back end and front end solutions became individual developments since previously the same professional was in charge of efficiently performing both tasks. Still, with the appearance of HTML5, browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, and the growth of web technology, the processes became much more complex and had to be divided into two roles.

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Mobile automation testing services

Mobile apps are at the core of digital transformation. Now, customers have the option to choose from a repository of competing applications for download and use. For this reason, the mobile applications that are developed should avoid being slow, difficult to use or slow to load the information; These failures lead us to look for better alternatives in the market since any application must be almost perfect to increase and sustain the reputation, image and service of a company's business in the world of mobile devices. Mobile application testing is a challenging entity because the market is dynamic and evolving, the work team must be aware of every new aspect of the mobile world, whether it is the launch of an operating system update, a new model of phone, the latest automation tool or the latest trends in testing.

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UI/UX design services

UI & UX Design happens to be the gateway for the users in order to interact with the products or the services. We take best practices into account across a variety of fields such as visual design, usability, information architecture, and interaction design to create great user interfaces. What users do on your application or website is an "interaction." When users are shopping in your online store, what is the next step after adding an item to their cart? If an error occurs, will everything you have done be removed? We identify, evaluate and design the interactions that your users may have with your products. We use those interactions and make sure they are compatible with your site's information architecture, your business objectives, and the expectations of your customers.

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XA Marine Apps

Xamarin happens to be a robust cross-platform app development platform. It assists in building a single app for all kinds of device systems. The app offers faster development time at the lowermost costs.

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Why Choose Indglobal To Turn Your Creative Ideas into Functional Mobile Apps

We build creative and versatile mobile applications to present our customers with a seamless and user-friendly digital experience. Our successful and live team convert your ideas into action driven and consume satisfying robust mobile apps. Our team closely work in coordination with clients to creatively contribute to building commercially viable mobile applications. Being a top Mobile App Development Company India, we assure you with the abled mobile applications which aim at flawless functioning.

Effective Communication

Indglobal believes in clear and concise communication. Fast and friendly communication eliminates the possibility of any potential confusion.

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Solutions that Make a Difference

By leveraging the skills of our technically expert team of mobile app developers in Bangalore, we bring in positive and measurable difference adding value to your business.

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Professional Expertise

The quest for professional excellence differentiates us from our competitors. We are always ready to take up new opportunities and challenges leveraging our technical expertise.

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Timely Delivery

With our strong dedication and relentless working, we offer timely solution and completion
of your projects making us your efficient technical partner for mobile app development Bangalore.

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Expert team at your assistance

A professional and dedicated team of best mobile app developers exclusively available to your projects to help you transform your ideas into mobile solutions.

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Secure and compliant

Each project demands its own set of security and compliance considerations. At Indglobal, we address industry-specific security requirements.

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What Makes INDGlobal So Special For Building Up Your Mobile Apps?

In an increasingly competitive market, mobile application development agencies are in great demand. New technologies are the future. Society lives, surrounded by all kinds of smart devices. As a result, more people want to have their own app every day. What makes us unique compared to other mobile application development companies is that we approach each project as an opportunity to offer tailor-made solutions in cutting-edge technologies. Perfection is not just another trait, but a way of life that we have habitually become. Rest assured that when you partner with us, you are shaking hands with a strong ally who can make your digital dreams come true.

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Professional expertise

Each one of our employees is experts in their field, offering the best solutions in mobile app development. There are always up for new challenges in order to solve them with greater is.

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Effective communication

We offer a transparent system for our clients thanks to the most frequent communications with them regarding any suggestion or potential changes in the mobile app making.

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Solutions that make a difference

Our App developers in Bangalore are efficient enough to address any complication in the mobile app development process. We bring in new solutions in the most innovative manner.

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Timely delivery of the work

We are specific about work deadlines and therefore leave no leaf unturned to make sure that the project gets completed on time.

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Be satisfied with our team of experts.

Experience satisfaction like never before with our professional and dedicated team of mobile app developers customizing your needs as per required in the right format.

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Safe and secure

We are very specific and strict on the question of security and safety, and therefore we make the best decisions to ensure the same for our services.

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Totally. The apps we develop can be wholly native or hybrid apps, which are apps that combine content that is downloaded to cell phones when users install it and do not require the user to be connected to the internet to view it, and web content, which does require that the user must be connected to the internet to access it.

Going to and registering to pay USD 25 per year. This value allows you to publish unlimited apps. A developer account on Google Play can be active in less than a week.

Yes. In Apple, it is possible to create developer accounts as an individual or as a company, regardless of the country of origin, with a price of USD 99 per year that is paid with a credit card and is processed in the iOS Developer Program at HTTPS: / / This value allows you to publish unlimited apps. An account as an individual is straightforward to create, and in a few hours, it can be active. Business accounts are more complicated to activate, as they require that you have a DUNS number first.

This is one of the most frequently asked and most difficult questions to answer. There are many types of mobile applications and many different functionalities. So this will vary based on what you want. Therefore, to tell you the price, we have to know the functional description. But, if you haven’t done this yet, don’t worry! We can help you define your app before we can give you a quote.

The time will depend on the above. Depending on the size of your mobile app, the cost will be higher or lower. But, it could range from 2 to 6 months.

This is key. To develop an app, you have to understand the customer. So you will have to answer questions such as: what problem do I want the app to solve, the purpose of the app, where will the data provided by the app be obtained from, monetization, etc. All this information will help you to know exactly what the customer has in mind.
We always recommend that the client has worked on a briefing with the functionalities that he wants the app to have, their priority and any other information related to the app.

Why Choose INDglobal

We are much more than your technology partner, we transform your company and guarantee its success.
Dedication And Commitment
Each project is a challenge for us, we will dedicate all the time and resources necessary to meet the agreed objectives on time. At INDglobal we are passionate about the Mobile world, that is why we have years of experience in the development of mobile applications, where our path began with Java Applications, through Windows Mobile, and today we reach the technologies that govern the market , such as Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Constant Advice
That your project is successful is very important to us, therefore you have our advice on technology, design, usability, business model, payment systems and marketing
Support And Training
You can count on our support to solve technical problems and train your staff in the use of the developed applications.
Regular Updates
They constantly launch new devices and new versions of operating systems, as well as security patches, we will make sure that your application is always updated.


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